What the Death of Jerry Hicks Means for ‘Abraham’

I recently learned that Jerry Hicks, of the infamous Abraham-Hicks empire, was suffering from an advanced form of leukemia and on November 18, 2011 he passed. He was 89 years old, to the best of my knowledge, and his wife, Esther, is 30 years younger.

In the most honest eulogy I have heard from Esther, she admits that she has not fully grasped the idea of death. Normally Esther, speaking through Abraham, refuses to admit that she doesn’t know anything and it can be painful to listen to.

When the public discovered that Jerry Hicks had leukemia, Esther would not talk about it, stating that she did not want to draw negative energy to the circumstance, and that is where I have always believed that Esther was getting it a little wrong: in order to move beyond the difficult, one must acknowledge the problem first to manifest otherwise – articulate to dissipate. Esther often silences people who come to her with problems, and has been doing so more in her later years.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have presented themselves to the world as highly spiritually evolved, ‘the happiest people you’ve ever met’. And so when Jerry Hicks began to suffer from leukemia, many questioned if the couple were really who they said they were.

Esther teaches that those who contract illness think illness and radiate illness, and therefore attract it – so why would Jerry have invited this illness? Could they not apply the law of attraction to heal Jerry, as they so often instructed others to do? Where was their best buddy Abraham? *Esther has since interpreted this to mean that the drawn out experience of dying by sickness was so their goodbye process could be elongated and therefore diluted for an easier transition.

(*The image above is, of course, not the entity of beings Abraham but the biblical Abraham, although it suits the situation in question perfectly.)

Is Abraham a Scam?

Many feel that Jerry’s final illness was the demise of the Abraham-Hicks empire – a fatal flaw in the product they’ve been pushing. I’ve known for a long time that Esther and Jerry’s personal agendas were getting meddled with their comprehension of the material. I have written several articles about their misinterpretation of animal suffering not to point fingers, but because Esther’s callous attitude about animals as beasts (alternately referring to them as friends when convenient) is damaging on a large scale level to listeners who elevate Esther to God-like.

But my intention here is not to bash Esther in her time of grieving (and Esther is about to discover that sadness and depression when experienced with consciousness can actually feel really good, defying her proposed linear scale of emotions).

My intention is to clarify that despite the inaccuracies in Esther/Abraham’s teachings (does it really matter who is who?), despite her recent lack of patience with followers, and her detachment from other sentient creatures on this planet, Esther has a gift and girlfriend makes a lot of sense a lot of the time. And the fact that the invincible Jerry died of leukemia does not falsify any of the the Abraham-Hicks teachings – it simply reminds people that he was human, just as Esther is.

Some have accused Esther of being trained by Jerry on what to say, or suggest that Esther bases all her material on the former Seth books (they’re completely different), but while Esther did not invent the law of attraction just as Newton did not invent gravity, she breaks down the law of attraction in a comprehensive, focused way that helps people learn (remember) the logistics behind deliberate creation. She is extremely articulate and accurate, and while not the most touchy-feely-lovey person, she shows up and offers the knowledge inside her in a clear and concise way which many are able to connect with.

Does it matter where she gets the knowledge from? Only if you follow it on blind faith. I never accept knowledge unless I’ve given it a spin for myself, and you are free to test out any one of Esther’s gems of wisdom, which couldn’t be summarized in one article.

Law of Attraction Points that Remain Solid

  • We live in a vibrational universe.
  • Focus on what you want and the rest will fall away.
  • Feel the new reality. Emotion creates pathways.
  • Go to a positive vibration (the Vortex) and THEN create.
  • Play with general and specific manifestations based on which creates a more positive emotion.
  • Negative emotion indicates resistance.
  • Deliberate co-creation is the essence of our true identities.
  • Why? Why do anything? Joy. (*I believe joy can be present in many emotions. I can be thoroughly satisfied and in awe looking at something intriguingly dark.)

I value the mental work outs that Esther offers. It is one thing to know these handy tricks, but quite another to remember them, and just as our muscles must remember how to be strong through perpetual exercise, so does our spiritual compass if we want to use it with precision.

It is entirely possible to be disappointed in Esther for her unwillingness to examine her highly destructive relationship with animal souls, and to also be completely in tune with other material she presents. If we throw out the baby with the bathwater (reaching for an updated metaphorif we throw out the email with the spam, if we throw out the show with the commercials – never mind) then we are shooting the messenger without hearing out the message.

Just as people want to discredit former CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, for her nervous (some think hysterical) laugh and her inappropriate jubilation when discussing serious matters (which she explains as a form of  being reborn after a year of imprisonment by the US government), then we are missing out on the testimony of an insider of the US government who admits high-level government involvement. Likewise, if we discredit Esther Hicks for her animal cruelty, being a jerk, and not always knowing when to admit that she doesn’t know, we are missing out on her valuable bag of tricks – that can essentially be used to fix all of Esther’s flaws – in ourselves, others, and the world.

*I also wanted to add that while this post focuses on the living half of Jerry and Esther’s unit, when I read that Jerry passed, I felt a moment of loss.


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