Rockets of Desire

February 13, 2010

…and the Velcro of Creative Thought

The Attractive Power of Creative Thought

You are a Vibrational Being living in a Vibrational Universe. As you give your attention to something: an idea, a memory, a situation you are observing, a dream or fantasy that you are visualizing… you are actually activating vibration. And as your focus causes that activation, that vibrational content now becomes your point of attraction. Whenever you think about anything its vibrational content becomes an active part of your vibrational essence – and the subject of your attention begins to move towards you. Consciously realize that thinking about something is inviting the essence of that something into your experience.

Knowledge of the vibrational nature of your Universe is both comforting and exhilarating: comforting in the sense that you know that you have nothing to fear because nothing can come to you without your invitation of it, and exhilarating in the sense that you know you can draw anything that you desire close to you. When you realize that you are the vibrational attractor of all things that come to you, your world opens. There is no need to limit your experience in a guarded or protective stance, for no unwanted thing can force itself into your experience. You are the creator of your own experience, and no one else has power within your experience.

The Universal Law of Attraction

In the same way that the law of gravity consistently responds to the physical matter of the planet, the Law of Attraction consistently responds to all vibrations. Every projection of thought, whether you are focused on the past, present, or future, is vibration and has attraction power. This powerful, consistent Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn) offers consistent results in response to the vibrations that you offer. There are no arbitrary inconsistent responses that would make the Law of Attraction impossible to understand. It is consistent; it is fair; it is always responsive; it is powerful – it is a Deliberate Creator’s best friend. Your awareness of the powerful consistency of the Law of Attraction and your understanding of how it works coupled with the conscious utilization of your Emotional Guidance System* – put you in the powerful position of creating joy in your life.

Choosing your objects of attention deliberately, and refining the specifics of your focus by using your Emotional Guidance System renders you a powerful Deliberate Creator who is fulfilling your intention for this physical life experience.

Rockets of Desire

Although you may know others who seem to be having similar experiences, you are living a unique life experience. As you move about your world interacting with the components of your time-space reality, experiencing  the variety and contrast that surrounds you, you automatically and constantly clarify personal preferences. And as you stand in your unique Leading-Edge perspective, Rockets of Desire erupt within you and cause vibrational signals to emanate from you. And as those vibrations, through the Law of Attraction, summon vibrational matches unto themselves, everything that you are – and everything that your Inner Being or Source is – experiences the expansion of that summoning.

From a state of balanced energy (aligning your physical self with your non-physical self) clarity will emerge.

You get what you think about, but more specifically – you get what you feel about what you think about.

What has already materialized into your experience: you call it reality, fact, evidence, proof, history is only what has already happened. These are not the NOW.

Focus on the sensation of creating your own reality rather than giving so much attention to the reality that you have created.

Contrast produces desire, and all desire is answered.

*So if this is correct, then anyone who desires anything should be the swift receiver of that desire. However, when you launch a desire with equally strong feelings about whether or not that desire will manifest (whether you deserve it, whether it is realistic…) then the exact balance of energy you are projecting will boomerang towards you. If you project contrast, this is what you will receive.

*Scale of Emotions, Revamped

(I played with this for awhile and reformulated a more accurate list of which emotions can relieve which)

1. Happiness/Vision/Freedom

2. Allowance

3. Knowledge

4. Possibility

5. Curiosity

6. Contentment

7. Acceptance

8. Resistance

9. Overwhelmed Sensation

10. Dead Inside

11. Release

12. Anxiety

13. Guilt/Blame

14. Desperation

15. Blocked Sensation

16. Conflicting Desire/Confusion

17. Anger

18. Lack/Confinement

19. Pain

20. Depression/Immobility


January 27, 2010

How to Get What You Really Want

“If a seed is given good soil and plenty of water and sun, it doesn’t have to try to unfold. It doesn’t need self-confidence or self-discipline or perseverance. It just unfolds. As a matter of fact, if can’t help unfolding. If a seed has to grow with a rock on top of it, or in deep shade, or without enough water, it won’t unfold into a healthy full-sized plant. It will try – hard – because the drive to become what you are meant to be is incredibly powerful. But at best it will become a sort of ghost of what it could be: pale, undersized, drooping.

In a way, that’s what most of us are.”


It’s not just your immediate family and friends that affect this stunted growth. Or even your school atmosphere. It’s a large scale smothering based on capitalism – that unless our special traits are lucrative, they are not worth investing time into. Competition, in its very essence,  negates our own individuality to an idealism of always placing one at the top as “the best”. This is not the case, but something necessary to acknowledge if we wish to realize our full magical potential.

Wishcraft, written in 1979, is surprisingly pertinent, despite a few comical cultural advancements. The book suggests taking notice of one’s personal style for the first time.  Well into the 2000s, we are obsessed with personal style as a self-determinant. The book also mentions women being the pillar of men’s success, trained to be unselfish. This pattern still exists in our society, but at the same time the problem is now just as imbalanced on the other side: men no longer knowing their place in women’s lives. The book also delightfully mentions going to one’s typewriter, but other than this, it offers a lot of helpful “real daydreaming” exercises, which is a branch of the Law of Attraction – visualization as the path to actualization.

Follow Your Bliss

“When you find yourself engulfed in circumstances that cause you to offer a vibration that is far from that of bliss, then reaching for bliss is an impossible thing, for the Law of Attraction does not allow you to make the vibrational jump anymore than you could have tuned your radio receiver to 101 FM and heard a song that was being playing on 630 AM.”

- Ask and It Is Given

This newer 2004 book discusses what to do with our pale, drooping selves in order to attain that higher vibration, which can only be received by us if we first tune ourselves to the proper reception. And so when we are at a low vibration, what we are seeking slight relief from the pressure of the negativity we are experiencing. The book presents the idea of a scale of emotions as an indicator of which emotion you can progress to in order to climb the scale, which explains why it actually feels good to get angry at certain points.  Which explains why I enjoyed those fantasies of kicking my ex in the face.

I suggest writing your own scale of emotions and using it as reference.

The key to this exercise would be trying out new thoughts and then doing an internal inventory of how these thoughts affect you.

For example: “I feel stuck in my life.”

A thought which may bring you up a vibrational level on the scale of emotions might be:

a) this is the chance to reassess which direction to step forward in, or

b) I am taking note of a stagnancy in my life and propelling myself in the direction of ______. Or,

c) what is the main event/situation/reality that is generating this “stuck” feeling and how can I overcome it?


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