The Law of Attraction & Animal Suffering

In Ask and It Is Given, there is a passage discussing how it is that babies are capable of suffering, since they are technically free of negative thought:

“They (the little ones) have been exposed to vibrations that disallow the Well-Being that would have been there otherwise.”

So we could infer that animals, being pure of mind and heart but emotionally vulnerable, absorb the ill intent of the humans who use and abuse them. This is a bit of a mind bender, because although animals are not necessarily capable of complex logic, they are powerful in their ability to maintain a sort of emotional buoyancy. But apparently this is not strong enough to prevent them from being held captive, mutilated, slaughtered… I have always considered the animal consciousness to be an extension of human consciousness, and therefore the collective animal spirit allows the human will to act through them. In extension of this, one could propose the theory that, as it is human consciousness that essentially guides animal consciousness, if humanity would evolve to non-violence, these changes could in time transfer to the animal kingdom. If human nature is only human habit, then animal nature is only animal habit.

These animals are being used to test your toothpaste. Please do not buy Crest or Colgate toothpaste. Help a bunny out.

Need more rabbit empathy?

And for any suffering animals reading, the book also states:

“A sensation of pain is a wonderful indicator that help is on the way.”

The sensation of pain calls for a cellular request of healing energy.


Can Those Who Cause Harm Be Enlightened?

The book says quite clearly:

“No one connected to Source Energy would ever cause harm to another.”

Now, in our current society “harm” has become convoluted. We shop at big box stores for things we need to survive that capitalize on sweat shop workers without understanding if  people in developing countries essentially suffer more or benefit more from having these jobs. And most of us are raised in families that consume animal products and are not able to put together the full story of what we are eating until we can build enough courage and curiosity to find out (at which point we are often hooked on the foods that have made us feel comfortable in the past). I know several individuals who define themselves as conscious, who go to India and meditate and volunteer and endlessly question and work on themselves without facing the violence of their dietary impact. But the truth is: no one connected to Source Energy would ever cause harm to another. (Being – animal or human, directly or indirectly.)

“They lash out in their defensiveness, or in their disconnectedness, but never in their state of connection.”

And you can substitute “lash out” for deceive, take advantage of, act blindly…

While the Law of Attraction does teach a certain selfishness – placing one’s own desires above the desires of anyone else, it strongly insinuates that one’s true desire in its purest form causes no harm to another. Therefore those who enslave people and animals are acting in discord with their ultimate source of energy and only sustaining these oppressive systems with great effort, and because their disconnected thoughts have spread among humanity like a contagious disease.


As we are the creators of our own destiny, we are not bound to these hurtful decisions made by others (eg. Harper’s strange attachment to the Commercial Seal Hunt, Procter & Gamble’s sick twisted animal mutilation in the name of “science”). We do not have to torture ourselves with these “realities” (as I have spent a lot of time doing in the past), because these realities are only paths chosen by others. We need not include them in our reality. This is NOT to say that we must plug our ears, it is to say that we must acknowledge these happenings only to the level that we realize they are strongly unwanted, and then we must create alternatives. We must focus on the ways that we would like these violent patterns to change.

I have spent a lot of time living in a world that I can only describe as hell, as it has seemed unbearable to live somewhere in which, while I am slipping into various states of having fun, animals of all species (including humans) are being harmed. But the more that we focus on these atrocities the more we are calling them into being, when we do have the choice for complete animal (including human) liberation.

“All those statistics that are gathered about your own experiences and about others – are only about how somebody has already flowed Energy. They are not about the hard-and-fast now reality.”

When you find a thought that provides some relief from whatever negative state you have entered, you have regained creative control of your own experience.

1) Ask

2) Answer the Asking (you can skip this step because it is not your responsibility but that of the Universe/Source)

3) Allow (prepare yourself to receive what you are asking for)

It’s the 3rd step that trips people up. Often we do get what we ask for, but are not ready or willing to receive it.

Well get ready!


July 15, 2009

When you realize that soylent green is made of sentient beings…


Go Veganarchic!

(*Isn’t that the prettiest symbol?)

Soylent Green

Check it out yo:

“ Only a perspective and lifestyle based on true compassion can destroy the oppressive constructs of present society and begin anew in creating desirable relationships and realities.

— Brian A. Dominick, Animal Liberation and Social Revolution: a vegan perspective on anarchism or an anarchist perspective on veganism.

To decide one oppression is valid and the other not is to consciously limit one’s understanding of the world; it is to engage oneself in voluntary ignorance, more often than not for personal convenience.

– Brian A. Dominick

*You can download a free issue and/or print it out and circulate it.


What is Veganarchism???

Veganarchism is the political philosophy of veganism (more specifically animal liberation) and anarchism, creating a combined praxis as a means for social revolution. This encompasses viewing the state as unnecessary and harmful to animals, both human and non-human, whilst practising a vegan diet. It is either perceived as a combined theory, or that both philosophies are essentially the same. It is further described as an anti-speciesist perspective on green anarchism, or an anarchist perspective on animal liberation.

Veganarchists typically view oppressive dynamics within society to be interconnected – from capitalism, racisn, and sexism, to human supremacy, and redefine veganism as a radical philosophy that sees the state as harmful to animals. Ideologically, it is a human, animal, and Earth Liberation movement that is fought as part of the same struggle. Those who believe in veganarchy can be either against reform for animals or for it, although do not limit goals to changes within the law.


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