Oh No They Di’nt

January 7, 2010


*Broccoli Bashing on TLC

Last night on TLC’s new One Big Happy Family, a reality show about an obese family who is struggling to lose weight (…so then not so happy about the ‘big’ part??) TLC has heard society’s obsession with the obese (ie. The Biggest Loser) and given us a show for the whole family, but we’re going to jump past the potentially flawed premise of the show and target in on what happens to the big happy family when they ruin their attempt at a healthy meal (broiled chicken; they usually fry it) by placing the glass dish too high in the oven, therefore shattering it and rendering the chicken inedible. The family then sits down to eat four large plates of plain brocoli, lamenting about how they have been denied “the best part of the meal”. Vegetarians would like it, they comment – but they AREN”T vegetarian. Really? Shocking.

A vegetarian wants a plate full of broccoli for their dinner about as much as a 300lb fried chicken lover. Being vegetarian is not about serving one’s self up a load of bland vegetables. It’s about variety, cooking, and experimentation.

While it’s commendable that the family is trying new things, they are in actuality villainizing their vegetables. No one’s going to be losing any weight if you can’t learn to love healthy, fresh foods. As Judge Marilyn Milian says: Good Luck, Folks.

*Calgary’s New “Vegetarian” Restaurant, Gratitude Cafe, Serves Bacteria from the Inside of Baby Cow’s Stomachs!

Yes, that’s right. Gratitude Cafe, the new “veg” restaurant located in Kensington {and a shameless knock off of San Francisco’s vegan restaurant with the same name and menu style – though Calgary’s Gratitude Cafe mentions on their web page that there is no affiliation, uh huh…), has deliberately (according to my waitress) chosen to serve a whole lot of dairy, WITH rennet. There are no vegan cheese alternatives offered, and only a handful of vegan options on the  menu. “We’re a low-end vegetarian place,” my classy waitress went on to explain. “Most people don’t know what vegetarians are.”

What backwoods hick town did they find this chick in?

Vegetarianism is having it’s moment in the sun as more and more people learn about the horrors of factory farming.

And to the owners who made the choice to use cheese with rennet, you are offending the very clientele you are attempting to cater to. Vegetarians who come here can be sure that an animal died for their meal. (Yes, animals used for dairy will die as well, but Gratitude is not acknowledging that to obtain rennet you have to slice open an animal!)

It’s easier than I thought to bash a vegetarian restaurant. I will never eat here again.

PS My greeting at Gratitude was: “don’t worry about wiping your feet, we haven’t cleaned the floor in ten days!”

Let’s eat!

*Amex Attempts to Force Feed

This gigantore Amex ad in Sundidge Mall in Calgary is tasteless in oh- so-many ways. The ad seems to be trying to hit up common folk, as opposed to the rich (who are being supposedly defined as those who induce vomiting in ducks..?). I think we’ve all known for a while that credit card companies make their money on those who can’t pay their monthly dues. But must Amex go about their exploitation in such a blatantly classist manner? Hey all ya’ll who like to chow down on burgers, let us charge you an extra 18% to get your eat on!

And as for the outdated burger filling above, the jig is up for the myth of foie gras being some delicacy or sign of wealth. Amex might as well have posted a banner:

“We’re Number 3. We’re Out of Touch. And We Support the Most Cruel Form of Animal Agriculture on the Planet. Amex.”

*You Want It, You Got It

Tofurky sales have gone up! Report on Business recently published that Tofurky sales have risen from 500 in 1995 to over 300 000 last year. Booya~

Keep on cooking that delicious vegan roast for skeptical friends and family. The proof is in the gravy.

*8 Macho Men Who Don’t Eat Meat

Click here for a slide show of seitan sizzle.

They forgot a few hotties though, like Casey Affleck.


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