1. Drew Barrymore

Drew Cover

Until recently actress Drew Barrymore was not only a vegetarian but also regularly featured in PETA press releases and features for her activism. Alas, Barrymore has abandoned veganism for a typically Hollywood reason — it just wasn’t exciting enough.

The woman whom PETA once lauded for turning down a Vogue cover because of her anti-fur beliefs apparently discovered that it just isn’t easy to accessorize while boycotting all of that fur and leather. Barrymore told IMDB.Com,

still don’t eat a ton of meat, and I don’t wear a ton of leather, but I just don’t put strict limitations on myself anymore. I don’t beat myself up. I didn’t wear certain designers because I didn’t want any animals to suffer for beauty and stuff, and so I literally was dressed by Old Navy at one point. I still shop there, happily. Urban Outfitters and the Gap, I love those stores. You need basics for stability, but eventually I got tired and wanted to play again. Dressing is like an art form – it’s so much fun.

We all love Drew, but why would she choose to promote Cover Girl, owned by Procter& Gamble, one of  the world’s worst animal testers? Drew, Drew, Drew…

2. Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will  be honoured by the Human Society next month for their love of animals, so it’s both ironic and disappointing that it’s been brought to our attention that vegan Ellen is the Cover gal for Cover Girl cosmetics, a company that still tests on animals.

Even more ironic, the ads featuring Ellen will debut around the time she is given her award.

Deceiver.com put its ever so sarcastic slant on things:

Proposition 2, eh? I remember that. It was right around the time she signed up to become Cover Girl’s newest spokesmodel, despite the fact the beauty company is the largest that still tests on animals. Die, bunnies!

What on Urth is Ellen thinking”? She’s one celeb who isn’t doing it for the vanity or the glamour. Man up, Ellen – open your eyes to what’s really going on and the role you’re playing to perpetuate that.

3. Unfitney Spears

bs spears

Where do we start??

  • buying puppies from pet stores who came from puppy mills (which later mysteriously disappear…)
  • eatin’ fried chicken ya’ll, and when on a diet to tone her gams – plain ol’ chicken. And burgers – Brit Brit loves her some In n’ Out!
  • using animals onstage in her circus tour (which are kept in confinement and bred for the sole purpose of entertainment, electric shocks often used to make them perform) Even though BS often complains about feeling trapped like a caged animal.
  • Wearin’ rabbit fur (while buying a caged parakeet…)

Like Britney says: she’s not that innocent.

We sure don’t wanna piece of that!

PS What have you done with Bit Bit?

Polite Graffiti

May 23, 2009

Concept art installation in Hollywood.

you are herewho are theydesert islandyou are floatingbe lovealien lovechild

All went well on International Boycott Procter & Gamble Day 2009 at London Drugs on Robson. It seems that most people want to know the behind-the-scenes information about this super(shitty)-company. With Joanne’s catchy slogans and some radical cheerleading, it was a a step forward for caring consuming.

“Gillette: The Cruelest a Man Can Get!”

“Febreeze: A Breath of Fresh Death!”

“Sleazy, skeezy, hideous – Cover Girl!”

004Sad Little GirlPG

5 Fun to Use Organic Cleaning Products

Once, while tripping out on acid, my friend Ty and I were chilling in the kitchen after a Halloween rave, and while watching me scrub the counters at 4 in the morning, Ty commented: “oh my god – you’re Monica!!” I spent the rest of the trip contemplating this and hallucinating images of Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth in the stones of the fireplace… Later, while working for a verbally abusive family of veal-pushing Italians at a restaurant called Pasquale’s, I realized that I’m actually not that anal, but I still enjoy cleaning for its inner-cleansing capabilities. Cleaning with organic, cruelty-free products that is. I even bring my own organic products to work, or offer to buy organic products for my employers to avoid carcinogens, to keep our water systems clean, and to ring in the dawn of a new era.

1. Get Clean Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste

Scour Off

This scrub is made out of cherry pits and smells like bubble gum. Use it with a wet sponge on tough messes like bathtub scum, coffee stains, and burnt on food for a houshold exfoliator.

No phosphates, biodegradable, non-toxic, and no animal testing, as we discussed about Shaklee.

2. Almond Dish Soap


This almond and cherry oil liquid dish soap smells great and moisturizes the hands, too. The product description indicates you can also hand-wash clothing with it. I love it, and only wish I could find it again, as Earth Friendly Products never replied to my email asking where I could buy it in Vancouver. Disappointing, but more importantly, they never test on les animaux.

3. Seventh Generation White Flower & Bergamot Citrus Laundry Soap


This stuff smells like a spring meadow – not like torture, chemicals, and corporate lies. Has non-animal derived enzymes for maximum stain removal.

Many leaping bunnies to be found in the 7th Generation, and this appears to be the further scoop:

All of the Seventh Generation cleaning products, excluding our hydrogen peroxide cleaners, have the PETA symbol on their back label.

While Seventh Generation has never–in it’s history–conducted any animal tests on our products, we licensed the formulas for our hydrogen peroxide cleaning products, the: Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower and Carpet cleaners from a company that has for several years offered a highly concentrated version to hospitals, schools and other institutional and industrial accounts. We have used the “existing” test data, developed by this company several years ago, when we applied for our EPA approval, but we have not conducted or commissioned any of our own tests, nor will we do so in the future. Furthermore, this manufacturer has agreed to do no further testing on animals. For this reason we do not use the PETA bunny label that signifies “No Animal Ingredients, Not Tested On Animals” on these cleaners.

You will find the PETA bunny on our dish, laundry and baby products. I hope this information is helpful.

4. Orange Plus Surface Cleaner

orange spray

A zesty cleaner for various surfaces – hardwood, porcelain, linoleum, steel… I use it to clean my car, too, and add it to my fresh squeezed orange juice. Deelish ; )

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Shower Cleaner

shower cleaner

Good on streaks and water stains, and prevents soap scum build up. No animal testing (and there never will be). I have Lavender and it smells pretty okay, even though I don’t love Lavender. Mrs. Meyer is Mr. Clean’s ex-wife. When he joined Hair Club for Men and switched to the other team, she couldn’t live a lie anymore. Mr. Clean is currently being sued by the millions of housewives who he exposed to carcinogenic chemicals.

Kinda Hot

May 14, 2009

History in the making!

On May 4th 2009, the entire European Union put a ban on Canadian seal products,describing the commercial slaughter as “inherently inhumane.” The ban will take effect in October. Booya!


There is a lot of false propaganda circulating as the conservative Canadian government clings to their greed, such as  in this article on cnews.ca:

the slaughter is a “centuries old tradition”

The commercial seal slaughter is only as old as the term commercial. It has been happening in such large proportions only since Canadians began taking more than their share of the environment and its inhabitants. Canada only formed in 1867. The native hunts are different, in that native cultures take only how much they need, they do not target the young, and they use the entire animal. The commercial seal slaughter targets baby seals playing in the snow, discards everything but their fur, and takes a good round number based on however much they want.

– now that there is less demand for seal products, a cull is required to keep the seal numbers down.

The food chain in NorthEastern Canada is extremely complex and the harp seal cannot be directly linked to the cod; it has many predators. If we would stop overfishing the cod and leave the system to its natural devices, it would regulate itself. Cutting the numbers of one species with the argument that we are “balancing nature” is equivalent to genocide, in my opinion.


the ban has the potential to decimate coastal communities

Each seal hunter slaughterer makes only a few thousand dollars a year from the seal hunt. It is seasonal part-time labour for these men, which can be subsidized through many, many other means. It does not count for 30% of their income. This is dangerous work, and the price of pelts has plumetted with good reason, leaving these men less reason to put their lives in danger on slippery, unsteady ice. While ‘Canada’ may make money off the trade, those killing the seals are not reaping the rewards.


Trade Minister Stockwell Day swears that the Canadian hunt is humane

The Canadian commercial seal hunt is executed in rushed, icy conditions making kills sloppy and without precision. There is little regulation on whether the animals are stunned before being skinned. Often several seals are killed at once, leaving them to struggle in pain for hours before they are put out of their misery – there are no laws against multiple kills. There are high numbers of seals which are shot or clubbed and escape, leaving them to suffer as they try to get away. Not to mention the very fact that this ‘hunt’ targets seals who do not even eat solid food yet. They are infants, and they are mammals. (Not fish, despite that they are managed by the DFO.)

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams thinks Europe should take a good look at themselves… It’s a humane harvest and they know it.

Actually, the E.U. has educated themselves about the slaughter and have interpreted that it is not humane. Does Williams really want to dis the entire European Union?

Inuit groups say the ban will spell disaster for their communities

The commercial seal hunt is not conducted by native populations, it is conducted by part-time workers from the Magdalen Islands and Nova Scotia.

As Mac Harb says: “the Canadian government is the small interest group” concerning the Canadian commercial seal hunt, Canadians want to see it end. The government can publish their propaganda bullshit on all the major news channels, but we as animal rights activists have seen the unaired footage of the hunt. We know the stats. We know what really goes on. Our government does not speak for us, we speak as individuals.

Thanks to the E.U. this is truly the beginning of the end.

The Harb Seal Bill

May 5, 2009

On Sunday, May 3rd, Senator Mac Harb gave a presentation on the bill to end the seal slaughter, which is a slaughter and not a hunt, he specifies, given that the baby seals are too young to escape or defend themselves. Mac Harb is the only member of the senate who openly supports the bill to end the slaughter; he is a strong voice against the stubborn ignorance of the Canadian government, which he says is not acting in the interest of the Canadian people on this issue. We are not the small interest group, he assures us – the senate is.

First, Sheryl Fink, Senior Research and Projects Specialist with IFAW Canada, shows some slides of what happened this year on the ice. The sights, the sounds – the smell.

On the plus side, the value of seal pelts is dropping as more countries ban seal products, and as a side-effect only 57 000 seals have been killed this year, as opposed to 300 000 in previous years. Some fresh seal pelts were even discovered in a landfill recently, illustrating the decline of their worth ($16/skin), and the waste that this slaughter has come to represent

In a country of 30 million, Senator Mac Harb has received 500 000 names on a petition against the seal slaughter, which is considerable, and these numbers are quickly growing. No signature or letter to the government goes unnoticed, he informs us, explaining how he delivers them personally in wheelbarrows.  “There are thousands of you,”  Mac Harb says.


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