Esther Hicks’ Blind Spot: Animal Suffering

February 8, 2010

Abraham Esther Hicks Denies

Animal Suffering

Many of you may be familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors of the Law of Attraction books. I mentioned my take on these two characters from the start (flaky!), but have managed to extract valid information from their books anyway, which they claim to channel from a non-physical entity named “Abraham”. {The name business – Jehova, Abraham… names don’t matter, and it would make sense that two people with religious upbringings would choose a religious sounding name to speak their inspirations through.}

The reason that I read past the self-promoting forwards of Esther and Jerry (which go so far as to claim that they are the happiest people they know – how depressing!), is because I feel that the information about the Law of Attraction is out there for anyone to access and if these two individuals are able to break it down in an easy to digest manner, then take what you can from it, and other sources, of course.

In the latter portion of the Abraham-Hicks book: “The Power of Deliberate Intent”, which has some very lucid moments, Esther/Abe talks to an animal lover. Here is what she has to say:

“The only difference worth mentioning between human and beast is that the beast, without exception, is more turned in, tapped in, turned on. They are more in touch with who they really are.”

Esther/Abe speaks of how our animal companions are of the same Energy Stream as humans.

Now, on the prior page, she talks about how easily translation can morph, and specifically tells us not to trust her:

“… we do not think it is a good idea to count on Esther’s translation. We think you should get your own.”

The interesting part  follows:

The mystical “Abraham” who offers loving help to all those who ask, has this to say:

Guest: “I struggle with allowing family and friends who eat animals (due to the suffering of the animals) especially when co-habiting with someone who desires to have dead animals in my refrigerator and cook them in my house. Can you help me with this?”

Abraham: “Not really.”

(Abraham, who has an answer for absolutely everything, has their hands tied here. Could this be because Esther Hicks is not a vegetarian?)

Abraham: “Well, you have set yourself up for a lot of grief because you keep beating the drum. You used every word that you could to make that a bad thing. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot vehemently  disapprove of that and have dead carcasses in your refrigerator at the same time. Something must give – and we would work on getting in flow with the nature of things.”

(Esther firstly negates the guest’s statement, telling her that slaughtered animals are not something bad, but something she has made bad. And instead of suggesting that said guest possibly ask for change, Esther says: suck it up, biotch.)

“It is possible that some ruler could become so powerful and get such a big bomb that he could convince all other humans to eat animals, but you are not going to convince other animals to not eat animals.”

(So… Esther thinks that the only way people would stop eating meat is if a Hitler-type threatened to kill everyone?)

“The big one is always going to eat the little one. In other words, the big fish is always going to eat the little fish.

(Thanks for saying the same thing twice in a row. Is someone a little flustered? This is getting almost Sarah Palin.

This statement completely defies everything that Esther teaches, because she teaches that objective truth is simply a set of decisions that have already been made. She teaches to create one’s own reality – NOT base it on what has always been.)

“And when you understand that the animals coming forth come forth knowing that, then you do not make it such a big deal.”

(Esther – have you SEEN factory farming these days? It has nothing to do with the food chain or a natural rhythm, it denies animals their lives from birth. It is not natural or humane.)

“And we promise you that, as clear-minded as these beasts are, if it was not a game they wanted to play, they would not come forth again and again to play it with you.”

(Yes, these animals ask to be raped, kept pregnant their entire lives to have their babies ripped away from them when they would typically carry on life-long relationships. They want to be dipped in vats of boiling water alive, have their necks slit while hung upside down. Have their beaks and nads chopped off without painkillers. This is the game they want to play.)

“You do not have to eat meat, but do not push against something that is so prevalent in our society that you have to cringe about it.”

(Translation: there is nothing you can do about it so shut up, okay?

Normally, Esther would suggest reaching for a better -feeling thought:

eg. there are currently systems of unnecessary violence in our world, but we are evolving to a more compassionate species.

She would suggest to dream big:

eg. Wouldn’t it be nice if humans could live without violence?

She would suggest turning it over to the universe.

eg. Things to Do – Universe: stop animal testing, end the Commercial Seal Hunt, create a compassionate vegan society.

But in this case, Esther the repressed vegetarian says: sorry, can’t help you. Haven’t faced that issue myself yet.  Mmm… bur-gers….)


Martin J from the Vegan & Vegetarian Society of Queensland has this to say :

“The problem is that “Abraham” appears to know nothing whatsoever of the suffering endured within factory farms, and when directly interviewed as to whether meat eating is morally wrong they reply to the tune that “the beasts of the world eat each other within a natural food chain situation of which we are the highest form (untrue) and therefore that eating meat is morally fine etc” and go so far as to actually claim that “animals who come to this planet have chosen this fate and they are OK with being eaten, for it is their destiny!” (Even as a toddler this did not sit well with me as my mother tried spooning meat into my mouth using an animated animal voice such as “baaaa Im a little lambey, I want you to eat me”, so I aint falling for that one 30yrs on either lol).
When the interviewer pressed on that “animals in todays society are NOT roaming freely under natural conditions as a ‘food chain’ scenario would suggest” Abraham Hicks looks perplexed, as though they didnt understand the question and game vaguely the same reply as previously stated that eating meat is ethically sound and natural, animals come into this world wanting us to do this to them.
All credibility that “Abraham” may have had was immediately lost, as it was fully realised that Esther was merely speaking from an ego consciousness, justifying her dietary habits and evidently had no idea of the situations of animals within factory farms and slaughterhouses of the modern world. All requests by myself for correspondence in relation to their statement have been ignored, they delete any comments on their YouTube videos that are unflattering in any regard and worst of all they are making millions ripping off unsuspecting seekers of truth peddalling their mediocrity.”

The most peaceful, happy, conscious people will always be thrown for a loop when faced with the subject of eating animals, because there is unavoidably violence involved and they do not want to be seen as violent people.

Where is the Law of Attraction in eating animals, Esther Hicks? Because if you order the killing of hundreds of animals throughout your lifetime, if you put animals through unnecessary suffering – the fear and violence you are manifesting will come back to you. It is law.

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63 Responses to “Esther Hicks’ Blind Spot: Animal Suffering”

  1. Victoria said

    Sorry… uh, but why do you care and why are you spending this rediculous energy on trying to prove them wrong? No one is asking you to be a follower. But at the same time, allow others to make their own choices. Besides, you have NO WAY of knowing what purpose those animals came into life with. How arrogant of you to assume anything. Maybe they don’t WANT your help or support because it gets in the way of what they came for???? Just a thought I’m throwing out.

  2. wearethey said

    Dear Vicky,

    When others choices result in bloodshed and violence, it becomes everyone’s business.
    I agree with you though. Animals came into this world to be sexually violated, skinned alive, and served up in tasty slabs for the enjoyment of more evolved beings like yourself. I will no longer try to interfere with this noble quest of theirs.
    Just a thought…

    BTW It’s r-i-diculous. Not rediculous.

  3. Natalia De Leon said

    I get you. It’s like that, those are one of the many questions people come across with Law of attraction, including Law of gravity, and who or what is source and why do innocent people and children die. But practicing a mindset of positive desires wouldn’t include those kind or worries either. You seem worried about animals and unless I’m wrong, you don’t seem exactly happy about it either. So lets just say meanwhile this happens in the world you’re going to impose a positive mindset, because Abraham also says you’re emotional guidance system is valuable, it would be absolutely wonderful if bashing Esther and Jerry and Abraham, or if you got an upset stomach from thinking about people eating meat, or lets just say the torture of us humans eating animals always overwhelmed you. Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to feel good about your purpose? because being vegan is a lifestyle. It’s like a cult, or another mindset too. Because remember you can’t stand meat eaters, and us meat eater’s don’t really mind your vegan choice, but on the contrary vegans are emotional and impose on others that eating meat is wrong. A belief is nothing more than a thought, you are the creator, it’s your life you thought it, you believe it-remember? So in the mean time, “I’m just saying” while you’re pursuing a non eating meat life style and objecting to meat eating (which by the way it’s normal to us) that animal slaughter is much for your taste, that’s too bad because according to us, “better you than me”.both animals and human race want to eat meat. Sorry, I speak both for animals and humans, we both want fresh meat, And there’s only one way and it’s to kill, and 3rd party buy it at the grocery store. And if you don’t take that well thats just too bad because we believe what Abraham says because what we think about we bring about. Sounds good, sounds like a sure bet, and A burger is gorgeous to some of us just like a vegan cupcake for you.

  4. wearethey said

    Girlfriend, you make a lot of assumptions here.

    – You can practice a positive mindset while making non-mainstream choices. You don’t have to assimilate to be happy. If being different brings peace to your soul, others will jump on board. I like to inspire others to eat more plant based meals. I can’t hate them, that would take a lot of energy.
    – I feel good about my purpose. There are many reasons to be vegan, besides cruelty, such as health, and the environment. It’s not a cult. You can be vegan and have no friends. Still works.
    – I have seen enough footage and connected with enough animals to know that I don’t need to eat them and/or inflict suffering on them, and brainwashing myself into becoming pro-violence would never stick as an actual belief.
    – a burger is not just a burger. It’s the flesh of an animal who’s lived a very difficult life and was involuntarily slaughtered. If you want to pour pink paint over that, then bon appetit. Are you sure you actually want fresh meat? (Which is never actually “fresh” because it starts rotting just like a human carcass would after death), or is it because you see pictures of hamburgers every five seconds when you watch TV and it has been thrust in your face since you were a child?

  5. Sarajane said

    hmmm. quite interesting. I’m just currently discovering the law of attraction for myself and I’m a vegan of 2 yrs. Ive struggled with the law of attraction for this one reason and one reason alone. It wasn’t until i became aware of factory farms, animal testing, and the sick torment these beautiful animals endure because of HUMANS that my opinion towards my fellow humans changed. the true judgement i make is when given the knowledge and education about the suffering…the pure simple suffering on a mass scale that these animals go through, humans STILL shrug and say ..well i just like to eat meat. I personally have no problem with people who want to eat meat. but if it involves purchasing animals from a factory farm then no I’m sorry don’t deserve to consume the animal. if you want to go to a farm or an area where its just you and the animal, your able to kill the animal and give what life has been taken, in other words, make sure that this was as much of a silent mutual agreement as the mouse caught within the jaws of a lion is then yes have at it eat your meat. if the animal has been able to live life freely without restraint of human confinement then yes, eat your meat. we are at a level of consciousness where we can considerably contemplate the idea that the universe is becoming conscious of itself and yet what..we cant make it work for animals??? factory farms are outlawed in Britain btw. its possible to do its just the lack and the ignorance that it behind the want. Gandhi himself said you can judge the moral value of a nation by the way it treats its animals. i am literally shocked at these answers from the “Abraham”. i’m atheist but have given credit to this channeled entity for the complete answers and their well agreeing temperament. but this just seems so human, so lazy. we are at the top of the food chain?? are you serious?!? wtf. we are at the top of being conscious of the consequences of the actions we take into this world and continue to do little about them, that is it. having faith in humans for me is the hardest thing to do in my life. suffering is negative and above all unnecessary. perhaps all of the sickness, all of the cancer, all of the sadness existing in the general factory-farmed meat eating world is due to just that. the notion that ignoring it because its not a positive emotion is kinda a complete cop-out. you wouldn’t ignore a population of babies being raped simply because it wasn’t positive. because there’s a general knowledge that this is wrong. slaves are free, women are equal, its all a matter of time. but what will it take and why must it reach that extent with this abundance.. this knowledge to which we are already made so aware of. Such a shame. well..I’m out of words

  6. wearethey said

    Hi Sarajane,

    What a coincidence, I had an bff named Sarah Jane once.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    Sounds like you’re an incessant thinker like me.

    Just a few points to touch on. Britain has not outlawed factory farming. 99% of farms worldwide are factory farms these days – it’s the only way farmers can make money. Capitalism driven… And speaking of capitalism, are slaves free? (or are more people slaves than ever… long work hours, growing corporations, factories… the wealth is still in the hands of a few). Are women free…? I read a book recently called “Are Men Necessary?” that basically says that narcissism is the new feminism. The new goal not equality, but physical perfection.

    Okay, there’s my 2 Canadian cents.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. MONICHAN said

    I’m agree, there’s no sense if we think that we can have a healthy life without eating animals, we don’t NEED to eat animals, so we are eating animals just because.
    I don’t know if the Law of attraction works, i can’t deny because i have no proves for that, but if someone can’t answer clearly I have to think that maybe they are not talking with the truth, it supposed that they are spiritually advanced, so, i can’t understand how the can approve the fact of takes anothers live when it is not for auto defense purposes. Maybe, they are spirits or something like that but i don’t think that they exactly the good ones who are trying to stop the pain of this world, maybe, the law of attraction works but it has nothing to do with de spiritually “evolution” or with the idea of being a better human being. Just my opinion, or maybe, they are just looking for money selling these things and all is just a lie.
    They usually talks about no to think in others suffering and never taks about compassion or about humanitarian issues. Like I said before, it could be true the law of attraction, but it has nothing to do with the spiritual evolution like they are trying to sell it.
    Big hugs.

  8. MONICHAN said

    Sorry for my mistakes, i’m better in spanish. Hope my comment can be understand.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  9. wearethey said

    Hi Monichan,

    Thanks for reading. Esther Hicks has a lot of helpful advice, but sometimes the universal truths she’s channeling get caught up with “Esther” as in human, flawed Esther.

    I would suggest that no one “believe: the law of attraction, but instead research it and apply it to your life. But don’t half ass apply it. Give it the benefit of the doubt in one or two specific circumstances and see what the effects are. If that works, continue to experiment.

    Blind faith is useless.

  10. wearethey said

    How great to connect Canada with Argentina in the new era!

  11. Jean Logan said

    I too have a problem with Abraham/Hicks channeling about the slaughter animals having such a great time here and wanting to come back for more. Abraham is obviously not in touch. I also channel and received a message in Oct 09 before a speaking engagement at a local church. I was told to tell people how to prepare for 2012 by removing soul density. When I asked how we do that, I was told “Do not eat dead animals…. Man does not require meat according to .. creation. This has been indoctrinated and drilled into the minds of humans by beings of less than Light in order to control them. The eating of animal flesh keeps humans in the state of bondage due to ingestion of fear and blood. Blood consumption keeps humans in a lower chakra level existence and will continue to do so. In order to achieve Ascension with ease and grace, consider cleansing your bodies of the remains of animal flesh. Retrain yourselves. Your belief systems can be changed if you desire to do so. Your belief about the need for animal protein and associated amino acids has been given by those who are trying to control you and they have been succeeding. Human beings are capable of converting anything they eat to what their body needs.

    Go to the place where the animals are slaughtered. Look into the eyes of the animal. Place your hands against him and feel the fear. Watch while the animal is put to death and what happens after. Ask yourself this question: ‘Is this love?'”

    All of the message can be found at then click on Channeled Messages. I agree the channels beliefs can get in the way. Also spirits have opinions that are given with a lack of knowledge of what life is really like here on earth. It is best never to be too quick to believe. The Hicks seem to have a cult like following of people who hang on every word. I don’t think we should let the works of any book or channel become our bible. The AMA are the people who give nutritional guidance and we know who controls them.

  12. wearethey said

    Thanks so much for your profound words. I think we’ll start listening to you now.

    Esther Hicks is bang on when dealing with what she knows, but she is only one person with many preconceived notions from her personal upbringing.

  13. Mariah said

    Thank you for this! I had been bothered by this as well.

  14. Peta said

    Me too… this has been the weak link in the chain of Abrahams teachings for me! It released me from the cult-like grip it had on me and has allowed me to have a more independent interpretation of life and to question the efficacy of all the teachings!

  15. wearethey said

    That’s awesome! Good for you!!! Compassion for all.

  16. Jean Logan said

    That’s really the best way to go. There is so much information out there from different sources that one needs to step back and not get caught up in the teachings of any one group or person. We will all be just fine if we listen to our heart and fill ourselves with love. I do think spending some time in meditation is important and only see the Light in others.

  17. I am a vegan. I am leaving my home to PETA in my will. I am an activist where I live. I believe what Abraham says about animals. We all (including animals) came to this planet because we chose to. Animals are eternal just like humans, and know that contrast is what makes for expansion. And think of all the people who became vegan (expanded) because they have experienced the suffering. How could they have changed except for the experience of the contrast. Do you really believe that animals were forced to come to earth?

  18. wearethey said

    Hi Dionne,

    No, I don’t believe that animals were forced to come to Earth. I believe that they were born as innocent, perfect beings, just like humans and that they came into existence hoping to grow and live in the most free, fulfilling environments possible.

    If this is what they want, then why change your behavior to stop their suffering? It is not a vegan perspective to believe that animals ask for abuse. A vegan perspective would help animals fulfill their deserved freedom.

    Unlike Buddhists, I do not believe that all life is suffering. I also don’t believe that all lessons need to be learned through pain. Perfect example is vegan children. They’re told the effects of a meateating diet from the start before they cause any suffering themselves. I think vegan kids are a relatively new phenomenon, but most of the people I know who were raised vegetarian have stayed vegetarian (of course, with the expect experimentation.)

  19. I am vegan as I love all life and do not want to harm it. But Earth is a Free Will planet. I do not believe that suffering is needed for growth but some obviously choose it. We knew what this planet was about before we came here, and we chose to experience the contrast. When we see something we don’t like we expand towards what we do like. How can you know what you do like until you experience what you don’t.
    Why do some humans live in areas where there is great suffering and some do not. There are other planets with different ways and laws. And I just told my husband that in my next life I want to live on a planet of pure peace. But I also said that eventually I would grow bored as there would be no expansion, nothing to work to change.
    I am not immune to the suffering of animals or humans. But I understand that anyone on Earth can do whatever they want (Free Will). And I used to be turned off & confused by Abraham’s teachings about animals also. But began to I understand that everyone who comes to this planet knows what they are getting into before they are born. I watched an Abraham Hicks video yesterday where Esther said that if you didn’t want to kill anything you wouldn’t be here as there are things in the air when you breathe it that are not the same after you have taken them into your body. People are too hung up on death. There is no death, and when you breathe that living particle in you are just transitioning it. It is never destroyed and it knows this better than humans as animals are closer to their pure eternal selves. Everyone is a co-creator on this planet. No one ever is a victim. To say that animals or humans are victims dis-empowers them and dismisses their divinity.

    If I didn’t see the destruction of coral reefs here in Hawaii where I live I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work to save them and our beautiful fish that are sold for aquariums. If I lived on a planet with no contrast I wouldn’t have things that I believed in to summon the energy to work towards ending them. That is how contrast works. It summons better things. Growth & expansion.
    My website is if you are interested in fish and coral reefs.

  20. wearethey said

    You’re saying that some beings choose to suffer. Does this mean that the Jews chose to be exterminated by the Nazis? Or that abused wives choose to be beat up? I’m sure you’ve seen footage of cows being led to their deaths on conveyor belts. They are just radiating joy and embracing their slaughter from inside the vortex. To me, holding this perspective is similar to believing that Jesus ‘died for our sins’. The concept of sacrifice is very old world to me and entirely unnecessary when you’re working with the law of attraction. Buddhism: all life is suffering. Catholicism: Catholic guilt/confession.

    To see animals as victims disempowers them, ok so why not see animals as just as deserving of freedom as humans – then you are not seeing them as victims. Also, you can not be a victim and still call on the help of others. These animals have called people like you and I to help speak for them, and I don’t believe they are telling us that they want to continue to suffer.

    I understand the Abraham teachings and can agree that contrast can lead to expansion (or not), and that contrast can motivate us to send forth rockets of desire of greater outcomes. But have you noticed how when Esther is asked by listeners about the state of factory farming and animal cruelty, she never once says: allow the contrast to inspire you to choose a greater existence. She replies: deal with it – the big fish will always eat the little fish. This is a logical inconsistency.

    In terms of growing bored living in peace, I believe that if you’re bored, you’re boring. Peace is the very minimum I expect from my planet – the possibilities from that jumping off point are what intrigues me.

    At this point you should realize that Esther is a meat-aholic and the words coming out of her mouth on this topic are working to justify her good ol’ Southern diet. The vegan lifestyle is lived by those who are trying to cause the least amount of harm. If Esther does not believe that there are people out there who truly do not want to cause harm, then perhaps she is just not one of them.

    I believe that the whole notion of progress only coming from bad things happening (external contrast) eg. factory farming, destruction of coral reefs is due to the lazy thinking that sedated humans have grown accustomed to. If we weren’t used to having to be motivated to get things done, we would be able to tune in to entire channels of inner contrast to grow. If you’re reacting to external contrast to grow, then you’re basing your growth on the experiences of others (those who have done the damage), and also – the past. These are only things that have occurred in the past.

  21. You are judging others. This planet is a Free Will zone. There is no right or wrong for all. Each person decides for themselves what is right for them. I used to believe that one day all would be peace and love on earth. But it is not that way. When you find the peace and love within yourself you begin to understand that your life experience will be peace and love. And that trying to make others believe the same as you is none of your business and doesn’t even work.

  22. Jean Logan said

    As difficult as it seems to be, I think Dionne is right. There are no victims. All spirits had a choice before they came in. Nothing is learned by sitting around sniffing roses all day. It is the difficult times that makes us strong. It is my understanding that the animals have agreed to this to help us in our evolution, as difficult as that must be to believe. We are here to evolve and learn how to love unconditionally. As we evolve we realize that the animals suffer to provide us with food, so out of love we give up eating meat. This is also love for ourselves as well as the animals. We see this as taking the higher road. I do not agree with Esther on everything but I did not come to this earth to judge anyone.

  23. wearethey said

    As soon as you say the animals have agreed to ‘help us’ by suffering horribly, you might as well also say that women were sent to Earth to suffer horrible abuse by men before they were protected by laws as given equal rights to men. Or that Jews wanted to suffer horribly in the Holocaust in order to ‘help us grow’.
    In my opinion we have long ago realized that we were causing horrific pain and suffering to animals by eating them and wearing them, and this is why slaughterhouses are shrouded in secrecy. In a new U.S. law, animal rights activists who take footage inside factory farms can be prosecuted as terrorists.
    You don’t have to define animals as ‘victims’ to see them as free agents who deserve to be free. And you don’t have to judge people to hold this perspective either.

  24. wearethey said

    I agree with you that you have to find peace and love withing yourself to create change. This is the art of allowing. However, the essence of activism is being vocal about those areas of contrast that don’t serve us and offering up new solutions that serve us better. In order to be a leader in thought, you must call out those who are missing the mark. There are BIG things in store for this planet, and other planets. We are always pushing past boundaries and evolving. The LOA at its best.

  25. Georgia said

    Gosh, I stumbled across this thread as was seeking help from Abraham-Hicks to help me ease my terrible pain over animal suffering at the hands of humans enough that I can be more effective in the move toward human + other animals mutual respect, love and co-existence. I agree with much of what wearethey says, yet I have been applying Abe to my life with much success, EXCEPT in this area. I think it is lazy thinking to define things as “contrast” that offers the option of expansion when they cause pain. If it takes such enormous amounts of animal pain and suffering to elicit human expansion, say to veganism, then should that be even defined as “expansion” as it took such a cost. i.e. the end does not justify the means in my belief. How can something be defined as “better” or “expanded” if it took “worse” and “cut off from source” to be inspired? I believe we can jump to higher levels of expansion from climbing from the rung of expansion just below from within, not by being pushed toward what we do want having experienced what we don’t want. My grief and horror at what we do to animals haunts me and shames me. They are my kin and I love them. Knowing the daily fate of so many is like daily amputations for me. Abe hasn’t helped. This shows me others suffer as I do over this. Just read a great op ed. piece in The Times by Dr Jane Goodall (love that woman) about the immense suffering of animals in medical research laboratories that delivers not only no good relevant scientifically valid data for humans responses to substances and disease, but is actually holding us back from solutions to the most horrible like Parkinsons and cancer etc. People pushing animal experimentation are either uninformed or have vested interests. This is not being connected to source, this is activity that comes from disconnection. Starting to ramble now, but I do ask my Source to help me become more effective in creating change here on Earth, cos that’s where I intend to stay for a little while yet, unless it gets just too fucking hard. Peace and Love.

  26. wearethey said

    Hi Georgia,

    I also actively use Abraham Hicks lectures to boost my vibration but can’t stand to listen to Esther when she wanders into the subject of animal suffering because it all stops aligning. Her cultural upbringing creates a lacuna in her vision in this area and since she compares herself to Buddha and Jesus, she can’t quite bring herself to notice this flaw. However, it doesn’t make the bulk of her logic wrong. I find it very much salvageable.

    Your question: can we use negative and violent experiences to expand? I agree with you that we don’t NEED to experience or create painful experiences to expand, but we can expand from this place if we must. Contrast can come in many forms and none need to be violent.

    Completely empathize with your mourning for animals. Going to a demo against primate research tomorrow.

    Appreciate your comments; keep in touch.

    @islakay (Twitter)
    Isla Michelle Lauren Kay (FB)

  27. Susan Boag said


    I was amazed to see this site because this is also the one area that turned me off Ester Hicks (that and and the fact that she doesn’t believe in global warming!). I’m vegan and have been for years, and attended her Vortex Seminar couple of years ago – very excited because she has so many interesting and helpful things to say – only to be totally turned off her when a guest asked her about her views on eating meat and apparently she (or Abraham!) thinks it’s OK!! I really couldn’t believe my ears – to me the universe is about compassion and compassion for ALL living creatures. Her credibility for me disappeared straight away, and I doubted the fact that she was channeling. I am really a believer in letting people make their own decisions in life, but not if they are hurting anything (people, animals or environment). Then it really does upset me.


  28. Jean Logan said

    For a new understanding of global warming I suggest you see I now understand that this is a scam to introduce a proposed global tax. I also suggest everyone see the movie THRIVE.

    I also am a vegetarian and would like to see the end of the killing of animals for food but we must remain out of judgement. I think all of this will come in time. Blessings.

  29. wearethey said

    I agree about the proposed global tax on global warming. Taxes don’t solve anything.
    When you have a moment, check out my newest post about my transition from vegetarian to vegan : )

  30. travelingvegetarian said

    I am also a vegan who believes in the Law of Attraction and is disturbed by Esther’s words on animal suffering. I read something a while back where she basically said it was ok to eat animals because we all choose our destinies before we come here. While I understand that, I still choose veganism. If I saw a human being suffering, I would try to help, even if I knew that they had somehow chosen their circumstance. Why is it any different for animals? I choose a lifestyle for myself that lessens suffering. I can’t imagine why she would choose any different and encourage others to do the same. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I have met a few of the spiritual leaders who write books, make films, speak about the LOA, etc. Many of them are very flawed people, just like any spiritual leaders in churches, etc. They talk about the “ideal” way to be, but they don’t actually live it. One of them told me straight out to take him off any pedestal I had him on in my head because it was inevitable that I would end up disappointed. He was right. So many of these folks know in their hearts that they are prolonging and promoting suffering by eating animals and their products, but they are unwilling to make a commitment to go vegan. Hopefully they’ll come around. In the meantime, I will continue to help make veganism look as good as it makes me feel. :)

    Thank you @Jean Logan for your channeled message!

  31. wearethey said

    Very well said!

  32. wearethey said

    I think that practicing the law of attraction does make it inevitable to go vegan because as you decide everyday to focus on your feelings, you’ll take more note of those things that enter your existence that don’t make you feel good. Those who can become more sensitive have a better chance of becoming vegan.
    Esther, this means you.

  33. Steve Adams said

    In Universal terms there is no right or wrong. Unconditional love, GOD loved Hitler just as much as GOD loved Jesus. It is a judgment that a person, a meat sack gives to something. I wish to live, so I would agree in the judgement that what Hitler did was appalling. No one does what they feel is wrong. They might not think it is the best idea, but if they truly felt it was wrong they would choose to do another thing that they felt was right or at least OK. It is wonderful if you think eating meat is wrong, just as it is wonderful if you think eating meat is OK. Ask yourself would you like someone saying you are wrong for not eating meat, and if your answer is no, then it makes sense to not tell others it is wrong to eat meat. If you like honesty, then first be honest to everyone, and second believe others are honest. Now if you have had the experience with less than honest people, then it might take a minute for you to believe a new belief. I know it is possible, and I am no more special than you, so you to can do it. Like Jesus said why are you amazed, for these and other things you too can do.

    Yes for those of you asking the question about attracting things. Kids today are being born with autism, or other things, to give the parents of that child the experience they are looking for. We live in an inclusion based Universe, so what ever we put our intention on we attract. People hear stories that kids are being born with dis ease, so they worry about them having a child like that. So if you think autism, cancer, or other things are bad, then take the time to think about how it would be nice for the world to be a healthier place. Or if you plan on having kids, take the time to create your belief in having a healthy child.

  34. wearethey said

    I had a great comic passed on to me recently. It went like this:

    When you say: “It’s okay for you to be vegan, but you should respect my right to eat meat.”

    You sound like: “It’s okay if you want to free your slaves, but you should respect my right to own them.”
    or “It’s okay if you want to kill Jews, but you should respect my right to kill them.”
    or “It’s okay if you want to respect women, but you should still let me rape and beat them.”

    In response to your second point, yes – we live in an inclusion-based universe. So when you make violent choices, you are choosing to include violence into your existence.

    *PS I’m not into Jesus.

  35. Rosemarie said

    I’m not sure exactly why but this weblog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see
    if the problem still exists.

  36. I know this is an old post and thread, but I just came across it and felt compelled to share my perspective here.

    While we, in our human form, feel things and experience things so viscerally; so powerfully; so tangibly – Including our horror as we see beautiful animals being slaughtered in cruel ways. But, as big, or “real” or “important” as our life experience feels to us as we point out what is wrong out there in the seemingly external world, the larger part of who we are is always in pure positive energy form.

    I will pause here to say this: One should never take all of their truth from just one outside source. That being said, I have found a lot of uplifting material through my studies of Abraham’s messages. Given that Esther is a human being, and that she is expressing through her unlimited consciousness, tapping into a more expansive universal perspective, she is still a human being and is not perfect in every word she has expressed.
    As she translates her messages, of course there will be places she falls back on her own limited consciousness.

    But taken into consideration all of the beneficial teachings, ideas, exercises and understandings she has allowed to flow through her, I would say she has more than made up for the few areas in which she limits or misinterprets or misconstrues through her mind.

    My own life experience has literally transformed before my eyes. I spent about two years pretty much paying attention only to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks because my heart really RESONATED with those teachings and I took that time to digest their message.

    Since then, I have embraced many different speakers, authors and inspirational teachers and spiritual uplifters. The floodgates opened for me, and I have so much appreciation for Abraham-Hicks for being the bulldozer that came in and broke up, one by one, my false premises, old outworn beliefs, limiting thoughts, and constant self criticism.

    That is really their purpose, I believe. Are they the perfect message for everyone? They are not for everyone! They are not here to change the minds of the ones who do not wish to change, or who have not asked to change or to see or understand. The message of “Abraham” (no I don’t think there is a group of “entities” going by the name of Abraham, but the name does serve the purpose during conversation, of giving that higher perspective of which we are all a part, a name, for the sake of a reference point in conversation)

    All that being said, I was a vegetarian, leaning into vegan, for many years. Now, I am mostly vegetarian but I do not define myself with the label. I always choose the path of least resistance and am very mindful of going easy on myself, and loving myself no matter which choices I make. This has naturally lead me into eating a more raw, vegetable-centric diet. When I wake up in the morning, my mind just tells me to eat something green :)

    I want to take this moment to send loving, healing, deeply heartfelt energy to all who have partaken in this conversation. Division is painful for me to look at sometimes; especially when it is among highly intelligent, compassionate brothers and sisters. Arguing can send us into being more and more disconnected, instead of promoting our positive cause.

    The truth is, this is a very tough subject for us as sensitive individuals to come to an agreed upon conclusion about.

    Perhaps this issue should first be addressed energetically and addressed with intention with great compassion for all parties; the animals, the vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. We are all sharing this amazing time and space through a common energetic thread; try not to make others feel “wrong” and try to just focus on eating that delicious vegan food and loving it as you do it, and give your attention to the loving feelings towards the animals.

    This will move us much more quickly into the results that we long to see, rather than battling it out, pushing against, and emphasizing the problem. The Universe will provide for us all the world that we long to see, so let’s all align with our dreams for a compassionate planet. Imagine it; revel in the delicious taste of your vegan food and raise your vibration surrounding this topic and then just SEE what happens! <3

    The experience of the suffering of the animals in factory farms feels so real. It is real; but I propose that it is a manifestation of our collective abuses on each other in the name of greed, profit, and the whole "survival of the fittest" mentality that we have seen shape society up until recently. Our world is waking up and shifting so let's turn our attention to that!

  37. wearethey said

    It’s true: the experience of observing the suffering of animals on factory farms feels real because it is a collective manifestation of our own human ignorance. We insanely think that we are meant to exist in a state of perpetual suffering, so we accept that in our sources of nourishment – suffering in, suffering out.

    But the solution is not to think of their suffering differently, it’s to stop CREATING the suffering. Switch to a plant-based diet – not just vegetarian, but vegan. The idea that we need to exploit animals to stay alive is a myth that we have been brainwashed into thinking.

    “The truth is, this is a very tough subject for us as sensitive individuals to come to an agreed upon conclusion about.”

    If you’re a sensitive individual, you can’t stand to know that you’re the direct cause of horrific violence, and if you eat meat, eggs, and dairy – you are.

    You then go on to tell me to ‘try not to make others feel wrong’ – and yet in saying this, you are telling someone they are wrong. You are missing the very essence of activism – extending beyond the scope of our little lives to make change on a large scale. It has nothing to do with leading by example. That would be called passive-ism.

    You talk a lot of feel-good words, but it would seem that you’re actually acting out on the pain that you feel from the contrasting emotions you’re experiencing. In Myer’s Briggs, you would classify as an F type in that Feeling is your dominant decision maker. I’d suggest researching and developing your less dominant trait (T) Thinking.

    “…taken into consideration all of the beneficial teachings, ideas, exercises and understandings (Esther Hicks) has allowed to flow through her, I would say she has more than made up for the few areas in which she limits or misinterprets or misconstrues through her mind.”

    It doesn’t work that way. Just because Esther has contributed a lot of positive manifestation techniques, it doesn’t forgive that she supports oppressive and violent systems to this day.

    This concept can be likened to a ‘humanitarian’ billionaire making money from sweatshops in order to donate billions to the poor when she dies. The means and the end are the same thing.

  38. Nick said

    thank you for this blog post. I have been studying the law of attraction for a while, & it actually inspired me to become a vegan. i was horrified by Hick’s cold & uncaring response to animal suffering. i think many, if not most, law of attraction / spiritually minded people definitely are sensitive to the plight of animals, & i know many prominent teachers who are vegans. i had been losing respect for Hicks for a while now & this post confirmed some of my suspicions. I dont think she reflects how spiritual people feel in general at all. thank you for this post!

  39. wearethey said

    Yes, yes. A thousand times yes. Esther’s views towards animals are completely illogical as she embraces pets and sees animals not in a relationship with her as food. Cold, uncaring, and also reeking of superiority.

    The key is to take what Esther has to offer and bring it to the next level, where we can intermingle her manifestation techniques with more compassionate choices.

    Thanks for reading, Nick.

  40. Hi.
    The only way I can have peace about this, is,that you who do not care for the pain they inflict on our animals in the food chain, that those animals where people just like you. Payback time (we have a choice, some animals have to kill for surviving, they survive only by eating some meat. So in the future you will be in this situation.
    So, I can’t see any change in the future of treatment of some animals, until people like you (only half of brain working)
    Repent and change your ways, I say

  41. Maxine said

    Thank you for your post!!!! I was about to waste almost 1.5 hrs of my time on a talk of Spiritualism and the Law of Attraction by this woman. I also watched a short clip on her take about Vegetarianism. One thing I have come to understand….Compassion is basis for all Spiritual evolvement and if your consumption involves compassionless, cruelty ridden food…you are way down the road. From purity of spirit comes purity of mind. This woman is FAKE. Louis L Hay should pay more attention to the ones she promotes on her Summit.
    These days before wasting time on Spiritual, self-help speakers, I check their take on vegetarianism/veganism….because it’s a sure fire answer to their inner core(being)…Only true compassion in every sense will show you the way….So once again thankyou!
    Best wishes

  42. wearethey said

    Hi Maxine,

    You are bang on about beginning with ‘first doing no harm’.

    I will say that there is knowledge to be salvaged from Esther’s talks if you’re up for it. You seem to have a discerning mind, so if you can handle it, check out her talks on vibration/vibrational reality. It can transcend her faulty views on animals.

    Although Esther is a country bumpkin (I’m actually not sure what that means…) she has a gift for public speaking and verbalizing spirituality into logic. I take that from her with appreciation and leave the rest.

  43. wearethey said

    Only half of brain working… wait – that was a DIG! I read that.

    So you’re dissing me. Then blessing me (Amen). And before all that, telling me to take my tips on morality from animals without language.

    The circle of life argument you are making unfortunately doesn’t work because we as humans take the most docile creatures and mass farm them to feed our hunger for flesh and secretions (milk/eggs). If we were to hunt carnivores with our bare hands, now that might be a fair fight. You up for that, full-brained one?

  44. Jean Logan said

    Part of our evolution is to recognize the need for love and compassion in all areas. It is true, animals eat other animals but when do we stop being an animal that must feast on flesh and blood. Eating meat keeps the soul in a lower density. That is a choice and there is no right or wrong, only a choice. What is gained by calling another names except to show who you really are inside.

  45. ooh .. glad i found this post.. Thanks for all the great posts back to 2009 even. Law of Attraction does apply to animals and that is the disconnect that is going on . .it is a about compassion and in many things when it comes to child abuse and animal suffering there is some very big block there from Abe. I like the Abraham teaching but this is where I don’t agree. It just says where the people’s vibration is that choose to eat them, that choose to propagate the suffering. First off though Law of Attraction is not a Abraham invention. It was first written about by Israel Regardie in the 1937 and also the man from the book Think and Grow Rich, also in that time period. I had posted something in an Abe chat group about GMO’s and was told i was out of the vortex and that i should not push against people’s choice.. and after being really pushed against.. I said this “I think there is the tendency to be afraid to act because it’s “pushing against..” You can make choices that are deeply felt because for you they are the next logical step. The whole sort of section about eating locally where Abe sort of says.. well, should you only eat from the place you are from .. if you are from Arizona should you eat from California? .. that is not at all what locally means.. and you can poke at that.. because Abe made light of it .. but the reason for eating locally grown food, is the idea that it takes less fuel to transport the food, you are supporting local economy. . all very nice things that are helpful and kind..It’s called being mindful. When it comes to food, treatment of animals and discussion about choices that impact our planet.. I am not in agreement with Abraham and I am trusting my own inner guidance on this. I don’t’ think 50 billion animals dying a year in cruel and inhumane conditions, pumped with hormones can ever justify the craving for an In and Out Burger whether Esther loves them or not. When do we start to stand by the things that are important? The love we declare to have for all things living…. When do we start to put it into practice? And I guess it comes down to whether or not you see other beings as part of you or as objects to be used at your whim, with no thought of their welfare. Do you see animals as your brother’s and sisters or not… that is the disconnect. Not looking at something doesn’t make it go away.. Food is energy.. it has a vibration and i am going to strech the Law of Attraction analogy here.. but high vibtrational food doesn’t come from In and Out Burger.. but if that is what you are attracting, its says where your vibration is… I can understand not wanting to see it, because when you really do see it and do wake up.. you can never go back to sleep. “… needless to say that did not go over well. but hopefully it planted a seed… hugs everyone.

  46. theguywhoquestionsall said

    Well one thing is for certain, you are definitely strong in your belief and will go to any length to prove your point. But let me toss this at you.

    You blame meat eaters for being inconsiderate, malicious and whatever else but how are you any different being a vegan/vegetarian? Don’t you have to kill plants or have to have plants killed for you in order to sustain your life? Why are you so much different? We all come from the same source and I think the only thing that makes you think you have one up is because you aren’t killing something that you can associate with yourself (eyes, ears, nose, and emotions to a degree).

    Plants express feelings just like anything else in this world but you have to be aware of it. You uproot (kill) a carrot and it begins to wilt right? Well it obviously isn’t the happy little plant it was before you pulled (killed) it. This is where I agree with Abraham’s statement about we all come forth to this planet for a purpose. Maybe the animal and plant does come to the planet with the intention of knowing that it is a possible food source. Not that this is it’s sole purpose by any means though..

    Also, even you as a vegan/vegetarian help perpetuate the problem by going to your grocery store who’s farmers more than likely uses different animal meals and manures to grow their crops. Now if you grow your own crops and don’t use any animal by products then I congratulate you 100%. Everything else though is hypocritical…

    I do agree with you though that how most farmers treat their animals are wrong. Some are changing their ways and going back to how our predecessors raised their animals but it should be mandatory.

  47. AHayden said

    I understand the reason for skepticism, but this over dramatic ‘jumping to conclusions’ and all around misinformed accusations coming from the misinformed is a pet peeve of mine, personally. With that said I’m almost positive the message being sent is the fact that her choosing to not eat the animal is just as ok as eating the animal. After all you can’t force people to change, unless you are threatening them with a big bomb of course. Also I’m positive the lack of subtlety in that statement made my Abraham was laid on thick for a reason, simply because aside from having a bomb as leverage, you can’t make people do what you want them to do. I’m positive that defeats the meaning and purpose of freedom.

    Now where does the animal stand in all of this? Would you ‘really’ be able to understand or accept that answer? After all they are defenseless to no end against us with no signs of mounting a defense any time soon…What about the person who eats the animal but is thankful to no end for it? Truly grateful for the meal? From a unconditional love standpoint, the animal wouldn’t really care at this outcome. If they were just dumb beasts, perhaps they would be the defenseless victims you perceive them as.

    We can all agree with the lack of balance in slaughtering these animals in mass for food is disturbing, the same way children being raised to murder in Africa or being raised into prostitution in Thailand is just the same. The underlining fact is the obvious lack of balance in relation to consumption. Whether it be sexual, vengeful, or with food itself. And that’s where these “Abraham Teachings” usually lead to. The beliefs and definitions on why you or anyone does the things they do that are not of “alignment.”

    Also your “Translations” are completely ridiculous lol.

  48. wearethey said

    Ingregerd… there is clearly a language barrier here, but I can reply to some extent: This blog is about evolution, not about not seeing any change. Stretch your imagination.

  49. wearethey said

    Hi Maxine,

    Esther Hicks has a gift at logical speaking, which can be of great benefit (despite her blind spots towards animal sentience). The law of attraction is being interpreted by many at all times so let me know if you find another speaker who can make the connections verbally, but also dietarily.

  50. wearethey said

    @ Jean Logan: do you think that the choice to rape someone is equal to the choice to not rape someone?

  51. Jean Logan said

    Are you comparing raping to eating meat or not eating meat? People eat meat because they have been programmed to believe that meat is necessary for their existence. Fabrications that they must have meat to obtain certain vitamins and amino acids have been drilled into them by the likes of the AMA (who was created and run by big business). As people adopt these beliefs they find themselves unable to stop eating meat until they learn the truth and reprogram themselves. One might also consider it an addiction like eating sweets. This does not make them bad or wrong. There is no wrong in spite of knowing that these animals suffer. When an animal kills another animal in order to eat it, there is also suffering but this is part of our reality. Animals eat other animals. But we are able to make a choice of not eating flesh and blood as part of our evolution, becoming more compassionate.

    I do not care to see ads for meat and milk but I do not disapprove of drinking fresh raw goat milk. I make raw goat kefir and yogurt. I am not a Christian but even the bible suggests the drinking of goat milk.

    I was told by Source “Stop eating dead animals.” And what about our pets? I asked about this in a channeling session and was told “That is different. Your dogs are animals and in the reality in which you live, animals eat other animals.”

  52. wearethey said

    Let me reply in point form so as not to waste my time:

    – vegnaism is not about doing NO harm, it’s about attempting to do the least amount of harm
    – it’s impossible for farmers to simply treat their animals better. 99% of meat is factory farmed to handle the demand of the masses. Treating the animals properly ({which would include not killing and raping them} for what you’re referring to > their treatment outside of these gruesome acts does not fit into the financial equation. They are animal PRODUCTS. Because people like you request them to be. It’s a BUSINESS. Do you want to pay to house and feed millions of cows who are past being able to lactate? Exactly.
    – you don’t need animal waste to farm plants. It’s called veganic farming.
    – none of what I mentioned is belief – it’s the state of the world – there are names and addresses to back up the horrors of factory farming
    – lastly, you are trying to equalize picking a carrot from massacring animals who a) have emotional spectrums, b) have relationships with their young, c) are capable of complex communication. You are given intelligence to distinguish between the differences here, if you want to play dumb to feed your habits that’s up to you

  53. wearethey said

    Hi Jean,

    I’m vibing with your explanation of how people are brainwashed into eating meat, you lose me upon stating that ignorance is a valid excuse. True ignorance like a kid eating a hamburger – yes, but ignoring facts presented to us once our minds are formed does not make it okay to continue with preprogrammed behaviour.

    Animals eat other animals… not going there.
    Milk is okay – no it’s not, it’s a product of rape and leads to baby killing (veal).
    Bible – lol.
    Source is channeling me now: Source has a message for you – “Jean, Go vegan, Jean. Get plant powered.”
    Whoa. That was intense.

  54. wearethey said

    Hi there Hayden,

    I’m sensing some buried intelligence behind your snippy comment. This may be perceived as ‘dramatic’ but werk it person (man/woman/noneyabidness-sexed individual).

    I’ll address this: assuming an animal would forgive you for slaughtering it is like assuming a woman would forgive you if you raped her IF YOU REALLY ENJOYED IT AND APPRECIATED IT.

    Your reasoning is: because I can.
    Just cause you can, don’t mean ya should.

    Also, no one is attempting to force anyone to change. Change comes from within. This is Esther’s back door exit answer when she’s sick of talking about animals to the people who perpetually bring it up. WELL IF EVERYONE CAN’T DO IT, THEN WHAT’S THE POINT OF ANYONE DOING IT?

    Backwoods country bumpkin logic at work.

  55. Blair said

    “Lets play the silly game that all humans stopped eating meat” -Abe-Hicks from the movie The Secret behind the secret.

    I think this line alone is quite telling. I find it suspicious that any highly intelligent non-physical collective consciousness would use such an obviously human way of putting a point across. This I think we can agree is Esther speaking, not Abe. Even if Abe had this ideal about the killing and consumption of animals, I find it hard to believe they would describe it this way. I agree that the way ‘Abe’ is answering this big question is far away from the normal respectful, intelligent, wise but most of all compassionate stand point, all of which appear to have escaped them over this question.

    There is also a distinct hint of religious dogma from several faiths that tell us that Man is superior, should dominate the earth and all creatures on it. All creation is here for Man’s satisfaction, or something to that effect.

    There is much to learn from Abe-Hicks partnership , I certainly have gained a lot from the teachings. But it’s always wise to keep an open mind and an intuitively questioning one at that.

  56. Abe Pralle said

    I’ve been bothered by Esther’s attitude here as well and I feel that her own resistance to the subject of animal cruelty in regards to food animals is distorting the message.

    Along with Abraham-Hicks I’m very much into the “Seth Material” as channeled by Jane Roberts. While Seth and Abraham focus on different things, their messages dovetail together quite well and I would definitely consider them to be peers if not outright tag-teaming to usher in the new age. In fact Seth has been mentioned in passing several times by Abraham, Esther, and/or Jerry.

    So I’d say Seth is a credible source for a second opinion on animal cruelty. He doesn’t speak *much* about it over the ~20 years of recorded material, but here are a couple of good bits:

    [Excerpt 1]
    There is a biological understanding that exists, for example, when one animal kills another one for food. The consciousness of the prey leaves its body under the impetus of a kind of stimulus unknown to you.

    I want to be very careful here, for I am speaking of natural interplay among the animals. This is not anywhere meant to justify the cruel slaughtering of animals by man under many circumstances.

    Roberts, Jane (2011-08-01). The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 4040-4043). Amber-Allen Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    [Excerpt 2]
    Killing except for self-protection will be paid for. The idea of killing is what is at fault. If you agree with the killing of birds for example, you wind up with the killing of men. You will all be taught the sacredness of all life, and in the most practical way.

    (“How about our killing animals for food?”)

    On your plane the hunter and the prey system is at this time a necessary one but it will not always be this way. A time will come when you will not have to kill in order to exist, and the balance of nature will take care of itself. This time is sooner on the way than you think. In your country, if there is peace, you will see its beginning in your lifetimes.

    (“Does this include doing away with slaughterhouses?”)

    It most certainly does. This involves your own intellectual technology, which will be quite able to maintain its population with synthetic proteins. However this technological development will come first; unfortunately the corresponding ethical evolution will follow after.

    There is a very practical reason for a reverence for all life, and very practical reasons why man must learn certain facts that up to this point he has considered impractical. He has usually managed to separate his ethical conceptions from his daily business life, but this shall be increasingly difficult for him to manage.

    Until you learn reverence for all living things you will continue to slaughter each other. Again, this does not involve punishment in any sense of the word, but the idea of killing permissiveness is not discriminating. Once you allow yourselves to kill you will kill any living thing. In future lives this involves the race in further adjustments.

    Roberts, Jane (2013-02-01). The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material (Kindle Locations 5950-5952). New Awareness Network, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

  57. Anna said

    Animals will keep suffering wheter or not humans eat them, just as Abraham says. Even if all the humans stopped eating them, they would still be eating each other… They would get diseases, the bacterias would eat them, they would suffer and they would die. The problem is about overrating the suffering and death, making them something horrible that we should root out from the Universe. As Abe teaches, pain and contrast are part of our evolution, and they are not something we should (or could) live without.

  58. Robyn said

    Please be completely informed so as to be confident in your stance on eating or not eating meat and your opinion on animal activists. Google ‘meet your meat PETA’. As hard as it was for me to watch, as a meat eater I felt I needed to know the reality of factory farming. Also go to the PETA website and then click on videos, watch ‘never be silent’. There is unimaginable torture and suffering for factory farmed animals. They live their lives in confined spaces that would be suffocating to us for even one hour let alone day after day..month after month, their treatment during their lives is often barbaric, they are subjected to completely unnecessary torture and unbearable pain at the hands of animal abusers who do not have proper training or supervision of any type. Farm hands have admitted to doing unthinkable things to animals (that I won’t repeat here so as to not upset animal lovers more) just to amuse themselves, these individuals are mentally unwell people who have managed to get employment in an industry they should never be allowed in, often abuse on a farm is just commonplace and accepted as part of the culture. It is not just whether we eat meat, it is how these animals are farmed and treated that is the issue. Animals cannot speak up and say, “our lives are unbearable.. Please someone help us escape from this living hell”. Animal lovers and activists give them a voice and are compassionate and caring people. Look at some of the petitions in circulation and you will see footage these people have secretly filmed that is so heinous and upsetting that it haunts you, to think what nightmares these individuals had to endure to witness unthinkable things because they felt such a need to give these poor animals a voice. While the rest of us try to do a little by signing petitions, or choose not to eat meat, or do nothing at all, or discuss Esther Hicks uninformed opinions on this subject, these people ie animal activists make small and sometimes huge differences to the quality of life these animals have, for this we should all be applauding them. Please go to PETA and watch as many of the videos as you can to have a better understanding of why vegans feel so passionate about their lifestyle choice.
    People who exploit animals may not be ready for animal rights, but the animals are ready. They’ve been ready. And we better not let them down. PETA website
    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
    Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  59. Mike said

    The meat eaters are the crazy cult followers, so pervasive it is in the background. Vegans are just returning to sanity. It is projection when the meat eater calls the vegan a cult member. George Bush and Obama call ISIS “terrorists”. Same thing. Bottom line, meat eating society is a genocidal eugenics based society, because we would need at least 4 more planet Earths to feed everyone a standard American Diet and about 10 more to feed everyone the Paleo diet, which means either we need to have some more planets to grow and abuse animals on so we can squeeze their juices out and eat them after torturing them, or about 95% of the population of planet Earth has got to stop eating. Already 10’s of thousands of people starve to death every day as a direct result of high food prices on the world market because the USA and other meat eating countries buy up all the grains to feed to animals so they can eat the animals – because it takes many times more grain to feed an animal to slaughter than it does to just eat the grain.

  60. Thank you! I noticed this blind spot about 3 cds into listening to her work. and ceased ever listening or reading her work since then . . . Blind spot is a *nice* phrase for her willful ignorance, complete lack of compassion and utter lack of consciousness for the non-human animals of the planet.

  61. What you typed was actually very reasonable. However, consider this, suppose you wrote a catchier title?
    I mean, I don’t want to tell you how to run your website, however suppose
    you added a post title to possibly get folk’s attention? I mean Esther Hicks
    Blind Spot: Animal Suffering | dawn of a new era
    is a little plain. You should look at Yahoo’s home page and
    note how they create article titles to grab viewers to click.
    You might try adding a video or a related pic or two to get readers excited about
    what you’ve written. In my opinion, it would make your posts a little bit more

  62. So if it’s true that we are all part of ONE….is it also true that when/if we eat meat, we are actually eating ourselves?

  63. I humbly ask you to consider this question:

    What if Harriet Tubman, Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King, or Harvey Milk believed in “Law of Attraction?” What moral progress would they have achieved if they had listened to someone like Esther Hicks?
    – – –
    I came across this thread after Googling Abraham Hicks and vegetarianism, and I read everyone’s thoughts here. You all helped cement what my intuition told me about the Hicks empire: There’s something fishy going on with Law of Attraction (or at least Esther’s particular flavor of it). At the end I’ll share couple alternative philosophical options to Esther Hicks: Alan Watts and Ayahuasca tea.

    I’d like to start off by sharing a few others’ thoughts on some of the matters raised in this thread:

    “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.”—Leonardo da Vinci, vegetarian since childhood

    “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”—Albert Einstein, vegetarian toward the latter part of his life

    “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.”—Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist and vegetarian

    “The unexamined life is not worth living.” —Socrates, vegetarian humanist philosopher sentenced to death by suicide for the ‘crime’ of challenging Greeks to question their beliefs

    I’ve listened to Esther “Abraham” Hicks for several hours on YouTube. She has moments of astonishing clarity… but something feels ‘off’ about her moral compass—her character doesn’t feel fully trustworthy to me.

    For me, it’s that we don’t hear or see her actively demonstrating compassion or encouraging others to do so. She openly encourages selfishness without questioning whether certain forms of selfishness are detrimental to the health of society at large.

    My discomfort with Esther also stems from how she frequently *talks-over* guests in her ‘hot seat’ instead of compassionately listening to their concerns. For instance, she rudely talked-over with a lesbian lady who eloquently articulated the moral and legal injustices experienced by her in a society that doesn’t recognize gay marriage. The woman’s question was swept-aside by Esther’s off-topic grand-standing to milk applause from her audience. Maybe it’s also Esther’s consistent use of perfectly-timed pricks of humour to puncture emotionally serious questions with an audience laugh when a sincere tone would better-serve certain questions.

    Maybe it’s the eloquently ambiguous, wishy-washy answers she tosses back to crisp questions that deserve a crisp answer.

    Maybe it’s her riffs of ego-centric narcissism that an astute listener will catch now and then.

    Maybe it’s the cultish vibe of her conventions that remind me of two mid-1990s Amway conventions I got dragged to by colleagues at work. Amway is a consumer products pyramid scheme her husband Jerry was closely affiliated with as far back as the late 1970s.

    Maybe it’s the “Law of Attraction” belief system (which was created in the early 1900s by William Walker Atkinson) that essentially teaches (when taken to its furthest extreme): “The rapist is doing to his victim what she wanted. She is the one responsible for her own rape, because she put her experience into the vortex and manifested it in her life. Getting raped was a choice she made; she knew what she was getting into.”

    Esther Hicks applies precisely this same line of presumptive thinking to animal suffering: “The beasts knew what they were getting into when they came here to serve us.”

    The problem with the Law of Attraction belief system is that it undermines individual compassion. It teaches moral and ethical complacency, because at its heart it says that all the suffering of the world was simply each victim’s manifested choice (when perhaps the reasons for suffering are much more sophisticated or subtle than that). Instead of encouraging each of us to pitch-in and compassionately be or create the change we want to see in the world, and to help others who are suffering, we are told to passively surrender to the “Vortex” and let it all magically unfold, perhaps influenced through our intentions and thoughts.

    What if Harriet Tubman, Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King, or Harvey Milk thought like this? What moral progress would have been achieved if these leaders followed Law of Attraction?

    Taken to its ultimate conclusion, Law of Attraction would have us live on a planet where moral injustices such as: slavery; the ban against interracial marriage; child labor; women’s suffrage; injustices against gay and lesbian people; war crimes; disease outbreak; and all sorts of other plagues and problematic situations would be ignored to “resolve themselves through the vortex.”

    Law of Attraction is a belief system that appears to me to feed spiritual narcissism and promote a *contrived* sense of being ‘awake.’ It permits (if not actively encourages!) our disengagement from the real work that we can do to improve the moral and environment state of the world.

    After listening to at least four hours of Esther Hicks’ best talks, I’ve come to believe there is far more genuine (grounded) wisdom to be gleaned from listening to someone like Alan Watts. Alan is a now-deceased Zen philosopher and self-proclaimed “spiritual entertainer” whose thought-provoking talks are available on YouTube. He was also a vegetarian during at least part of his life.

    Once, he was challenged by a short-sighted meat-eater complaining that tired line I also see used in this thread: “Plants also have feelings, too, so you are causing just as much suffering as a meat eater when you eat plants.” Alan replied succinctly that while there was a grain of truth to the meat-eater’s assertion, he chose vegetarianism because “cows scream louder than carrots.” Alan also wrote an essay in which he described vegetarianism as another form of attachment, because inherently, all existence causes some suffering. It appears to me he held a balanced view of choices, impacts, and suffering.

    He also abhorred all gurus, saying famously: “A guru is like a pickpocket who steals your own watch only to sell it back to you.”

    When you’re sincere about waking up you will eventually come to realize that most gurus are, on some level, con-artists who’ve unraveled enough core truths to be lure the gullible into their own particular fee-based sideshow attraction. Esther Hicks has unravelled some of the mystery but she forgets about compassion, humility, and service to others.

    If you’re really sincere about waking up, you’ll educate yourself about DMT, a neurotransmitter found in all lifeforms—including your brain right now. You’ll watch “DMT: The Spirit Molecule,” a documentary about an FDA-approved study of that neurotransmitter lead by Stanford-trained psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman in the early 1990s. And if the profound out-of-body spiritual experience of DMT calls to you, you’ll find your way to Ayahuasca, a safe DMT-containing tea that’s been ceremonially drunk for thousands of years in the Amazon. Ayahuasca is protected as a sacrament in the U.S. by unanimous 2006 United States Supreme Court judgment.

    As a vegetarian who’s experienced DMT numerous times in Ayahuasca and vaporised forms, I am troubled by what I see going on with Esther Hicks and many of her followers. It looks to me like spiritual narcism: people group-kidding themselves about what it means to be awake. Hicks’ “teachings” don’t fully jive with what’s actually happening on the other side of the veil in my experience. When you’re sincere about your spiritual quest you’ll find a way to peel the veil back yourself and experience the mystery directly without the narration of an intermediary like Esther getting in the way. The most direct spiritual experience in life is DMT when experienced in a reputable Ayahuasca ceremony.

    The final thought I’ll leave you with is a principle that’s natural guided me my entire life:

    “I perceive the teachings of the world as the illusions of magicians. Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. If you truly loved yourself you would never harm another.”

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