…and 3 Reasons I Sort of Am

Can I pull this off?

Can I pull this off? Spot the 3 main reasons why not.

1) I care a lot

Just like the cloud land in Care Bears.

A hipster once introduced me: “this is Isla, she likes to hike and protest.” I mean. There is much more to me. But these are not exactly approved hipster activities. They involve exertion.

2) I lived through the Degrassi era

For those of us who had already moved on to 501s after forced-watchings of the real Degrassi in HPLS (Health and Personal Life Skills), and who identified ourselves as cool by NOT having  mom butts and camel toes, we recognize that going back to high-waisted pants is not ironic, it’s simply regression.

And any kind of padding on the shoulders, unless you’re playing sports, is not needed.

3) I make fun of hipsters

While never admitting to being hipsters, hipsters also don’t usually make fun of hipsters because that would involve acknowledging the breed and they just happen to be this way all on their own.

4) I’m a jock

I like to work out and sweat. This means I’m often in runners and fitwear, out of convenience. Unacceptable.

If your’e going to work out as a hipster, you should have appropriate ironic tees to do that in. And make sure you get to wherever you’re working out on a bike that is not ‘mountain’.

*I also ride one of those because I actually like to ride it IN the mountains.

5) I strive for non-conformity

I was recently telling a hipster friend how a former hipster love interest didn’t consider me hipster enough to date.

She replied: “oh, so you’re more mainstream?”

Since when did the world divide into two categories: hipster and mainstream?

In order to be a hipster, you have to memorize an unwritten bible of dress codes, musical selections, and lingo. You HAVE to.

6) I’m straight edge

I don’t drink, smoke, or drug. Not on purpose, I just stopped getting high one day. No amount of drugs could get me high anymore, so I gave it up.

My drug is fresh air. <Hipster t-shirt


I introduce myself to pretty much anyone willing. I have a million girlfriends. Ok, I’m usually not that friendly to straight guys, but there’s a good reason for that.

I just want to love you. <Hipster t-shirt

8) I hate major chord composed emo music

Anything that sounds like The Postal Service can kiss my ass.

Give me something nasty. Or at least something extremely depressing.

3 Reasons I (Defeatedly) Am a Hipster


1) I hate labels

If you see me with any type of label on my person, I can assure you I would rather not be wearing it. This means the little hidden ones on buttons and zippers.

I will definitely not wear any kind of logo. No words at all, please. If I have something to say it, I’ll say it.

And I’m definitely not advertising for you for free.

2) I’m cool

It’s irrefutable.

I define cool by how willing to be a dork you are.

3) I’m an Art Bitch

You probably haven’t heard of our band, Art Bitch, with @MichaelaLucas. Because we don’t play music.


Who’s that girl?

10 Things You May Not Know About Isla

Isla & Boost (…it’s all faux, except Boost’s. Judge him as you will.)

10) Isla once drove a steamroller. She was not good at it.

9) Isla used to wear a rainbow magnet belt everyday as a child – over her bathing suit, nightgown, and rainbow crinoline tutu. She would accessorize the accessory with a rainbow Carebear, otherwise known as Cheerbear.

8) Isla’s legal name is Isla Michelle Lauren Kay. Isla means island.

(Isla’s go-to make-believe name used to be “Jean” because she thought blue jeans were cool, lame!)

7) Isla has been an imperfect vegan for 2 years and began progressively giving up animal products at the age of 14 following a friend’s lead in becoming a “white meat vegetarian” (no red meat). True vegetarianism began at 18 when forced to choose all meat or no meat during a summer as a counselor at Camp Chief Hector. And vegan cred goes to Glenn Gaetz. Cred for this post idea, too, while we’re on the topic.

6) Isla has never kissed a girl… but she probably would – PM me! ; )

5) Reason for this being that Isla is Boy Crazay-zy. Every time she considers kissing a girl, she gets side tracked by hot men.

4) Isla has been told that her best and worst quality is that she’s a free spirit.

3) When Isla was a child her favourite food was veal : ( : ( She would dine with her parents at a German restaurant named The Black Forest in Invermere and when once told it was a baby cow, her little brain could not make the correlation.

2) Isla is a Type 4 Individualist in the Enneagram

1) Isla became an animal rights activist due to her true love for her deceased puppy dog, Turbeau –  a cuddly bijon frise stuffed animal soul mate doggy.

8 Things I Learned about Love in 2010

I’ve met a lot of people this year, used and abused my library card on psych books, and run social experiments on poor unwitting victims – and have learned oodles!

Here are a few highlights…

8) Dangerously good people

The most dangerous types of people, to me, are self-described good people. People who believe they are charitable, doing all they can do. There is no room for growth from this perspective.

Beware the ‘good’ person.

7) The human condition

Committing to love a human being is committing to the human condition. You are loving them as they are, the dirty truth and all.

6) Lifetraps

In the book Re-inventing your Life, recommended to me by a PHD psychologist and former make-believe buddy, there are several lifetraps people fall into in early childhood. Abandonment, Emotional Deprivation, Mistrust/Abuse, Social Exclusion, Entitlement, Unattainable Standards and Defectiveness to name a few. Reading more about these doozies helps to point them out when they’re occurring and also helps in understanding others. And shows you why you’re attracted to certain people – to perpetuate relationships that evoke familiar feelings to you.

I tend to be a very trusting person, so it catches me by surprise me when others aren’t. But, I’m also easily disappointed (part of the emotional deprivation schema). Knowing your sensitivities helps to figure out when you’re being irrational and acting out of habit, rather than logic.

5) Paraphrase

When someone is mad at you, the best way to connect with them (why connect? see 3) is to paraphrase what they’re saying in the form of a question.

eg. Okay, so you’re saying I’m a stupid bitch?


So you’re saying that you’re angry with me?


So you’re saying that I’ve done something to hurt you?

No, you bla bla bla…

Oh, so you feel bla bla blaaa? etc.

I’ve successfully done this with a few irritating people, to the point where they were no longer irritating me, but have I evolved into a great communicator? No. I confess, I did maybe mouth off a few cops and drop a few fuck bombs in confrontation this year.

4) Comedy is the key to my heart

Of all the decent young men that I’ve had the privilege to date this year (okay, so there’s been a few ; ) the one who snagged my heart did it seemingly effortlessly and all because he was willing to make an ass of himself for my pleasure.

I’m basically putty in the hands of anyone who can make me laugh. Call 1-900…

3) Because it feels good is good enough for me.

Love is best served unconditionally but you never have to date/be friends with people unconditionally, (cred: Marianne Williamson). But I didn’t know, or had forgotten, that forgiving people actually transforms them. Okay I guess I did figure out this out once.

Forgiveness – and I don’t claim to be an expert – is a place to feel in your heart that allows you to start anew with anyone. It’s a feeling, which is why it’s so hard to find intellectually. Forgiveness is a gift that you give to others to unload them of their mistakes. It is a power. The more often you use it, the more powerful you become.

Why forgiveness? Why ‘choose connection’? Because it feels good.

2) Cheap grace, meh

Sometimes, when we forgive someone out of convenience we don’t fully let them off the hook. We know in our hearts that they’ve committed a wrong, and maybe they have in the objective lens of the universe, but when we see them, we have our eye on them. We know what they’re capable of.

This is cheap grace. It’s a way of smoothing things over without truly letting them go. (cred: Lana Love)

For example, this girl in high school used to hate me because I was mouthy. Was ; ) She initiated a truce with me after some friends of ours died, and was busted talking badly about me just days later, adding: “oops, I forgot, we’re friends now.”

That’s cheap grace.

So how do you forgive someone who is still in your life or in your mind and still hurting you?

Well each situation is different, but allowing people to be who they are is the bulk of it. And distancing yourself from a person who is not conducive to your growth path is fair game. If this is a daily person, asking for change can show that you believe in the person.

1) The kiss is everything

In Byron Bay, on Belongil Beach, I once kissed an Englishman.

We kissed in the waves and sand and it was like no other kiss I have ever experienced. Ever. It was like a choreographed dance. It was like I was kissing myself (narcissistic much?). Okay, it was so much better than kissing myself. It was a miraculous, cataclysmic spice girl two becomes one.

And he treated me like I was invisible the next day, acknowledging me only by “hi lover” when he’d see me riding my bike into town.

I have no idea what the kiss meant to him or why he was such a dick afterward (because I didn’t give it up..?), but looking back I realize that to me the kiss is everything.

I’ve been looking for it ever since.

All this beginning, beginning, beginning stuff…

I think I may be a commitmentphobe.

What does vegan mean to you?

1. Aritzia has STOPPED selling fur

Read their comments here, the same words that CEO Brian Hill told the Vancouver Animal Defense League today. Thank you, Aritizia. We knew you were better than that. And thank gawd because in my heart of hearts I didn’t want to stop shopping there. (I did however refrain while this process was in the works). Aritizia is making a great decision.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand and appreciate these concerns.  Aritzia did not design or produce these items – they were purchased from an external vendor. Aritzia will not be ordering these items again in the future.
…and this:
It is with much regret that we have learned that one of our external vendors (someone we buy from) has been using animal products that are not consistent with our beliefs.
We are proactively removing the product from all of our stores and would like to thank you for sharing your concerns with us.
Kind regards,
Corinne, Aritizia

So now, please direct your letter writing skills to the makers of the coat: Mackage – awesome taste in fashion, sick and twisted choice of materials. It’s so SAD, I tell you. To lose great designers to shitty ethics.


*The funniest part is imagining the peeps at Aritizia headquarters trying to pronounce the name of the blog post that was written about them. Easier if you sing it, guys.

*Update: Aritzia has removed all the Mackage fur coats from the floor. How amazing is that? Not only have they decided to be fur-free, but they have also taken immediate action.

Thanks, Aritzia. I knew there was a reason that I spent thousands and thousands of dollars at your store.

2. Stop UBC Animal Cruelty Research Pulls off Huge Demo

Why would I waste my breath telling you about it when this hot girl wrote such a great, albeit almost neutral sounding, piece for Granville Online. I’ll take neutral any day when Dr. John Hepburn sabotages an actual pro vs con argument by saying shit like this. For those not willing to click that link (and it’s a good one), he’s accusing animal rights activists of making spooky midnight phone calls to researchers. Basically trying to accuse peaceniks of violence, again. Yawn. What can I say besides: leave a comment! Check out the dramz. Peeps impersonating Brian Vincent, angry Kanye capitals – it’s all there people.

3. Desire Rocket…Law of Attraction site never launches

Waw-wawwwww. For those of you who actually remember, I was starting a law of attraction based website this summer called Desire Rocket, but then a friend of mine showed me this site he was doing stuff for called Genius Rocket – a site for artists to pitch ideas to businesses, cool, completely unrelated, but still – a little too similar sounding. I want this site to be original so I’m working on articles for it and it will be up eventually/shortly… as a law of attraction based personal growth site.


4. Follow @IslaKay on Twitter

I’m not down with Facebook because I don’t like to be the same person to all the different people in my life, but Twitter is less revealing and less commitment and I’m all over it like Alicia Silverstone on a Vaute Couture coat. Follow me! But not in an I’m-the-leader type way, just if you want me as a virtual friend who tells you random things.

Isla on that new planet they discovered water on

LuvzzzZZZZZZZzzzz It

August 10, 2010

Top DnB Tunes of… the Moment

1.Brookes Brother Vs Futurebound: Dawntreader

2. Inhaler: Something About You (J Majik & Wickaman Mix)

3. Contour: Angels in Shadows

4. Trei: Thunder Biscuit (Feat State Of Mind)

5. Rudenko: Everybody (Danny Byrd Remix)


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