Buildings Don’t Have Feelings

April 1, 2010

We march against violence and are met with more.

Our taxes feeding a misleading war

You heard there was violence at Heart Attack 2010

Criminals who needed to be stopped, reined in.

Since when does breaking a window

Give someone the right to break your face?

The law will tell you if your stuff gets broken

That only entitles you to have it replaced.

Doesn’t give another the right to push you to the pavement

Beat you with batons, threaten you with tasers

Violence in movies is death and bleeding

Corporations aren’t people. Buildings don’t have feelings.

Did the police really inflict brutality?

Look past CBC & CTV

Hit up You Tube, you’ll see…

Police using weapons against people like you and me.

Shields and batons to beat down the truth.

Alternative news flash 5-0:

This is the state of your city.

It’s not pretty.

You can’t cover it up – it’s already happened.

Those shattered windows heard in every direction.

Peaceful Canada’s identity revealed

Police brutality concealed.

People are dying and sick and without.

Drug addicts with a death wish. Crazy, reckless.

Label them what you will – they still need your help.

Were the black bloc out to get you

No. Just the windows.


Labeled terrorists.

Mess with the profits

And it’s your turn to get hit.

Our society’s priorities:

Things above people.

Systems above equals.

You cover your faces with helmets and masks

Then calls us terrorists when we do the same

Say you’re here for our security

Packing heat

Hiding behind uniformity

Badge numbers, nowhere to be seen.

Riot Cops, Heart Attack 2010

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