November 22, 2011

The Aliens are Coming

And going. They’ve been around for years.

Not the really bad Katy Perry song with original ultra-douche, Kanye, rapping about alien probes.

Intelligent life beyond this planet.

As a down-to-Earth person (not the greatest attribute when you consider it), I have been taught that aliens are where rational people draw the line. The line between the crazy and the sane. But what are UFOs but unidentified flying objects? And what is an alien but a life form from another planet?

The new movie Thrive, discusses a perpetual motion machine called a torus, which is basically a self-sustaining vortex of energy. The film suggests that this model of energy is present and functioning in civilizations beyond Earth, and that clues throughout Earth’s history have offered evidence of this 64 node Gollum-coveted ring of fire.

A friend also recently showed me The Disclosure Project, which features 400 testimonies of former officials who have had encounters with UFOs or related, formally gathering to approach congress about the de-weaponization of space (because you know humans like to say hi by setting things on fire). Some of these witnesses discuss watching nuclear weapons become dismantled by hovering UFOs and report seeing UFO crashes with passengers inside (some humanoid, others humanoid but taller).

Perspective 1:  Hallucinating attention-seeking yokels.

Perspective 2: Only 1 of the 10 000 + sightings in question needs to be real to demonstrate that intelligent life beyond this planet has beat us to making contact.

How egocentric would we have to be to assume that if alien contact is made we will be the ones to make it?

The Disclosure Project explains that the suppression of numerous eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings are due  to the military industrial complex—that sustaining the current trillion dollar systems of energy in place is why the public is not made privy to this information.

So let’s assume that other life forms have been in contact with Earthlings. If that’s the case, then it’s probably happened more than once in our 4.54 billion years. And if it’s happened more than once, then, I don’t mean to creep you out, but is it so far fetched that aliens are watching us right now?

And if this torus technology that potentially exists is more non-physical than physical, then couldn’t life from other planets also be more non-physical than physical? What are the barriers between human and alien thought? Esther and Jerry Hicks’ translation of ‘Abraham’ is one such example. A plane of thought comprised of non-physical beings who communicate to humans. I mean… where ARE all these ideas coming from?

Our mental barriers could be the main thing blocking us from communication with extra terrestrial life forms. Is the future of our planet really based on the simple “if you build it they will come” paradigm? Wouldn’t that be laughably cliche?

Is there a collective human yearning to make contact with life from other planets, just like how a lonely individual yearns for company? Then why aren’t we attempting to better connect with the other life forms we have on this planet now?


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