Jerry Hicks Dies of Leukemia

December 1, 2011

What the Death of Jerry Hicks Means for ‘Abraham’

I recently learned that Jerry Hicks, of the infamous Abraham-Hicks empire, was suffering from an advanced form of leukemia and on November 18, 2011 he passed. He was 89 years old, to the best of my knowledge, and his wife, Esther, is 30 years younger.

In the most honest eulogy I have heard from Esther, she admits that she has not fully grasped the idea of death. Normally Esther, speaking through Abraham, refuses to admit that she doesn’t know anything and it can be painful to listen to.

When the public discovered that Jerry Hicks had leukemia, Esther would not talk about it, stating that she did not want to draw negative energy to the circumstance, and that is where I have always believed that Esther was getting it a little wrong: in order to move beyond the difficult, one must acknowledge the problem first to manifest otherwise – articulate to dissipate. Esther often silences people who come to her with problems, and has been doing so more in her later years.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have presented themselves to the world as highly spiritually evolved, ‘the happiest people you’ve ever met’. And so when Jerry Hicks began to suffer from leukemia, many questioned if the couple were really who they said they were.

Esther teaches that those who contract illness think illness and radiate illness, and therefore attract it – so why would Jerry have invited this illness? Could they not apply the law of attraction to heal Jerry, as they so often instructed others to do? Where was their best buddy Abraham? *Esther has since interpreted this to mean that the drawn out experience of dying by sickness was so their goodbye process could be elongated and therefore diluted for an easier transition.

(*The image above is, of course, not the entity of beings Abraham but the biblical Abraham, although it suits the situation in question perfectly.)

Is Abraham a Scam?

Many feel that Jerry’s final illness was the demise of the Abraham-Hicks empire – a fatal flaw in the product they’ve been pushing. I’ve known for a long time that Esther and Jerry’s personal agendas were getting meddled with their comprehension of the material. I have written several articles about their misinterpretation of animal suffering not to point fingers, but because Esther’s callous attitude about animals as beasts (alternately referring to them as friends when convenient) is damaging on a large scale level to listeners who elevate Esther to God-like.

But my intention here is not to bash Esther in her time of grieving (and Esther is about to discover that sadness and depression when experienced with consciousness can actually feel really good, defying her proposed linear scale of emotions).

My intention is to clarify that despite the inaccuracies in Esther/Abraham’s teachings (does it really matter who is who?), despite her recent lack of patience with followers, and her detachment from other sentient creatures on this planet, Esther has a gift and girlfriend makes a lot of sense a lot of the time. And the fact that the invincible Jerry died of leukemia does not falsify any of the the Abraham-Hicks teachings – it simply reminds people that he was human, just as Esther is.

Some have accused Esther of being trained by Jerry on what to say, or suggest that Esther bases all her material on the former Seth books (they’re completely different), but while Esther did not invent the law of attraction just as Newton did not invent gravity, she breaks down the law of attraction in a comprehensive, focused way that helps people learn (remember) the logistics behind deliberate creation. She is extremely articulate and accurate, and while not the most touchy-feely-lovey person, she shows up and offers the knowledge inside her in a clear and concise way which many are able to connect with.

Does it matter where she gets the knowledge from? Only if you follow it on blind faith. I never accept knowledge unless I’ve given it a spin for myself, and you are free to test out any one of Esther’s gems of wisdom, which couldn’t be summarized in one article.

Law of Attraction Points that Remain Solid

  • We live in a vibrational universe.
  • Focus on what you want and the rest will fall away.
  • Feel the new reality. Emotion creates pathways.
  • Go to a positive vibration (the Vortex) and THEN create.
  • Play with general and specific manifestations based on which creates a more positive emotion.
  • Negative emotion indicates resistance.
  • Deliberate co-creation is the essence of our true identities.
  • Why? Why do anything? Joy. (*I believe joy can be present in many emotions. I can be thoroughly satisfied and in awe looking at something intriguingly dark.)

I value the mental work outs that Esther offers. It is one thing to know these handy tricks, but quite another to remember them, and just as our muscles must remember how to be strong through perpetual exercise, so does our spiritual compass if we want to use it with precision.

It is entirely possible to be disappointed in Esther for her unwillingness to examine her highly destructive relationship with animal souls, and to also be completely in tune with other material she presents. If we throw out the baby with the bathwater (reaching for an updated metaphorif we throw out the email with the spam, if we throw out the show with the commercials – never mind) then we are shooting the messenger without hearing out the message.

Just as people want to discredit former CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, for her nervous (some think hysterical) laugh and her inappropriate jubilation when discussing serious matters (which she explains as a form of  being reborn after a year of imprisonment by the US government), then we are missing out on the testimony of an insider of the US government who admits high-level government involvement. Likewise, if we discredit Esther Hicks for her animal cruelty, being a jerk, and not always knowing when to admit that she doesn’t know, we are missing out on her valuable bag of tricks – that can essentially be used to fix all of Esther’s flaws – in ourselves, others, and the world.

*I also wanted to add that while this post focuses on the living half of Jerry and Esther’s unit, when I read that Jerry passed, I felt a moment of loss.

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60 Responses to “Jerry Hicks Dies of Leukemia”

  1. KB said

    Why would someone passing over to the non-physical be the death of the non-physical? Just because Jerry left in the physical form…which we will all do….doesn’t mean that the teachers called Abraham no longer exist. They still exist as we exist and always will. Oh how limited our human minds are when we don’t understand something. I suggest that whom ever writes these articles ponder their existence and understand that Esther Hicks has lost her husband and will need time to move through that as we all do when we miss those who pass over. Sometimes I have to shake my head at the disconnection from who we really are that is expressed by people who write this kind of article. One day you will pass on from this physcial life and laugh at yourself. I know I’m laughing at you.

  2. wearethey said

    @KB… This post wasn’t trying to expose Jerry or Abraham as no longer in existence, it was simply addressing those concerns, which can be found all over the internet. I think people have the right to question the motives and techniques of Esther and Jerry and determine their worth and validity on a personal basis.

  3. Julie said

    I’ve seen a lot of mean things said about Jerry, Esther and, of course, Abraham…but this isn’t one of them. I thought this finally articulated what I’ve been trying to say for years: what does it matter where the message comes from? It’s only the message that matters and how that message makes you feel. If something doesn’t sit right with me…well, that message is obviously for someone else. They never claimed to be immortal. In fact, Jerry’s death deals with what “Abraham’s” been trying to get through our heads for a long, long time: Chill out! Everyone dies…isn’t it the journey that counts?

    Great article! Thank you!

  4. wearethey said

    I’m glad the post resounded. Credit where credit is due, right? It was nice to see the human side of Esther come through in her eulogy. And as for Jerry, I’m not sure of the full extent of his role in the process. He was definitely curious, humble enough to ask questions, and of course worked hard as an administrator – orating and writing books, organizing things, and Esther once mentioned that he had great ideas. My credit for Esther was meant to be for Jerry, too, since they were kind of a unit.

    I also read that he used to be an acrobat. Now that’s cool!

  5. Dawn Moll said

    “Where was their best buddy Abraham as Jerry fell permanently out of the vortex?” – This is probably my only issue with your article….I believe Jerry is permanently in the vortex….until his next life, at least. Death is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. I will die someday, you will die some day and though I dabble in the vortex on this physical plane, I know it is waiting for me in the Light when I die. I read that Buddha died of food poisoning and he was pretty focused on Love and Light in his lifetime :-) We all have to go sometime…..Jerry seemed to live a full life and we are not to judge his life or death experience….we can only live our own journey.

  6. Julie said

    I’ve heard that as well! Very cool. He’s lived many, many life-times within this one life experience, as we all have and are still doing. I love your response – “credit where credit is due”. Even IF Jerry played a major role in what “Abraham” has to say, as others have implied, the message has pretty much stayed the same: “Get Happy”. Whether that came from Jerry, Esther or Abraham…does it really matter? I love your perspective on the whole thing, wearethey! “Don’t throw the Email out with the Spam”! (that was great by the way).

  7. wearethey said

    I don’t believe Jerry fell permanently out of the Vortex. This was me voicing the confusion of those who saw Jerry’s illness as an inability for him to heal himself through his vortex. Was he in his vortex before he died? Who knows. Is he in it now? Certainly.
    Death is inevitable, but Esther has often said that death doesn’t need to be painful and Jerry’s disease certainly caused him a great amount of physical and emotional suffering, so I think this is where people caught some inconsistencies between Esther’s teachings and this outcome Jerry experienced. The big question people are asking is: why did he choose this for himself? Since, Abraham 101: we get what we think about.
    Jerry was human. Jerry was flawed. So is Esther. This does not negate the essence of the Abraham-Hicks teachings, that was my main point.
    Because Jerry was a well-known figure, who facilitated the elaboration of important concepts for our generation, it’s important for people to question what he contributed, where he may have been a little off, and how his life experience related to his teachings. Not judge, but question.
    I read that Buddha died of eating bad pork – which I see as poetic justice because he was compromising his vegetarian values in an effort to people please (apparently).
    Thank you for commenting.

  8. Colleen said

    You do not know how much Jerry suffered at his death. It seems to me that his life was a testament to the teachings. He was very unhealthy as a child and the leukemia was only activated in the last 6 months of his life! The soul chooses many avenues to exit physical life when the time is perfect for it. This does not in any way invalidate the teachings. In regards to Esther’s treatment of animals, (Abraham calls them beasts/pets, but not in a derogatory way). I have worked with a channel, Lea Schultz, who has channeled Samuel for longer than Esther and Samuel refers to animals as “our creatures” in a loving way. They have always had a houseful of fur babies. Animals are more naturally in alignment and do not experience pain and suffering the way humans do. That is not to say that they do not experience pain. They exit physical life easier than humans. Esther is human as was Jerry. I feel that the teachings are right on as they are quite similar to teachings that have been presented to me over the last 25 years from several other teachers, including Samuel. When one does the work that Esther does one becomes a target. By the way, Jerry was already wealthy when he met Esther. They did not have to do what they did to be financially comfortable. The Law of Attraction is a universal law. The teachings are not just about money either. Many people who misinterpret these teachings are only viewing them superficially. I, personally, did not care for the Secret, (only a primer), which was too materially based. I can see why they took themselves out of the Secret. They were very kind about Rhonda Byrne as all great teachers are. Just my thoughts.

  9. wearethey said

    The point of this post was to remind people that just because you value certain Abraham teachings, you don’t have to agree with everything Jerry and Esther say or think of them as spiritually enlightened beyond others. It’s more accurate to take what you agree with while maintaining a critical eye so that you can only take in what feels right to you. Even Esther agrees with this, instructing others not to simply believe her words but to get your own answers.
    I am in no way insinuating that Esther and Jerry created Abraham for wealth, as others have, but I will acknowledge that they are practiced marketers at it.
    If Jerry’s death was attributed to leukemia, then he would have suffered. He was too sick to tour with Esther. I mean, we don’t have to pretend it was a walk in the park. He most likely did not ‘choose’ to die of leukemia. But if you read the post, you’ll see that I agree that this in no way invalidates many of the teachings.
    In terms of animals, while Esther may have had pets, she also eats them. She claims to have chickens, but only eat the chickens of others – how hypocritical. She can’t ebring herself to do the dirty work, and then she denies that animal suffer ‘in the way we think they do’ (just as you do, Colleen). What trumps Esther’s blind spot here is… the universal law of attraction! If you cause suffering, you attract suffering. If you ingest suffering, you become suffering. If you aim to do the least amount of harm, the least amount of harm finds you. I find it convenient that Esther eats meat and supports violence towards animals – it’s easier for her to condone it than change her lifestyle. Might this be a blind spot of yours, too, Colleen? Do you eat animals?

  10. dogcat said

    Interesting to see a blog that covers anarchism and abraham. I have done a lot thinking about these similar things, animals, anarchism, abraham, etc. and I enjoy listening to esther talk, but I think of it all as a way of thinking and relating to the world rather than a force that brings things to you. I have since stopped believing that I could simply feel my way into good relationships, a decent job, the end of oppression, my great intentional community…these things require action-yes the positive thought is needed, but no action produces no results. Took me years of living in my head and not in my life to figure that one out. But I do agree with the concept of the art of allowing, feeling through your life, practicing appreciation for the great things you have. It is like Esther said once, “if you get into the vortex, you don’t want all of the stuff because most people just want stuff to fill that void of not being in the vortex” This being said, it makes me think that the vortex is merely a state of mind. And with the processes, it is just a practice of appreciating and making that your dominant habit. And when you practice this, you are happier and you notice the opportunities that come your way. I think of anarchism as promoting a mental state like that. Learning how to be happy while not consuming resources to fill a void. Notice how advertising tries to create a scarcity mindset? At any rate, I am not an anarchist and I don’t believe in the law of attraction on a metaphysical level but perhaps on a practical level. Your thoughts influence your beliefs influence your actions influence your thoughts. But action makes your life happen.

  11. Colleen said

    I get your post. I am a vegan, by the way, and started being a vegetarian in late 1976. I really did it because it “fit me” all those years ago. I have worked with Samuel channeled by Lea Schultz since 1984 and do not digest or blindly accept what any channel says beyond my own inner guidance. I do not judge others for eating meat, however, though I feel that many animals are treated cruelly for our consumption. I am a critical care nurse and not everyone experiences the same amount of physical suffering with a diagnosis…it varies from human to human. One can still experience wholeness in the face of a transition or illness.In fact, the channel for Samuel has one of the worst forms of Lupus, but always looks good, focuses her full attention on others when they are speaking to her, shows how to live with lupus and all that it brings with Grace. She does not look ill and lives a full life. Samuel says the reason she is not healed, (she has healed many other things), is because she is a teacher with this. Christopher Reeve was a fabulous teacher as well. A number of channelers, (I am one), have a tendency towards autoimmune disease, (not all), because of an accelerated frequency…can be thought of as a channeler’s that is a different bit of information that would not be to everyone’s liking! Unless one is teaching through the condition, almost everything can be healed. However, sometimes it is practical to make use of the technology available. Why walk on water when you can take the boat?:-) Like I said, humans would not want to live forever and the soul can reactivate something in the vibration to exit physical life.Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

  12. Colleen said

    I do not, in any way deny that animals suffer, nor do I eat them!

    I pointed out, that animals do not experience things in the same way that humans do. That does not mean that it is OK to cause suffering or not help them when they are,or to abuse them. It is absolutely not OK. Animals stay in their now more than we do. Unless living with humans, (especially higher frequency ones), they do not have the psychology to think about the situations that they are in. My 19 year old cat with arthritis cannot jump up on counters but still plays and runs. He does not say to himself, “Look at me now”. I cannot do what I once did when younger and more supple. Oh whoa is me. He does the best he can to climb on other things to get to the window sill or pull himself up on the bed. I never would deny an animal’s suffering! They do experience things differently. Why do you think some of them are still able to show affection. It is because they love in the moment without grudges. That is the point I was trying to make. You had no place to assume that I deny their suffering, or that I consume them.

  13. wearethey said

    Well done on the vegan thing.
    The meaning of illness does vary by person, and can many times serve an important purpose. My battle with cystic acne drew me inwards and allowed me to foster a rich imagination and inner life.
    In terms of Jerry’s illness, to me it does not negate many of the teachings (I say many because I reject all of Esther’s teachings about animals). It simply reveals that Jerry was probably not a master of his vortex yet and/or that Esther misinterpreted some of the teachings along the way – fair enough they are only human.

  14. wearethey said

    When you say that animals suffer in a different way from humans, you are separating yourself from them. You’re vegan and that’s amazing, but when we hold our experiences above that of animals as more conscious or more sensitive to pain, it’s a form of speciesism.
    Esther’s now widespread ideas of animals as beasts (or friends, or food, depending on what time of day it is) are SEVERELY damaging to animals, as they encourage people to deny the discomfort they feel when faced with the realities of factory farming. Can you imagine if people didn’t let Esther get away with this lazy thinking, and instead inspired her to move beyond her violent choices? If people aren’t concerned about violence to animals, think of the oppression involved with those who are made to work in slaughterhouses, or the worldwide hunger exacerbated by animal agriculture.
    Esther teaches that the big fish will always eat the little fish BECAUSE it’s always been this way – but she also teaches that what we are observing is only the past, and that the future is whatever we want it to be. She teaches acceptance when it comes to eating animals when she also teaches that every other matter imaginable is ours to create. These fallacies are Esther speaking from her personal upbringing, culture, and dietary habits instead of truly reaching inwards to share enlightened material. It is her main weak spot and she can’t be made aware of it unless people like you and me remind her that factory farming holds a place in no one’s vortex.

  15. Colleen said

    When I point out that animals experience pain different than humans I am not separating myself from them, nor do I think that I am above them..we share this planet and they have much to teach us. I mean to say that they do not have the psychology that we do, (that hinders us in many ways when we over think things etc). Our creatures are much closer to the natural order of things.
    Often times humans project their own fears onto their creatures and they certainly pick up enough from us. This does, in no way, diminish them. I am not expressing in terms of keep going there. Experiencing things differently, without the human psychology does not make one better or worse or separate…just simply different. Now do get my meaning?

  16. wearethey said

    I see where you are coming from, but you are also projecting your fears onto animals, when you see their pain and categorize it as a different type of pain from your own. Does a mother cow grieve the loss of its baby any differently than you or I might?
    If you want to base it on psychology, the minds of babies aren’t as developed as that of adults, so do they experience pain differently as well? Should their suffering be classified as different because they can’t process the pain exactly the same as a human adult?
    To me whether animals have similar psychology to humans is irrelevant. The question we must ask is: can they suffer? And if they can, then we ‘must’ (that’s up to the individual) do the best we can to not be the cause of that suffering.
    As Esther says: be forward looking. Look towards what you WANT. I do not accept these physical projections of others as ultimate reality. I do not try to bend my emotions to accommodate daily violence towards animals. I create a new world and I see its evidence all around me. I see Esther’s disregard for the suffering of animals as contrast so that I can launch rockets of desire for a more aware, compassionate planet. I hope you will join me.

  17. AnnieB said

    Well said – Dawn of an Era – its obvious that you’ve embraced the teachings in this lifetime – not the teacher – and that’s what i think “they” have been telling us all along

    i found your words true and with love – thank you, for articulating how i was feeling about jerry’s human-ness, and ester’s

    i’ve faced several cancer moments – and when I TALK ABOUT IT TO ANYONE it scares me – so I TALK TO NO ONE ABOUT IT – and the funny spot on my arm went away, the scary sore healed.

    no – i feel, as ester, don’t feed the monster – get into the vortex – and then … and when you’re in the vortex, cancer isn’t there, so there’s nothing to talk about – time for a focus wheel!

    why didn’t it work for jerry – maybe, deep seated fears … again, only HUMAN … who are we to judge …

    when she’s abraham – she’s NOT ester – and i thank her for allowing abraham to use her as a conduit – for what-ever HER reasons – i find benefit in that “it” is and that jerry (or ester) had the passion to bring it to all of us – working to perfect it – for ALL these many, many years …

    i found seth – to her credit, and to the time it happened with her, eye-opening and jaw-dropping, but, not the same – i’m 55 and picked up seth when i was 13 … go figure – the message never quite got thru … neither did the earlier “abraham” –

    when ester finally found her mojo and let it flow – it’s been INCREDIBLE, for me, since …

    abraham has taken me farther and wider than any other teacher
    i’ve ever known and i’m very grateful to jerry and ester for it all.

    love to you all!

  18. wearethey said

    Hi @B,

    Re: Cancer… totally understand. I think it’s people’s orientation with the disease that determines their choices in telling others. If people believe that sharing the info. would garner an outpouring of support, then they may choose to tell. If people believe that others will mainly offer fear-based feedback, they may choose to keep it to themselves.

    Is cancer in the vortex? Debatable. It could bring new lessons with it. Such as discovering the cause, helping others, rising above it, etc. (I recommend the documentaries Forks Over Knives and Food Matters).

    Re: whether Esther gets herself mixed in with the line of thought that is Abraham. I believe she does. If you peruse YouTube, you can find inconsistencies in statements she has made through Abraham about crop circles, reincarnation, and of course my main issue is her justification of violence towards animals.

    I listen to the Abraham recordings and draw a lot of worth from them so I’m a tough critic because I’ve been listening in astutely.

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Ahh – there’s that “point of view” thing

    in the case of the inconsistency – the debate rages on what everyone says ’cause no one really knows –

    Many say that there has been shifting going on making potential outcomes different than even 20-40 years ago –

    that’s why i think i’m here …

    i’d like to think that is what the underlying intention is globally and why so many of us are in manifest form to help the co-creation of it all happen – we – here – ARE the leading edge creators, are we not?

    following along – that means the greatest asking will be at the greatest point of contrast – that point of contrast may be both globally and individually felt, physically, emotionally and on “vibration” levels – however – the “contrast” is required to move us to the next and the next and the next ??? – i think LOTS of stuff will be going on …

    we may get to the brink and all pull our heads out of our butts and get in the vortex all at once … or we may all croak …

    it will be a heck of a party – either way –

    I’m eager and looking forward to whatever

    All the best

  20. wearethey said

    If you follow Quantum theory, that the experimenter affects the experiment, then it is possible that all of Abraham’s teachings are human consciousness “asked for and then given”. Therefore, the reflections of opposing answers from Abraham could simply mirror the asker’s (and channeler’s) own confusion.

    To me the Abraham-Hicks stance on violence towards animals is Esther (and other old world mindsets) approaching the topic with such discord that the answers fall outside the vortex. Perhaps when old human ideas about speciesism evolve, Abraham will have different answers for us on our leading edge relationship with animals.

    If the vortex is the spinning pinnacle of leading edge allowing, then no violence can exist within it because anything can be allowed into existence pacifistically.

  21. Interesting article and responses …
    i had no idea until today searching for info on Jerry’s passing that there where so many haters out there.

    I have only watched Utube video’s of Easter & Jerry’s – “Abraham” – i liked them – i got something from them- Easter is sharp -articulate and can be bitingly funny…

    Sad to hear about Jerry.
    He was in a human body – so what did everyone expect?
    They new a lot but not how to live forever or come to the inevitable without succumbing to something or another – cancer – heart attack etc – it’s in the post for all of us.

    Why does this blow holes in them? or the LOA…well yes Ab has been rather flippant about death – “croaking” etc…
    But that does not take away from all the other things they said about relationships- etc.

    People will believe – or not – what they want – it’s up to them what they do with their money ….if it makes them happy – why not?
    They aren’t feeding anyone poisoned cool aid- telling them to fly airplanes into towers…
    They where telling to people to focus on what they want – not what they do not.
    Focus on the good not the bad.
    Maybe if more folks did these simple things it would be a lot nicer world for us all.
    Seems there is a lot of hate and bitterness at others success or life choices – gee ain’t that a surprise?

    It will be harder for Esther without her life partner- her friend and companion.
    i hope she does okay.
    She has given a lot of herself to many people.
    She has received a lot in return (the LOA) and why not- people can pay what they think it is worth to them.
    Good luck to her.

  22. wearethey said

    I wouldn’t say there are a lot of ‘haters’ out there, simply skeptics. I highly value many of their teachings, and am hurt by others (animal cruelty). I have taken in 500+ quetions and read all the books so I know the material pretty well.

    Re: whether or not Esther and Jerry’s teachings are hurting anyone… I would argue that some of the info. they are spreading is just as damaging as poison koolaid and flying planes into towers. Telling people that animals want to suffer perpetuates violence, environmental destruction, worldwide famine, and diseases of overconsumption.

    Re: why does Jerry’s death of leukemia ‘blow holes’ in them. Not quite sure what you mean, but many people would argue that Jerry would have ideally preferred to pass in another way. I’m pretty neutral on this. I wanted to remind people during the time of his passing to think critically about the Abraham Hicks material and know that some of Esther’s personal beliefs tend to get caught in the mix.

  23. Martin said

    Animal cruelty has no place in an emerging enlightened world. Esther has absolutely no idea what damage she is causing with promoting factory farming. Her blind followers accept anything that the fictional “Abraham” tells them. Most cults are like that. The sooner people stop listening to her bullshit the better.

  24. tom hedley said

    Sorry to say this,I understand your point clearly..But,couldn’t we say that Jesus failed when he died at 33? Couldn’t we say that the scam continued after his death,with apostles stealing his body and then say he appeared to them again,when now it is clear that what Jesus said was that he was still alive in spirit?
    Can’t we say that even Jesus as a messenger,sometimes had his moments of impatience and anger,like when he made a mess of the market right out of the temple,or he left his mother for three days without her knowing where he was? I am sure that Jesus did a lot of what you describe Esther to be a jerk for…But the end result was that Jesus remains one of the top role models for our society and life…And that goes to show again that every being in human form,will sometimes have these bouts of feelings,like anger,impatience etc.
    I am talking about Jesus Christ because I am a catholic,and I am brought up with his teachings,which,let’s face it,whichever belief you carry,most of what was said by him makes a lot of sense even today..Then there are other issues,which I feel have been attributed to Jesus,and I will never believe certain things were said by him (like that he was against can you be against homosexuals and then help a prostitute to change?)

    …I am sure that if Esther wanted,she could be nice to people all of the time,for the show’s sake,but it’s not the case..She is natural..I could even tell when she was doubting what she was saying,or was not understanding it clearly..I am sure she was inspired,but not possessed,and that breathing thing before the start of every seminar was somehow fake….But the message they conveyed was one of hope…And the way Jerry died goes to show how hard it is to stick to a belief…Anyway,as most of you would agree,Jerry lived to the ripe age of 84 looking great,and suffered just for a couple of months,like most normal people do..I mean,he had a full life..So,there is no point in declaring a fraud..I mean,let’s face it,this attraction thing is just at the beginning..We should observe children who were brought up with this law,instead of the fear they are brought up with today,and then we can say if it works….What I do feel is that many things stated by Esther/Abraham make a lot of sense,and I dare say that,if you study most religions,you will find all these statements right infront of your eyes..Of course,most statements where then complicated by human beings who tried to interpret them in their own ways,leading to confusion in all the religions..But,like I said,we are humans…99 percent out of the vortex :)
    RIP Jerry…my sympathies to Esther

  25. wearethey said

    Jesus died at 33? I thought it was up for debate whether he lived. I don’t believe he did, personally. I’d need more evidence than a book written only by men. And yes, that scam was carried out a looong way. Still going. I don’t give Jesus’s teaching any merit – if he ever existed or not, because I have my own mind to think with and my own connection with source.

    I think you missed the point of this post. It was not to soapbox that Jerry is a fraud because he died. Or that nothing in the teachings make sense. It was to remind people that Esther and Jerry are only human, that Jerry’s death does not change the value in the teachings, and to ask people to differentiate the worth taught from Esther’s own personal agenda (eg. supporting factory farming and other animal suffering.)

    My suggestions is that you ditch the Catholic thing and the Jerry and Esther thing (pack a bag of lessons and memories if you like) and start from scratch. This is dawnofanewera, after all.

  26. Colleen said

    I, personally love your post. There is too much judgment placed on questioning the teachings based on whether Esther supports factory farming etc.(I think that is largely misinterpreted anyway).

    “ditch the Catholic thing and the Jerry and Esther thing,(pack a bag of lessons and memories if you like), and start from scratch.”

    great advice.

  27. DJ said

    It appears that, in fact, you are the deeply suspicious one. Couching your article and your responses to people in terms of,
    “Personally, I get it, and It’s not me, it’s everyone else that wants to know.” No, actually, it’s you. What everyone else thinks is not your concern – they don’t need you to speak for them. You seem quick to find fault and it’s fairly obvious, by many of your statements, that you’re not really understanding of the materials – for most, the concepts are easily intellectualized, but not so easily applied and truly “known.” – and that’s the rub. Perhaps you’re nitpicking because your desires have not been handed to you on a silver platter, and somehow that’s not fair, and the idea that it’s a process that one never completes is irritating? You appear to be entertaining a “gotcha! – see I knew it all along” mentality. If that’s the case, likely you will never get it, and as long as your suspicion remains, you won’t because that personal block of resistance will always be there. You have to take a leap of faith at some point, and at the very least you can grasp that if you’re going to have to go through a life on this planet, you might as well do it as happily as you possibly can. Really, what’s the alternative? At the very least, at this point in our human history it’s clearly, scientifically understood that being miserable, suspicious and unhappy will definitely shorten one’s life – surely you get that.

    What might Abraham’s response to you be? “I don’t give a rip what you think, nor should I.” or perhaps, “you are troubled and I am not your solution.”

  28. wearethey said

    Suspicious and analytical are entirely different.

    After reading this comment, I wasn’t sure whether to post it because it’s quite negative, but I see that it’s a sore spot for you (I’m not sure exactly what the sore spot is), and maybe you are representing others with the same mindset, so I will address.

    Let me lay it down for you: this blog is non-violence themed. Any material that encourages violence is fair game to discuss here, such as Esther’s teachings that animal suffering is natural, that humans should feel no guilt in contributing to it, and waste no time trying to ameliorate their conditions.

    Who is miserable? Suspicious? Unhappy? Where is this all coming from? So you’re getting a ‘gotcha – see I knew it all along?’?? You’re probably referring to thinking that because Jerry died of leukemia, this renders Abraham in some way untrue (just guessing), but this is not what this blog post is about at all. Sure, it reinforces that he’s human and just like everyone else – no special powers. But my point was to NOT discount the Abraham teachings because of this.

    In terms of whether I ‘get it’, dude, I get it all the time. Every night. And I get it good.

    And Abraham’s response to me..? Well ‘Abraham’/the universe/source would probably wish me joy, the same as everyone else. ‘Abraham’ doesn’t see people as troubled, they see people as ‘Who They Really Are’.

    In closing, Marianne Williamson describes love as giving up attack thoughts. How can this be done? Replace judgment with curiosity. How curious am I to know Esther’s personal thoughts on animals and how closely they might match up to ‘Abraham’s…

  29. Martin said

    With “Abraham” the giving up attack thoughts is more important than actually giving up attacking . It seems like nearly every “Abraham” cult member wants to turn a blind eye to their extremely flawed premise that the cruelty and abuse of animals in factory farms is fine and that the animals actually chose to end up in these horrible conditions. Why? Because selfish humans want to stuff their faces with animal flesh , when they could actually live very healthy lives on a plant based diet.
    Such a terribly flawed idea surely makes their other “teachings” nil and void if you have any sense of sanity left.
    The other thing that is really scary is that many people believe that “Abraham” and Esther are two different things! When she does that ridiculous sigh at the beginning of her talks I want to crawl under a chair! C’mon people! Really!! I met a bunch of “Abrahamers” at a seminar once and they all seemed really creepy. Like a group of Amway salespeople on prozac.
    That’s the thing with cults though, the people in them will defend the ridiculous to the end.

  30. M Grchan said

    How many of you are in the vortex? Get in there and you will view this from a non critical perspective. Do you understand that animals die also? Do you really believe that animals care if they die of old age or if they pass because they were someones meal? They find a way to transition just the same as humans.
    I hear Abraham very clearly and Esthers messages are exactly the same info that I hear. When you are in the vortex you hear very clearly. When you are not, you do not.
    I had been on SSDisability for 15 years and their teachings not only helped me heal from incurable diseases, but opened up doors for me to teach others. I love Esther and Jerry Hicks

  31. wearethey said

    I would almost agree with you that one terribly flawed idea would poison the rest of the well. But I find value in many of the techniques taught. Not because they’re channeled, simply because I’ve practiced them and they work. I agree completely that many take it too far and become ‘believers’ rather than using the techniques in their own way and developing their own relationship with the universe.

    I agree that many of Esther’s affectations are put on, but I do think that she has a gift in speaking and communicating a series of useful ideas. She just lets her own habits taint the message somewhat.

  32. wearethey said

    Dear M Grchan, no one is critiquing the bulk of Esther, Jerry, and Abraham’s teachings. But they are not sacred either, and can and should be ‘critiqued’ by individuals who are hearing them.

    I personally find the concept of the vortex a little dizzying but I do practice alignment. I’m glad you found healing. Do you think that other sentient beings who have their own creature comforts and relationships with their young also would like to find healing?

    When people endorse factory farming and consume animal products, they are supporting systems that not only take animals’ lives, but that prevent them from even having lives to live. These beings are segregated from the opposite sex and their young and faced with daily pain and suffering. I know fully and completely that this is unnatural and speak for the animals when I can say they do not ask to be slaughtered and mistreated.

    Non-violence is key to spiritual evolution. Abraham called me on my cell and told me.

  33. Martin said

    The “Vortex” …….OMG! The Hicks are a scam people! WAKE UP!

  34. Gary Hooper said

    I believe that Jerry Hicks so loved the teachings of Abraham that it was his wish to join them.

  35. Martin said

    If that was the case Gary, why would he undergo heavy chemotherapy?
    I believe Jerry “so loved the teachings of Abraham” when he was alive because the money rolled in like a high tide during a tsunami.

  36. wearethey said

    Martin, you’re lol worthy.

  37. C Watson said

    I think this article makes many valid points including that the teachings of Abraham are solid. I do not consider myself a follower of Abraham I have read some of the material and it all seems to jive with what I “know”. One point that I do want to make is that if Esther really is just making all of this up as she goes along on stage…she is very, very good at what she does. I have seen them in person for an 8 hour class and she did not have one mistaken pronoun, one slip in the message, one example that did not tie in to the question asked etc.. I have heard Steven Covey, Wayne Dyer, John DeMartini, Mark Victor Hansen, etc speak live and none of them speak as clearly as Esther/Abraham. One of my favorite points that Abraham makes is that you do not need any of the Abraham teachings or anyone elses, you have your own “emotional guidance”system that tells you whether anything you hear/see/speak is truth. It mirrors what someone I do follow has said and that is “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” If they can build an entire financial empire telling people they don’t need the material that Abraham is delivering, once again they are the best in the business. Just one more comment on the animal thing, I have not picked up on this issue and though I have heard her/them use the term “beasts” I never noticed a maliced intent. I remember the discussion of their finicky cat which they love and Jerry’s love of birds.

  38. wearethey said

    Hi Watson,

    While I have stated that many of the Abraham teachings are solid, I have also pointed out areas in which they are not. I agree – Esther is very good at what she does – which is to clearly communicate a series of logical processes in order to manifest clearly and accurately. However, she does slip up. She, like you, has used the word ‘jive’ instead of ‘jibe’ ; ), as well other common misconceptions (such as that animals are property). She has answered questions differently at different times like a magic 8 ball. In fact, she outright changes history to make for a better story with the whole Renegade the chicken story ( Esther’s main logical fallacy is that she argues that ‘the big fish will always eat the little fish’, while simultaneously arguing that we can’t base our point of attraction on the past (which is exactly what that statement is based on). I point this out time and again only to remind people that she is flawed and human. Like you, I suggest filtering the material through a personal emotional guidance system.

    The intent in Esther’s words towards animals is not ‘malice’ but entitlement and ignorance (which is worse than cruelty in my option). Esther/Abraham feels entitled to use animals for her own gain. She feels entitled to look over their suffering. And she urges others not to question their well-being, which is exactly why so much animal cruelty happens behind closed doors these days – people do not demand to see what is going on. In this determined ignorance, Esther creates a huge wake of followers who are not helping our archaic systems evolve. She has a responsibility to teach full evolution, not just partial.

    Esther speaks of loving animals and calling them ‘furry friends’, but also speaks of how much she loves to eat/kill them. She has spoken of how she loves her chickens, and therefore only eats other people’s chickens. This is blatant hypocrisy and although many are resistant to see it: an endorsement of violence as nourishment. The alternative is a plant-based diet. Esther is not yet able to perceive this option, with silly excuses such as that even if she were to be a vegetarian, she could never convince the lion. Seriously?
    Given my exposition of Esther’s duality on this issue, I still support the majority of her logic-based teachings as valid.

  39. rob said

    hi from ireland,big fan of Abraham and the teachings,what a lovely experience jerry moving on,86 well a good run for his
    money ! as for animals they serve us,and yes we need to take more care of them,all energy comes for a reason including animal
    s and we all depart as per our spiritual contract,no more no less,just what is all the fuss about would someone please tell me.

  40. wearethey said

    Why do you assume that animals are here to serve us? Because you can dominate them?
    If this were to case, we would also determine that women are here to serve men, children are here to serve adults, and the poor are here to serve the rich.
    If animals were here to willingly serve us, why would we need to keep them in cages and fence them in with electrical fences?

  41. rob said

    ah you miss a vital point here my young friend,in this life we are all here to serve,there is the growth the expansion.i suggust you take another look at the vortex principle,you connect much negative actions with animals,do not the animals by association to humans grow from this connection,be it a pet,fish in a tank,food on the table.they become part of our vibration.i love my xmas turkey,i love animals is that a paradox simply no, oh didnt know they had electric fences in the early ages,missed that.there is much anger in you words ,you need to chill and accept that christ at the last supper didnt just eat bread ! the crops also have feelings and they serve us.perhaps you need to feel that vortex or heart not with judgement and angry words but compassion for sinner sailor and spy….

  42. wearethey said

    Firstly, on your comment: “do not the animals by association to humans grow from this connection,be it a pet,fish in a tank,food on the table.they become part of our vibration” (?)

    I assume you meant to put a question mark somewhere in there. If you are essentially using and abusing an animal for your own sick pleasures, then yes, that animal will exist in relationship to you while it’s in its physical form. But it could also exist on other vibrational levels to you. Such as the vibrational level of you leaving it alone and eating plants, or you taking care of it instead of exploiting it.

    The minute you say: “my Xmas turkey”, you are inferring that it exists to serve you, that you somehow have ownership of it. Turkeys exist for the sake of being turkeys – they have an existence apart from yours. And no, it’s not a paradox that you claim to love animals, it’s called being a hypocrite.

    Why would I accept what ‘Christ’ ate? I wasn’t there.

    You are clearly trying to make yourself feel better about choices that maybe you aren’t a hundred percent comfortable with, just like Esther.

    When you decide to project anger onto my words, let me ask you: which comes across as more angry? Killing a sentient being for nourishment when an abundance of plant-based forms of nourishment exist, or writing a piece reminding people of these choices?

    You see anger in my words, I see denial in yours.


  43. Sunshine said

    You clearly need to find piece with humans eating animals. I read enough of your responses to see how much hate you have for people who eat animals and since a huge part of the world does, you must hate a lot of people. You also clearly have a lot of work to do on getting into the vortex because you judge and criticize others and their beliefs. You obviously have a lot of passion for animals so if you want to get your point across to people, try coming from a place of love and maybe you’ll have more success in helping animals.

  44. wearethey said

    Dear ‘Sunshine’,

    The word is peace, not piece.

    Let me clarify: the way that vegans and activists feel about people who eat or abuse animals is… varied. But in general, it could be likened to the way a person feels when seeing a child being beaten. They feel a need to step in. The sentiment then is not one of condemnation, but one of bravery. We are intervening to protect the innocent.

    On the vortex, if you think it takes work to get into the vortex, then you don’t get how the vortex works.

    Let me correct you: I don’t have ‘passion’ for animals, I have compassion. And I bet you have some, too, although your comments hint that you may be uncomfortable with your current relationship to animals. In that case, I invite you to continue reading this blog.

  45. Ginestra said

    November 18, 2012
    From a very aged Italian living in Rome, Italy, congratulations, wearethey, for your calm, objective and clear-headed replies to even the nastiest comments on your views concerning Esther/Abraham! I have had the same doubts about Esther, while absolutely agreeing with “Abraham” ‘s main message which I have learned through their books and the videos on the Internet. This “debate” is most interesting, and I want to tell you that, during these past years, there has been an enormous leap forward in my country towards a wholly different attitude concerning our beloved companions the animals, and their welfare in all areas. A “new era” indeed!

  46. wearethey said

    Ginestra – thank you so much for taking the time to make this comment. All the way from Italy!

    There is so much wisdom in the Abraham mindset. I am able to set aside my disagreement with certain topics discussed where Esther’s voice comes out more than this wise universal one that we refer to as ‘Abraham’. And while I appreciate Esther’s role in helping relay all this knowledge, it’s important to me to present the logical fallacies in the animal-focused areas of the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

    People are constantly asking Esther about animals because they intuitively know that something is amiss with the current Abraham stance on this topic, and they will not stop asking until more compassionate answers are given because the truth is persistent.

  47. Indag said

    What is a bad thing anyway? A bad thing is something that is different than what I want. Who gets to decide what the bad thing is? Esther watched the mother bird lay her eggs in the nest, and then the neighbor’s cat ate the baby bird. Esther said “bad cat!” And the cat said, “good bird!”
    — Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, July 24th, 1999

  48. wearethey said

    So Esther takes her moral and behavioural tips from animals?
    Because according to Esther humans are MUCH different than “beasts”, as she calls them. Therefore, perhaps she needs to clarify her reception with Abraham on this topic, tweak her other-wordly antennae a bit so she can hear them more clearly on this point.

  49. Indag said

    I’m trying to understand what you are angry/upset about. Animal treatment? Esther, Abraham? I suppose all of the above. I don’t want to assume you are asking for clarity, but posting a blog may be interpreted as such. I have listened to Abraham for many years. I am neither young nor old. I have gained much insight that could have never been obtained otherwise through Abraham and I am happy for that. I probably have listened to at least 1000 hours, if not more, from many of the seminars and videos available. That is a lot relatively speaking, at least to me. That doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else, it’s just a baseline to compare. It indicates I have a pretty descent amount of information from which to draw upon. I also believe that I could address many of your questions/concerns/hurts or at least interpret what she, through Abraham is saying. That is important. Please make the distinction that Esther is the messenger here. Do not think that what she is speaking has been thoroughly integrated by herself (or Jerry in the past) and that they are/were now suddenly the living embodiment of perfection. Far from it, and Esther is the first to admit that. These words are from Abraham and she is the filter. Why else do you think they “tweak their other-worldly antennae” seminar after seminar, year after year? To learn like the rest of us…. through Abraham! To hear and learn things they couldn’t possibly hear and learn otherwise. To make a positive difference. Esther admits time and time again she is full of mistakes. Abraham constantly use her and her “errors and mishaps” as a learning tool in the seminars. I hear something completely different than what you are writing here on this site.
    To answer your particular question above, yes Esther and Abraham take much of their moral and behavioral tips from animals. So many times I have heard it repeated by Abraham, through Esther, that animals are much more tapped into source than we ever could hope to be at various times. They have also said that they (animals/beasts) provide enormous, unparalleled energetic balance for all existence on earth. That their intuitive abilities are beyond glorious. Much of that “Beast” definition is based upon this. “Beast” meaning, “we as beasts don’t over-think and compare and analyze in the way humans do, we are much more tapped-in and we just do, we live, we act.” Do you not see this as a compliment?
    I see that the word “Beast” really triggers you. Why do you find this a negative description? Is it the beastly attitude you see in man/womankind that is at the core of this? Do you then you project that same meaning and attitude back onto animals when you hear them called that? And then get insulted? Are you mixing other people’s past writings, definitions, and beliefs throughout mankind upon what a beast is, and then mixing that into the whole lot? Assuming Abraham is speaking with that in mind? That is bound to be confusing. Are we not beasts as well? I mean how hung-up on specific words and descriptions are we going to get here? We are all beasts. We are all animals. We are all life force. The more specific you get, the more ways you are going to find to nit-pick and separate yourself from that life-giving energy.
    I can’t imagine that you don’t realize we have a much different capacity to create through our particular perception and thought structure. No one, especially Abraham, has said it is higher or better, just different. What makes humans different from other animals, or what makes us as beasts different from other beasts, is that our ability to create is much different. A non-human species animal or beast does not make a house with heating and plumbing to live in. It dwells in the wild, in holes, in water, in brush. I mean that is great. Both are great. We each do our own thing. They do not make an art out of food or make music per say, at least not the way we do. The birds sing, we sing, but in different capacities. We play instruments. Not many animals have the ability or probably the desire to do so. But that is why we, you included, chose to be human. To experience different forms of expression. Don’t you think it’s great to have a heated home as opposed to living in the brush somewhere? I assume you prefer it else you would be living in the wild and not posting blogs to your site. And that isn’t a negative thing. Whatever you choose is fine. It just amounts to different translations of energy.
    You have to agree we have different abilities. Cats eat, we eat. But having a five course French dinner could be considered a different experience than catching a mouse and devouring it. The beauty of oils and herbs, the table, the chairs, the lighting. I’m not sure a cat is interested in that. But many “human animals” would prefer to have that experience every now and again, just as an option. I’ll say it again. One is not better. Just different. We could choose either. Most animals obviously do not have that choice, and obviously they don’t want that choice or they would have incarnated as humans. Should we really rant and rave and feel guilty about this?
    When it comes to your relation with animals, do you feel you could reason with a lion? I have seen this one quoted by you (from Abraham) before. Go up to a lion in the wild. Swim with a shark. If they are hungry, you will be eaten. Frighten a snake, you will be bitten. Are you implying that Beasts are so different than us? Have you seen the violence with which other animals attack other animals in order to eat and survive? Do you think us not being here would somehow change that? I do not see a cat having any guilt about eating that “meaty & juicy” mouse. What is so different about that from us? The big fish eats the little fish. The lion eats the antelope. Some Beasts are vegetarians. Some are not. Some humans are vegetarians. Some are not. What is the problem here? What is it that you are so frustrated about? That Esther has the inside track on some information that you or I at this time do not (but could if that was a true desire)? Are you jealous, frustrated by that? Why not use it and learn from it? I do not understand. Explain.
    Yes, humans make a mess of things. They also do some pretty compassionate and amazing things. Where do you want to shine the light? Are you really one of those like so many others who focuses in on all the news stations, Internet, and newspapers that heighten, sensationalize and habitualy focus on the bad to get you to tune into their limited viewpoint? Do you allow them to have you brainwashed, thus changing your point of attraction so that you too can add to the mess and say, “yes it is true, we are horrible, life is horrible.” Do you really let them make you believe that horrible things are happening in every corner and inch of the world? Well if so, they won.
    If you could look at our overall evolution, we are probably in second or third grade. Why the hate? What is wrong with that? Do you really piss and moan at an 8 year old child, ridicule them because they don’t know what a 16 or 17 year old does? You just don’t jump to the 12th grade love. We are all in this together and it is a process. Can’t you give yourself and everyone a break here and see that we all have a ways to go? If you are wanting to make a positive change in the way people are treating animals, or even other humans, the way to go about it would be to lead by positive example, not bash those, and of all people Jerry, Esther, and Abraham, who are trying to make a significant and lasting positive impact.
    I understand your frustration. It sucks to realize life isn’t perfect. It’s gut wrenching to see that people aren’t all angels. But you can’t use that as the reason/excuse you disconnect yourself from the life force. You can’t let that be the reason you inhibit yourself from doing some really good and positive things, using your words to bring others together and not separate while you are here. Do you really want to add more to the chain of pain on a public stage? You have got to realize you are a better person, a more highly evolved person than this.

  50. wearethey said

    Wow, a novel! Written just for me. And so chastising! Let me address your thoughts in point form:

    – Not angry or upset. Or frustrated, as you’ve inferred. As an ACTIVE-ist, I challenge. You could be a great activist, too.
    – I have also listened to a lot of Abraham-Hicks as I feel much of the logic is sound after experimenting with it in my own life. Not, however, any of their delusional crap on animals.
    – Can I give people a ‘break’? Tolerance is not useful in situations where people have the potential to do better. In these cases, tolerance is spinelessness.
    – Esther Hicks is of two minds with animals. To her they are loving house pets (eg. HER cat and HER chickens), but they are also products to be consumed when she’s hungry. Which is why she has said that she’ll only eat her neighbour’s chickens. Why do you think that is?
    – Your words: “Some Beasts are vegetarians. Some are not. Some humans are vegetarians. Some are not. What is the problem here? What is it that you are so frustrated about? That Esther has the inside track on some information that you or I at this time do not (but could if that was a true desire)? Are you jealous, frustrated by that? Why not use it and learn from it? I do not understand. Explain.”
    Re: Esther definitely doesn’t have the inside track on this. This is where her backwoods country bumpkin side kicks in and speaks OVER Abraham. Let me ‘splain. You give yourself an easy out by saying that some humans are vegetarians, others are not. This is more similar to saying: some humans are serial killers, some are not. It is not a ‘live and let live’ topic because the choices of those who eat violently affect us ALL. Eating meat today is not a matter of hunting (also on the table for negotiation), it’s a matter of fueling the modern Auschwitz of factory farming which provide 99% of animal products today. This system is KILLING our planet, making us die young (with huge hospital bills along the way), and providing horrific working conditions for the poor humans who have to work in them, not to mention the suffering of animals being treated as products. It is also based on the exploitation of young, helpless animals, many whom we consume in their infancy, and is a mass rape, using female animals for their eggs and milk. I challenge you to research factory farming in depth – Earthlings, Peaceable Kingdom, Forks over Knives, Baraka – do your homework. When we are able to 1st do no harm, then we can sustain ourselves in the vortus flow. (*I use vortus instead of vortex, because I believe the ‘vortex’ is more like a torus energy machine).
    – Many people have found that this post expressed what they were feeling regarding Esther Hicks stance towards animals. It is always positive to seek a gentler way to do things, and to speak in truth without fear of going against the grain.
    – It seems that it’s made you uncomfortable that I’ve pointed out an area in which Esther Hicks supports violence (forcing by bloodshed) instead of attraction-based creation (growing). This is an area you haven’t been able to address head-on yet, so you labelled the exposition of this fact as ‘some negative person who sees the world as ‘horrible”. *(To respond to that – not horrible, capable of much more, and in need of clarity and education.) But now is your time to reach beyond what you know and really practise vibrational manifestation at an even higher level. You can still use the Abraham-Hicks tricks that work, but this transformation will take you BEYOND what you’ve learned there.
    – Esther and Jerry were/are trying to make a positive impact, BUT, they have a few blind spots. Their unwillingness to address animal oppression is among the most problematic of their translations.
    – Positive change comes not only from leading by example, but from being a thought leader #veganevolution

  51. Susanna said

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this interesting post. I enjoyed reading it, and all of the replies, although I must admit I skipped the last two as they were both so long! I am a big fan of the Abraham-Hicks material, and have had the same curiosity regarding the message coming through about the consumption of animals, as it certainly provides some massive contrast for me to think of people eating or hurting animals!

    I felt you were very cool-headed in all of your responses to the comments above and I respect your ability to take the messages that you find positive in the Abraham-Hicks material despite feeling hurt by their responses on the animal issue.

    One thing that irked me a bit though in some of your comments, was how you repeatedly referred to Esther’s views on animals, and a lot of what you were referring to seemed to actually be based on statements from Abraham. It got a bit confusing (for me). I know that Abraham have said ‘it is not wrong to eat animals’, and I know that Esther does eat animals, but I still think it’s important to distinguish between what Esther says and what Abraham says. While Abraham do say that it is not wrong to eat animals, which you and I would both disagree with, they also talk a lot about nothing being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ – yet that does not mean that they are encouraging people to go out and murder each other – so I do feel that there is room for interpretation here.

    I also felt that you sometimes ‘assumed’ just a little too much – I don’t discount the possibility of Esther’s vibration on specific topics affecting Abraham’s message on them. But you are not the one chanelling Abrham and offering this material, so, like me, you can’t say for sure what is what in this regard.

    Anyway, thanks for starting this interesting debate. I admire people who are discerning, I admire people who stand up for what they feel is right, and I admire people who are open-minded, so I have a lot of admiration for you. :) I still have some work to do on my own vibration with regards to animals, and this discussion has helped me clarify that.

    Having mentioned that the last two comments were very long, I’ve now managed to go on rather a lot myself! Wishing you all the very best.

  52. wearethey said

    A brief reply @ Susanna – the line between Abraham and Esther is blurred and she talks about this on many occasions saying not to trust her, but to be your own interpreter – as she’s often too caught up in it to distinguish the boundary herself – this is why the vocabulary often changes (eg. vortex to grid). She also points out that anyone can channel ‘Abraham’. I do it every day. Give it a try, it’s public property – up for grabs.

    While the law of attraction states that nothing is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, it does indicate that we’re supposed to feel good, as per the scale of emotions. When witnessing the horrors of factor farming – nobody feels good. This is why I easily challenge Esther’s cut and dry answers on this topic.

    For the record, it’s not a feeling of hurt that I feel when Esther talks callously about animals. It’s a matter of lack of comprehension of the speaker and listeners of Abraham-Hicks material that I’m correcting.

  53. serdeb said

    Fully agree with you Indag; but your point cannot get across with the activist because it’s to angry with life. Having listened to Esther I thougth of beast like the traditional term, if you look up the dictionary you’ ll find beast and animal as synonim. I know many vegetarian who changed their mind too, perhaps our activist is just young, who knows. My interpretation of Esther is a positive one, animal factories are most of the time regulated and animals live outside and happily until they die. don’ t forget Abraham can see things internationally everywhere, if you believe about them. Sometimes animal are treated badly, perhaps the farms the activist know about. But my question is this: if you eat meat once in a while, are you really a murderer? Why were our ancestors eating meat and fish and animals? Didn’t the eating of meat help us evolved? Off course the matter is open for debate but it’ s possible that we evolved by eating meat, so the fact we invented during the century has brought us to where we are and if our lovely activist live in a democracy and can use it’ internet to comunicate his point of views is certainly due to us eating meat. Everything is connected, perhaps now we could live only vegan but until 50/60 years ago living was hell, life was hard and meat helped us survived. That’s my opinion anyway. I am totally against animal cruelty, but the activist vision is too radical. Perhaps you should visit a country where they don’ t have any food and ask them to eat some salads! Other country they eats grasshopper and bugs and rats. I think the activist is just looking for attention and by attacking everyone is in fact perpetuating what he/she doesn’t want. Abraham was right once again.

  54. r said

    Hey everybody passes away irrespective of loa

  55. wearethey said

    Referring to animals as beasts is super old school and disrespectful. Even the term animals generalizes. Each animal is different. Just like humans are different and not classifiable by race or sex.

    Animal factories are regulated – oh yeah? Do you hang there often?

    Abraham is not Santa Claus and definitely not a farming inspector. You seem to be mistaking Abraham for the patriarchal god.

    A valid point in your comment is on appropriation. Going vegan is often a matter of education and due to economic disparity, some are not privy to it. Point for you! However, those who are aware, like you, must act.

    In closing, yes, eating meat has provided humanity with the calories to stay alive for thousands of years or more. But we could have stayed alive by other means without the accompaniment of war and violence.
    Case in point: Z = X, sure. But Y can also = X and in fact, Y can = X AND X2 (X squared, which is way better than X).
    Did I lose you?

  56. earthcodes said

    Hi there, while I feel simiilar disgust about factory farming being the norm, and Abraham seemingly playing it all down, I really feel that we can’t take Abe’s perspective on certain things too literally. I say this because when it comes to them having a valid perspective on the horrors of this human 3D reality they often don’t seem to really ‘know’ the score. Abe is full focused in the vortex and perhaps cannot see the degree of suffering like we can. I don’t respect their view on this matter but I honestly think it comes from their slightly ‘ignorance is bliss’ kinda viewpoint. Also, as the ‘filter’ Esther is a mainstream Texan gal who has oddly never veered towards the more love and light healthy lifestyle of her hippier new age counterparts. I wonder if her mainstreamness’ is a part of the resonance for the message to get out there – a lot of people will connect with this material more knowing she’s just llike them.

  57. Thank you for this post. I appreciate, how you articulate different sides of the argument. From my experience and understanding, I don’t think the Hicks’ are a scam. I think they’re human. I’ve heard Esther say, in online video, that sometimes it is her speaking, unintentionally, and not always the Non Physical. Also, about her personality being perceived by some as volatile; that would be normal, because she is not Abraham, so the same personality wouldn’t be seen. Also, regarding Jerry’s passing – I’ve heard, from Conscious people, that cancer develops in the body, in the part of us that we most resent – ovaries, stomach, blood, etc. When I learned of that theory, I reflected back on people I knew who died of cancer, and it made sense. My homeboy resented being fat, and he died of stomach cancer. An elder in my family resented her children and died of ovarian cancer. Anyways, If Jerry grew more and more interested in becoming Non Physical, the more he learned about it, then developing advanced stage Leukemia would make sense. He resented his blood – his physical body. Advanced stage is almost a sign that he manifested it himself. I don’t think he disliked getting Leukemia as much as Esther disliked it. And her stating that she doesn’t know much about death, is again understandable, because she is a channeler. Channelers don’t always remember or identify with what they channel. It is not them. Although, of course she has learned much from Abraham, and applied it to her own life. And last but not least, those who troll the internet writing her off as a fraud, that is just their perception, that is what they manifest it to be. They don’t want to see it. And many Conscious people through the ages, have been labeled as fake, because their “followers” are batty hypocrites, and long for something they can worship as a god, rather than realizing the god within themselves. Someone’s followers are not them. That is common folks’ own dilemma – idolizing a human. I appreciate Esther’s gift. If I met her, and she was rude, I think I’d just laugh it off. I’m sure she gets mentally exhausted of being conscious, when she has to spend so much time focusing before a live studio audience. Lol. If anything it would make me come to a greater realization that she is really channeling, because when she is not channeling, she is very different! Every human is capable of lazy thinking, and just tuning out. Every human is also capable of channeling truth.

  58. Hayley said

    Ya I basically feel nobody is perfect and Jerry was just like all of us, learning as we go. He was also 89 years old…. seems like the perfect age to kick off! Everybody dies some way. One way is not more spiritual than another. He probably learned alot while dying. RIP! XOXO

  59. i JUST Recently discovered this HIcks woman and this Abe thing and I have to be honest. I found her and “them” to be complete frauds. I have read most religious texts myself, from Bible, Old and New Testaments, Buddhist, Hindu , Koran as well as a lot of philosophy from Greeks to Germans to Stoics. I am familiar with LOA but not from Hicks, in fact I never heard of her until recently, but on the very first viewing and listening to her, I have to beg to differ.
    Firstly, WHO exactly is this Abraham supposed to be? I have heard her explain it each time she changes who this is supposed to be
    AT one point she indicated that Buddha and Jesus were among this “collective consciousness” she allegedly listens to.
    Q: Why then does she teach the OPPOSITE of Buddhist and Jesus teachings?
    Another thing she claims to be receiving “blocks of thought” that she herself has to translate right? Well don’t you think if you were actually doing this, it would take a bit of SILENCE in order to listen and THEN translate what you “heard”? From what I have seen she interrupts people constantly and she speaks very fast and is VERY long winded. In fact, after much study of her I believe she does this intentionally as she deflects the questions that she cannot answer. I do like what you said that she does not admit that she does not know everything. I noticed that also. NEVER has she said “I do not know” OR “there is NO block of thought coming” ….of “that is something “we” cannot answer (or in fact Won’t answer). NEVER. Nor have I ever heard her explain or describe ANYTHING beyond what Esther’s personal knowledge base would be for anyone who read and studied the LOA which is (besides shopping and going out to eat) her back ground. I have a LOT of issues with this woman but I do not understand why many of you say “Who cares if she is channeling or not” “it’s the message that counts”, Well I for one do care if someone who CLAIMS to be “teaching” ANYTHING least of all Spiritual matters is LYING FROM THE GET GO. If she will lie about that what else is she lying about? we know WHY she lies, because it SELLS, so if that is the motivation and let’s be clear it is the motivation then she is prone to lie about virtually any and every thing. She seems to me to be very narcissisic and her over simplification of the LOA , to me there are much better teachers that are much easier to understand , more accurate about it and who have a lot more integrity. They have no morals and she has said things that conflict with any God based in Unconditional Love. According to her, so long as you “feel good” is all that matters and that means you are “aligned with Source”, her version of God is also, leaves MUCH to be desired. If she actually was meditating one day and heard a response, tell me how would even SHE know whom it was? If a spirit, which one? don’t you think this to be rather important if you are going to listen to ‘it’? I would most certainly. The Truth is she cannot be sure WHOM it is if not just her speaking to HERSELF. But I know for one thing that is for sure it certainly is NOT any “infinitely intelligent” being, because she is sorely lacking. There is much more to life than what she describes and many laws of Nature and the Universe besides the LOA, yet she tries to explain EVERYTHING with just that and an oversimpificatin of that to boot. She blames children for child abuse, and childhood disease , this instills victim blaming in the followers and a real lack of compassion for others. Do you mean to tell me she is meditating, thinks she hears God and what does He do? He tells her, “go on the road and charge people $200 a head and have them speak to Me through you”……Yeah, that’s what GOD would say, NOT. Maybe that’s why her definition of GOD is ONLY man. I’ve watched a lot and listened a lot and heard her talk for 20 minutes straight which is very painful and difficult to understand her ( I think this to be intentional on her part)and when I hit pause to make out what she ACTUALLY SAID in her long winded riff, It boiled down to either common sense or something that we all know , cliches and such that could have been said VERY SIMPLY in about 2 sentences. She never seems to answer any questions posed she instead explains and reexplains LOA over and over, repeating herself constantly. Researching their history it was easy to see what a huge hoax the entire thing is and I do not find anything “good” about what she “teaches”. In fact in my research I found many people who once bought into it and it ruined their lives. A lot of cult type practices moreso than anyother of these “new age” people. She’s very narcissistic and I dont’ know that to be a trait of any spiritually sound person. I have heard her give SOME good advise at times, but it was pretty basic, nothing “all knowing” or “infintiely wise ” about it it was merely common sense or things that others have said she is repeating. I beg you all to move on. There is a video by Kyra Speaks explaining the addiction that people get to this stuff. You all begin speaking in HER vocabulary. Believing in some pretend “vortex”, that’s total crap! She says the minute you ask for something it’s delivered to your vortex and it’s all waiting for you….you will not need the things you ask for in this life when you die for one thing and the other thing is if that is how her version of LOA works then she also claims that we also create all of the negative experiences we have right? so according to this logic those should also be in this alleged “vortex” ? right? but not the way she describes it. I imagine some of you have taken the good, thrown out the bad and formulated your own philosophy from there, but, you might want to try listening to OTHERS, perhaps that maybe actually WERE enlightened. Then you might be able to better discern truth from fiction. Best Regards!

  60. Thank you for bringing up the bit about animals! It is SO TRUE! This anthropocentric society is destroying the beloved ANIMALS that were HERE FIRST and it is tragic! It is apalling the way animals are being treated.
    Gandhi said “You can judge the moral progress of a nation by the way it treats it’s animals” and that is ever true.
    If we were to ACT in a way to restore the damages and stop the needless killing and mistreatment and abuse of the animals in this country it would create within us Virtue as we would need that and we would become more moral.
    That is another problem I have with these so called “teachings” According to this : doesn’t matter WHAT you do…so long as you feel good. What kind of crap is that? Of course it matters what you do. Don’t “follow” anyone but your SELF and learn from those that HAVE found Truth whom you can trust. Ancient sages and others left us written words of Truth. Greeks taught that the way to “happiness” is being VIRTUOUS and I believe that, as we are happy when we DO what is right. Doing the right thing is not necessarily what you might “want” either. Life is more than just getting what you want. This system seems to exaggerate the always wanting more (that’s not contentment nor the way to peace), plus it seems that it keeps people focused on the future instead of the ever present now which is all we have (I know I know ) she discusses this, YES she throws in pieces of the truth here and there, but to me the risk/benefit analysis doesn’t pan out, i.e, the risk of being contaminated with HER ideas and her flaws is much too high especially considering that NONE of it is HERS, she has borrowed it from OTHERS. Better off learning from the original source of the material being taught, not someone PRETENDING to be “all wise and knowing” why pretend anyway? Why didn’t she just go out and teach LOA? Have to wonder. She’s made a VERY good a lot of MONEY off this hasn’t she??? Motive???Plus w/ her husband’s illness they ran for chemo didn’t they? She claimed he was the “best controller of his vibration” so why did he get cancer? and why didn’t they use their system , I heard her say that “her and Abe could cure ANY disease in ONE AFTERNOON” and that medicine and procedures are NOTHING more than creating a placebo effect basically that it just allowed the person to believe strongly enough so they heal themselves w/ those thoughts and vibrations (that the actual medicine and procedure did nothing)…Really? How come you are all so willing to ignore and defend the parts that she is wrong about? and why are so many that follow this so defensive about it and get down right hostile when others disagree? or point out contradictions? People isolate themselves from loved ones, from those in need(blaming them for their problems), but there are things within our control and things beyond our control and wisdom is understanding the difference (Epictetus), NOT blaming people for circumstances beyond their control. What does that produce in the person that believes that? Compassion, Charity, Kindness? NO , it produces just the opposite and people blaming themselves when things don’t go the way they want. It’s the most shallow system and narcissitic system I ‘ve ever come across and I’ve as I said studied MANY systems. I found those that found Truth, found the SAME TRUTHS and among them are all consistent in findings about Uncondtional Love, the need for TEMPERANCE (self control) , moderation, charity, kindness, patience, compassion and peace through focusing on that which abides, not the transitory. While she speaks one thing she mainly focuses on the TRANSITORY and “how to get what you want” My goodness just look at the titles of all the books! I wouldn’t read one of her books w/ someone elses’ brain! too much brain washing tactics going on there……not good!

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