August 20, 2010

Flash *Veg* News

1. UBC “Fears” Animal Activists’ Campaign

Some of you may have watched THIS video, one of my non-violence aspiring shit-disturbing hardcore amateur pieces of work. However, there must have been something qual about this vid, because it elicited a memo from UBC warning the campus of rampant and possibly “violent” animal activists on the prowl, in turn spurring  THIS article on the FRONT page  of the Vancouver Sun about how UBC is fearing the new Stop UBC Animal Research campaign (shudder), which has since inspired a blog post in the Vancouver Sun on the topic as well as this cartoon:

Stop UBC Animal Research is  happy that animal research is hot in the press and of course, thanks to my animal activist friends – we have different strategies but take turns being fearless and it all works out.

Here is the letter I sent in response to the Vancouver Sun article:

Dear Vancouver Sun:

As an animal rights activist I would agree that there are nuts out there. And it is precisely those individuals who I aim to expose. There is a saying: “When one animal is experimented on – it’s sick, when many are experimented on – it’s science.”

John Hepburn is attempting to instill fear around the UBC campus by putting people on guard for everything from: “protesting” to “unpleasant situations” to “violence”, but  individuals have a right to speak out about the publicly funded animal testing that is occurring. To assume violence from animal rights activists who are intrinsically against violence towards all animals, including humans, is simply diverting attention from what is really going on. Could it be that the real violence IS the animal testing? Hepburn would like to put a blanket over the issue by stating that animal testing “has to be done”, but as we evolve ethically as a society, research methods that were accepted in the past will naturally be called into question. What are good scientific reasons to subject millions of animals a year to confinement, fear, and pain? Can healing ever come through inflicting pain onto sentient beings?

2. Julie & Julia & Hannibal Lecter

I believe the term is “bitch, please”. Or “bitches, please”.

I just wanted to say that because it’s fun to say. But here’s my critique of the fluffy, trite,”adorable” masterpiece Julie & Julia, a film (I’m sure you ALL heard about due to harassing ads) about one blogger’s quest to revive an old school Julia Child cookbook.  The problem here is that slaughter is not cute. You can give the movie posters a cute font, and put in cute wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly-but-would-hurt-poultry Amy Adams, and give Meryl Streep the CUTEST turkey yodle voice evs, but that still doesn’t make things like “boning a duck” cute. All the drama in this film is wrapped up in moments where Julie has to overcome her discomfort of dissecting animals. Well babe, maybe it makes you uncomfortable for a reason. Maybe the old school Julia Child methods of cooking meat into everything (including JELLO) are outdated. Humans have become so far separated from the slaughter (and even meat prep) process, that it is actually helping us to see how unlike other areas of our lives the phenomena of “meat” has become. We don’t kill to sleep, to play, to exercise, to express ourselves (hopefully), but yet killing is still part of the cooking process and it is a dichotomy that many of us have become uncomfortable with, and that vegetarians simply reject. To quote my friend Sheryl: “If it makes you happy, why the hell is it so bad? “

3. The Albs

Meat The Albs

Jess Albs is probably the only woman that every single person I know can agree is unmistakably gorgeous. Jolie is overexposed, Aniston isn’t Jolie, Britney can be beastly… everyone has an opinion about the other female celebrities, but when it comes to the Albs, no one has much to say except: “yep, she’s hot.” Albs even inspires my style, which I like to call “Glam-Chill” (although half the time I’m inspired in a what-not-to-wear way). But does everyone remember when Albs went a little crazazy and plastered a bunch of shark posters around L.A. to warn of the endangerment of the great white shark and was then slapped on the delicate wrist for petty vandalism..? Well, I’m sure there are animal rights activists out there who applauded her for this act, but it always seemed a little poorly thought out and misguided to me. Especially because the Albs is a rather large consumer of pretty much every other animal product out there, pictures of her French vacay proving that if it once breathed, Albs wants a bite, though she has been quoted saying that “people who don’t love animals tend to be selfish”… Albs recently displayed her love of all sorts fleshy goodies on her Twitter. So… we don’t judge Princess Alba, but we do challenge her to question what cruelty free means to her, what true beauty is, and why sharks are more important to save than factory farmed animals. There is not a single person on Earth who wants to debate the Albs’ outer beauty, so here we call into question her inner beauty (and maybe why Honey was her only memorable film…?) I will readily give the Albs props however for choosing to endorse Revlon over l’Oreal or Cover Girl – both the latter animal testers.

On this dublicious track, hip-hop star, Rebecca Dawn, raps about real beauty –

Crueltyfree Beauty!

"The worst part of waking up is cruelty in your cup" Folgers, by P&G

*pic by Michiel Meyboom

Instrumentals by Hug Machine.

The Secret of NIMH

February 7, 2010

Vivisection is a Trick

They Make Money – We Get Sick

The Animal Defense and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC is launching a series of campaigns against UBC’s animal testing programs:

“Tucked away somewhere on UBC’s south campus is the euphemistically called “Animal Care Center” (ACC), the current locus of animal experimentation at the university. Unbeknownst to most students and Vancouver residents, UBC is one of the largest bio-medical campuses in the country. The ACC annually distributes some 100,000 animals, both large and small, to dozens of UBC affiliated-research projects. UBC
researchers in Vancouver and in other UBC-affiliated facilities around Canada have been routinely experimenting on animals, including pigs, rats, cats, and non-human primates. For example, UBC researchers have been involved in: cutting lesions into cats’ brains to determine the effects on the cats’ ability to step over objects; exposing guinea pigs to smoking to assess damage to lung tissue; and using pigs in a host of research programs.”

Please join the AD-AV in helping liberate these unwilling subjects. All types of people are needed in this quest.

Over 100 million animals are killed in labs a year.

This is not an either/or issue. We can all be happy, healthy, and live in harmony. Learn more about it through the AD-AV.

Meeting: Thursday, February 11, 6:30-8:30 PM @ Society for Promoting Environmental Conservation 2150 Maple Street (at corner of 6th & Maple. 2 blocks west of Burrard St.), Vancouver

Here are some of the AD-AV’s ideas:

  • Initiating whistler-blower campaigns to encourage those working within UBC research facilities to come forward with information
  • Gathering more information about UBC’s research on animals programs
  • Hosting a debate on the UBC campus between leading animal right advocates and UBC researchers
  • Developing a state-of-the-art website to help educate the public about UBC’s research programs, highlight the grim realities or experimentation on animals, and empowering others to take action
  • Coordinating media events to put the spotlight on UBC


The Secret of NIMH is a forgotten childhood fave of many 80s kids, but others may not be familiar with it because it was released at the same time as ET. Watching it again, I’d forgotten that the “Secret” of NIMH was the animal cruelty. The movie was produced at a time when these practices were a secret to most people; they are no longer a secret but still taking place – why?

There is powerful segment about animal testing at around the 5:50 mark:

*NIMH stands for the National Institute of Mental Health

Consider the irony – attempting to discover the secrets of well being by performing violent, heartless experiments on sentient beings. Could anything be further from mental wellness?

The Law of Attraction & Animal Suffering

In Ask and It Is Given, there is a passage discussing how it is that babies are capable of suffering, since they are technically free of negative thought:

“They (the little ones) have been exposed to vibrations that disallow the Well-Being that would have been there otherwise.”

So we could infer that animals, being pure of mind and heart but emotionally vulnerable, absorb the ill intent of the humans who use and abuse them. This is a bit of a mind bender, because although animals are not necessarily capable of complex logic, they are powerful in their ability to maintain a sort of emotional buoyancy. But apparently this is not strong enough to prevent them from being held captive, mutilated, slaughtered… I have always considered the animal consciousness to be an extension of human consciousness, and therefore the collective animal spirit allows the human will to act through them. In extension of this, one could propose the theory that, as it is human consciousness that essentially guides animal consciousness, if humanity would evolve to non-violence, these changes could in time transfer to the animal kingdom. If human nature is only human habit, then animal nature is only animal habit.

These animals are being used to test your toothpaste. Please do not buy Crest or Colgate toothpaste. Help a bunny out.

Need more rabbit empathy?

And for any suffering animals reading, the book also states:

“A sensation of pain is a wonderful indicator that help is on the way.”

The sensation of pain calls for a cellular request of healing energy.


Can Those Who Cause Harm Be Enlightened?

The book says quite clearly:

“No one connected to Source Energy would ever cause harm to another.”

Now, in our current society “harm” has become convoluted. We shop at big box stores for things we need to survive that capitalize on sweat shop workers without understanding if  people in developing countries essentially suffer more or benefit more from having these jobs. And most of us are raised in families that consume animal products and are not able to put together the full story of what we are eating until we can build enough courage and curiosity to find out (at which point we are often hooked on the foods that have made us feel comfortable in the past). I know several individuals who define themselves as conscious, who go to India and meditate and volunteer and endlessly question and work on themselves without facing the violence of their dietary impact. But the truth is: no one connected to Source Energy would ever cause harm to another. (Being – animal or human, directly or indirectly.)

“They lash out in their defensiveness, or in their disconnectedness, but never in their state of connection.”

And you can substitute “lash out” for deceive, take advantage of, act blindly…

While the Law of Attraction does teach a certain selfishness – placing one’s own desires above the desires of anyone else, it strongly insinuates that one’s true desire in its purest form causes no harm to another. Therefore those who enslave people and animals are acting in discord with their ultimate source of energy and only sustaining these oppressive systems with great effort, and because their disconnected thoughts have spread among humanity like a contagious disease.


As we are the creators of our own destiny, we are not bound to these hurtful decisions made by others (eg. Harper’s strange attachment to the Commercial Seal Hunt, Procter & Gamble’s sick twisted animal mutilation in the name of “science”). We do not have to torture ourselves with these “realities” (as I have spent a lot of time doing in the past), because these realities are only paths chosen by others. We need not include them in our reality. This is NOT to say that we must plug our ears, it is to say that we must acknowledge these happenings only to the level that we realize they are strongly unwanted, and then we must create alternatives. We must focus on the ways that we would like these violent patterns to change.

I have spent a lot of time living in a world that I can only describe as hell, as it has seemed unbearable to live somewhere in which, while I am slipping into various states of having fun, animals of all species (including humans) are being harmed. But the more that we focus on these atrocities the more we are calling them into being, when we do have the choice for complete animal (including human) liberation.

“All those statistics that are gathered about your own experiences and about others – are only about how somebody has already flowed Energy. They are not about the hard-and-fast now reality.”

When you find a thought that provides some relief from whatever negative state you have entered, you have regained creative control of your own experience.

1) Ask

2) Answer the Asking (you can skip this step because it is not your responsibility but that of the Universe/Source)

3) Allow (prepare yourself to receive what you are asking for)

It’s the 3rd step that trips people up. Often we do get what we ask for, but are not ready or willing to receive it.

Well get ready!

Oh No They Di’nt

January 20, 2010


*Dawn of a New SCAM!

Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent is trying to promote themselves as animal saviors with their campaign featuring oil-covered animals being washed by Dawn soap. How stupid does Dawn think we are? Firstly, if you were going to wash a delicate animal, wouldn’t you use some… oh… animal shampoo – something that wouldn’t singe their eyeballs? Dawn is just another toxic, TESTED on ANIMALS product. Dawn is grease cutting, bla bla bla. Want to know what’s in Dawn? They won’t tell you. Go to their website. They will direct you to a page that tells you what might be in a dish soap (?) Madness. Even on their label, they leave out certain ingredients as “confidential”. But the epitome of Dawn’s hypocrisy is that they are owned by our most hated Procter & Gamble – some of the world’s worst animal testers. Dawn is killing animals behind the scenes to build an ad campaign based around the false persona of being animal lovers.

*Dumbest “Celeb” in Hollywood Gets Dumber

Audrina Patridge is one of those right-place-at-the-right-time celebrities. She lived in Lauren Conrad’s apartment complex during the beginning of The Hills and was just tanned and booby enough to fit in. Audrina, otherwise known as Ceiling Eyes for her vapid stare, tries to dress rock n’ roll, and apparently she thinks this look is encapsulated by a rodeo T.

Ceiling spends SO much time trying to be the nice one on The Hills, then goes and wears a shirt depicting animals who bred to be bullied..? This fashion statement shows a level of ignorance beyond Ceiling’s devoted years as JBob’s Uchitel.

*Smokin’ Hot Royal Chooses Non-Ethical Sizzle

It hurts my heart to have to criticize my beloved Prince William. When Princess Diana died, I devoted a page to him in my “Nothing” book (scrap book), using a prince and princess sticker to illustrate our eventual happiness together, long blond braided hair flowing past my kneecaps. William is so dreamy and educated and gallant… so why is he frying up little… wtf are those poor things a’sizzlin on the grill? Obviously William grew up with a traditional English diet, but given his copious charity work and knightly manner you would think he would at some point question who he was eating. How the animals may have been raised. How they suffered. How they were slaughtered. Maybe one day, he will extend his peacekeeping past the human race.

*Crazy Bag Lady Kidnaps Angelina Jolie’s Kids

Um, hi, Angelina’s stylist? Didn’t you get the memo? NO ONE wears paper bags anymore.

When you have a Titanic of staff members at your beck and call, you would think that one of them might remember your cloth grocery bags. You have a world of children to impress upon, Miss Pretty.

Unrelated… *Why do they dress Shiloh so butch all the time? Girl’s going to need transformative gender surgery by 10.

Top 3 It Girls…

September 25, 2009

…Who Can Do No Wrong!

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Not-Too-Swift may be the number one selling whatever on the planet right now for her country-pop-blah, but is she really the stepped-on-kitten everyone is making her out to be after the Kanye debacle?

Taylor Lactose

“Swift Pick. In this business, you’ve got to be decisive. So I choose milk. Some* studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So eat right, exercise and drink 3 glasses of lowfat or fat free milk a day. Music to my ears.”

*…Other studies show that the vast majority of adults are lactose intolerant – dairy contributing to eczema, acne, anemia, arthritis, ADD, fibromyalgia, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, IBS, joint pain, osteoporosis, allergies, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autism, Chron’s disease, breast cancer, and prostate cancer (!)

Factory farmed milk contains dioxin – one of the most toxic substances in the world, and when you digest dairy, you’re also digesting all the anti-biotics, growth hormones (if you’re American), pesticides, and steroids that the cows are ingesting. The bovine growth hormone, legal in the US, makes cows produce ten times the milk they normally would, causing bleeding and infections of the cows’ udders. Not to mention the constant pain and grieving the cows endure being kept perpetually pregnant, having their babies ripped away from them (who they would normally form longterm to lifelong relationships with), and having their sensitive udders hooked into a machine all day.

Can we give a major Boo-Urns to Taylor Swift for her choice of endorsement here?

If milk farmers didn’t spend millions of dollars a year promoting their products the public might be able to learn about the diseases caused by milk, but instead Not-Too-Swift chooses to reap the profits by diseasing millions of people.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Chix love to live vicariously through SJP, whether on the small screen or the big screen. But is Carrie really the Manolo hero Sex In the City makes her out to be?

sjpWe are calling you out, Carrie Bradshaw, on your failure to properly research the product you’ve chosen to represent. Garnier is owned by l’Oreal, and l’Oreal TESTS ON ANIMALS. This means that to have photoshopped lucious locks like Carrie’s, you would be paying for a product that practises the Draze test, a procedure in which toxic chemicals are dumped into the eyes of animals while their heads are kept in restraints (their necks often snapping as they try to escape), and you would also be paying for tests that pump chemicals into the stomachs of animals (a hole sometimes cut in their throats) to see how many chemicals the animal can ingest before dying. We’re talking mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, and sometimes primates.

Fuck Garnier and fuck SJP’s lack of judgement here. She’s smarter than this.

Try Naturcolor instead: all natural and not tested on our friends.

3. Rihanna

Poor Rihanna. She got hit in the face pretty bad by her ex, Chris Beat-Her-Down Brown. Rihanna would never hurt anyone. Directly. She would only endorse the unnecessary deaths of millions of animals if they paid her the right price.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Chris Beat-Her-Down Brown pour chemicals into Rhianna’s eyes until she became blind? Did Chris-Beat-Her-Down Brown keep Rihanna in intense confinement during the entire course of their relationship? Did he hack muscle tissue off Rihanna’s thighs to test his new cologne on? Brutal humor here, but am I at least proving a point?

Pop sensation, Rihanna, is fueling the multi-billion dollar industry of animal testing and encouraging millions of teens and tweens around the world to jump on board in supporting this archaic, horrific business.

As cutting edge as Rihanna is supposed to be, she is not the voice of the future, but the voice of the past.

Boycott all Procter & Gamble products and Boycott Cover Girl and tell Rhianna what you think of her lack of compassion. Boycott abuse to humans AND animals.

Animals In the Basement

April 26, 2009

Candlelight Vigil for Lab Animals


In the basement of St.Paul’s Hospital on busy Burrard, at UBC, SFU, BC Children’s Hospital, VGH, and the ICORD Centre, animals are being tested on right beneath our eyes, Canada silently advocating the death of 250 000 000 animals per year. Why is no one questioning these methods?

Because of the underlying belief that our pain is different from an animal’s – that our lives are worth more. Because some sad0-masichistic part of the collective unconscious believes that we must cause pain in order to heal ourselves. Le’ts take a closer look at Jessie’s sign.

Is this the way to healing?

Is this the way to healing?

Stepping over the discarded needles in the mossy grass outside St.Paul’s, we looked into the hospital’s basement windows in the labratories where the animals are being killed. “When one animal is experimented on – it’s sick, when many animals are experimented on it’s science.” (One of Jessie’s pins)

No animals in view, only torture equipment, most likely because they don't want broken windows.

No animals in view, only torture equipment, most likely because they don't want broken windows.

The AD-AV (Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC) has posted an article by surgeon, Werner Hartinger on their website, entitled:


Werner Hartinger, MD, Surgeon

“The problem of animal experimentation is complex, many-sided and hard to fathom. The cruel and deadly use of animals has been legalized by politicians, justified by church institutions, described as unavoidable by science and industry, accepted without criticism by too many people not interested in the sufferings of others, and defended in every way by all those who gain profit from it…”

Dove's next campaign? Yes, Dove tests on animals.

Dove's next campaign? Yes, Dove tests on animals.

We must become label readers.

We must become internet sleuths and share with each other the information we learn.

We must look for The Leaping Bunny, an international symbol that represents the most rigorous standards in the humane treatment of animals.



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