Capitalism Is

  • traveling to a far off land to find… the same stores and restaurants you had back home.
  • having to sit down, shut up, and stare straight ahead for eight hours a day… the same thing that was punishment when you were a kid.
  • paying your landlords before the month begins, and getting paid after you’ve done your work.
  • used tampons in your broccoli – the non-organic brilliance of using raw sewage as fertilizer.
  • driving home after a hard day at work and reaching for some tunes on your radio to get bombarded with commercials for a car, a phone, and a sex drive that’s better than yours.
  • having to keep your voices low at work when discussing where food really comes from.
  • the supposed edgiest pop star alive featuring 8 product placements in her “epic” new video.
  • working as hard as your boss but getting paid a fraction of the salary because she’s “in charge”.
  • your country owing billions in debt, yet giving billions to another country (cough*Israel*cough) as long as they spend it to buy weapons manufactured by your country.
  • the world peace keeping coalition being run by the largest arms dealers.


January 27, 2010

How to Get What You Really Want

“If a seed is given good soil and plenty of water and sun, it doesn’t have to try to unfold. It doesn’t need self-confidence or self-discipline or perseverance. It just unfolds. As a matter of fact, if can’t help unfolding. If a seed has to grow with a rock on top of it, or in deep shade, or without enough water, it won’t unfold into a healthy full-sized plant. It will try – hard – because the drive to become what you are meant to be is incredibly powerful. But at best it will become a sort of ghost of what it could be: pale, undersized, drooping.

In a way, that’s what most of us are.”


It’s not just your immediate family and friends that affect this stunted growth. Or even your school atmosphere. It’s a large scale smothering based on capitalism – that unless our special traits are lucrative, they are not worth investing time into. Competition, in its very essence,  negates our own individuality to an idealism of always placing one at the top as “the best”. This is not the case, but something necessary to acknowledge if we wish to realize our full magical potential.

Wishcraft, written in 1979, is surprisingly pertinent, despite a few comical cultural advancements. The book suggests taking notice of one’s personal style for the first time.  Well into the 2000s, we are obsessed with personal style as a self-determinant. The book also mentions women being the pillar of men’s success, trained to be unselfish. This pattern still exists in our society, but at the same time the problem is now just as imbalanced on the other side: men no longer knowing their place in women’s lives. The book also delightfully mentions going to one’s typewriter, but other than this, it offers a lot of helpful “real daydreaming” exercises, which is a branch of the Law of Attraction – visualization as the path to actualization.

Follow Your Bliss

“When you find yourself engulfed in circumstances that cause you to offer a vibration that is far from that of bliss, then reaching for bliss is an impossible thing, for the Law of Attraction does not allow you to make the vibrational jump anymore than you could have tuned your radio receiver to 101 FM and heard a song that was being playing on 630 AM.”

- Ask and It Is Given

This newer 2004 book discusses what to do with our pale, drooping selves in order to attain that higher vibration, which can only be received by us if we first tune ourselves to the proper reception. And so when we are at a low vibration, what we are seeking slight relief from the pressure of the negativity we are experiencing. The book presents the idea of a scale of emotions as an indicator of which emotion you can progress to in order to climb the scale, which explains why it actually feels good to get angry at certain points.  Which explains why I enjoyed those fantasies of kicking my ex in the face.

I suggest writing your own scale of emotions and using it as reference.

The key to this exercise would be trying out new thoughts and then doing an internal inventory of how these thoughts affect you.

For example: “I feel stuck in my life.”

A thought which may bring you up a vibrational level on the scale of emotions might be:

a) this is the chance to reassess which direction to step forward in, or

b) I am taking note of a stagnancy in my life and propelling myself in the direction of ______. Or,

c) what is the main event/situation/reality that is generating this “stuck” feeling and how can I overcome it?

How You Get What You Get

January 8, 2010

Dawn of Another New Era

Thanks for tuning in to dawnofanewera.

As of December 2009, the blog reached 1000 hits a day.

Expect much, much more randomness this year.

What better time to redefine the new era than January, the collective mental construct of the “New Year”. A new era refers to any type of new beginning. It is what eases the transition of letting go of the past. What reason do you have to let go of that which, yesterday, meant the world to you?  Because it meant the world to you YESTERDAY.

A new era can be justification for… an excessive purchase. (eg.Well, I like my old bag, but hey – it’s the dawnofanewera!)

Or, it can be an unlocked door in times of crumbling depression. (eg. Why get out of bed? Oh, right. I guess it is the dawnofanewera.)

The dawn of a new era can represent a new age, or simply the shedding of our former, beaten down selves.

But how can we become more specific in manifesting these new eras we wish to welcome?




*I recommend you get past the New Age, sickeningly happy, Ouija board loving couple who wrote this book and read The Law of Attraction.

I found value in this book because it does not, like so many other spiritual tactics recommend that you continually give it up to God (“it” being whatever hardship or hard questions fall upon you), but it instead indicates ourselves as the creators. And so I have been able to sift through the book’s often irritating form (its authors’ continuously “expressing” their glorious joy and wealth), to salvage its useful content, which is information floating around out there for anyone to receive – doesn’t matter who is dictating it.

The Law of Attraction mentions time and again that we must come to understand how we “get what we get”. While my subconscious was dismantling the concept, I waited in line for my (plus size) bags at the airport on the baggage carousel, and playing on a baggage cart beside me a little girl was singing to herself: “I want what I want, and I get what I get. And I get what I want!

Spoiled kid, or manifestation of my subconscious..?

The Law of Attraction:

  • “If you are able to imagine it, then it is not unrealistic. If from this time-space reality, you have been able to create the desire, this time-space reality has the resources to fulfill it.”
  • “That which I give thought to, I begin to attract. That which I give thought to that brings forth strong emotion, I attract more quickly.”
  • ‘”The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, The Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet, getting more and more of the way you feel.”
  • Practicing the Art of Allowing means cultivating in yourself a state in which you are not attempting to block desire (of yourself and others). It is very important to realize that as you practice not blocking the desires of others, even when they are vicious and violent (force feeding ducks, for example) this “allowing” will become stronger in the manifestation of your own desires. It’s all or nothing. As we block the actions of others, we are simultaneously blocking our own. However, if our own desires become strong enough, and if we build up the ability to get out of their way, then we will no longer be vulnerable to the desires of others that traumatize us because we will be able to visualize solutions to the cruelty we have witnessed. If we focus on the cruelty, there will be more cruelty. But if we focus on the emancipation of these innocent beings, we are not evading their confinement and torture, we are devoting our power of  thought to set them free.

“I want, I allow, and therefore it is.”

  • Try this: “I want to see _______, I expect to see ______, no matter who I am working with, no matter who I am talking to, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, and intend to see ______.”

And it will come to you – it is LAW.


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