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What does vegan mean to you?

1. Aritzia has STOPPED selling fur

Read their comments here, the same words that CEO Brian Hill told the Vancouver Animal Defense League today. Thank you, Aritizia. We knew you were better than that. And thank gawd because in my heart of hearts I didn’t want to stop shopping there. (I did however refrain while this process was in the works). Aritizia is making a great decision.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand and appreciate these concerns.  Aritzia did not design or produce these items – they were purchased from an external vendor. Aritzia will not be ordering these items again in the future.
…and this:
It is with much regret that we have learned that one of our external vendors (someone we buy from) has been using animal products that are not consistent with our beliefs.
We are proactively removing the product from all of our stores and would like to thank you for sharing your concerns with us.
Kind regards,
Corinne, Aritizia

So now, please direct your letter writing skills to the makers of the coat: Mackage – awesome taste in fashion, sick and twisted choice of materials. It’s so SAD, I tell you. To lose great designers to shitty ethics.

*The funniest part is imagining the peeps at Aritizia headquarters trying to pronounce the name of the blog post that was written about them. Easier if you sing it, guys.

*Update: Aritzia has removed all the Mackage fur coats from the floor. How amazing is that? Not only have they decided to be fur-free, but they have also taken immediate action.

Thanks, Aritzia. I knew there was a reason that I spent thousands and thousands of dollars at your store.

2. Stop UBC Animal Cruelty Research Pulls off Huge Demo

Why would I waste my breath telling you about it when this hot girl wrote such a great, albeit almost neutral sounding, piece for Granville Online. I’ll take neutral any day when Dr. John Hepburn sabotages an actual pro vs con argument by saying shit like this. For those not willing to click that link (and it’s a good one), he’s accusing animal rights activists of making spooky midnight phone calls to researchers. Basically trying to accuse peaceniks of violence, again. Yawn. What can I say besides: leave a comment! Check out the dramz. Peeps impersonating Brian Vincent, angry Kanye capitals – it’s all there people.

3. Desire Rocket…Law of Attraction site never launches

Waw-wawwwww. For those of you who actually remember, I was starting a law of attraction based website this summer called Desire Rocket, but then a friend of mine showed me this site he was doing stuff for called Genius Rocket – a site for artists to pitch ideas to businesses, cool, completely unrelated, but still – a little too similar sounding. I want this site to be original so I’m working on articles for it and it will be up eventually/shortly… as a law of attraction based personal growth site.


4. Follow @IslaKay on Twitter

I’m not down with Facebook because I don’t like to be the same person to all the different people in my life, but Twitter is less revealing and less commitment and I’m all over it like Alicia Silverstone on a Vaute Couture coat. Follow me! But not in an I’m-the-leader type way, just if you want me as a virtual friend who tells you random things.

Isla on that new planet they discovered water on

Flash *Veg* News


Creative Genius or Vapid Whore?

Lady Slab’a (Meat) was busted on Ellen the other day after wearing a dress made of the innards of abused animals and presented with a veg bikini. “Just my luck,” she said after finding out that Ellen was vegan. But the next statement reveals more about Lady Slaba’s limited mind than ever before. When asked what the purpose was of her fleshy fashion, she gave this weak, not quite proper English statement trying to link her dress to homosexuality:

“If we don’t stand up for what we believe in we’ll have as much rights as the meat on our bones.”


Methinks she said the meat on “our” bones instead of animals’ bones because she realized last minute that being treated like a piece of meat is actually not an edgy comparison, but just sad to many people as it evokes the very real images of factory farming.

PETA issued a statement supposing that Gaga’s meat ensemble—dress, boots, purse, hat—was likely hopping with little worms: “Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots—not too attractive, really.”

And PETA could be right. According to the laws of Sweet Lady Science, once a fly lays an egg—say, on a rotting carcass, or a promising piece of flap meat—if the weather is warm, the eggs hatch in the next eight to 20 hours. Given that most gowns, particularly custom ones, take at least that long to design and execute, Team Fernandez would need to either keep the meat in a totally fly-free fridge, or hire an anti-insect squad armed with couture swatters to guard the dress around the clock until Gaga could don it.

“Maggot infestation can happen quickly on raw meat at room temperature and will develop faster with heat, accelerated by being close to skin and under hot lights,” says Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, chief scientific advisor for Grow Green Industries. Plus, “the dress is definitely puts her at an E.coli risk if she had a cut on her skin, but otherwise it’s just the stink factor.”

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest today, Ellen explained how inappropriate it was for daytime television, how uncomfortable it made her feel, and how clueless Slaba was to not consider the cruelty that went into such an outfit.

You can’t stop cruelty with cruelty. Duh.


Animal Rights Activists Stage Protest at Alumni Event

Article by Fabrizio Stendaro

On Tuesday, STOP UBC Animal Research, an animal rights group, held a protest at the Ce­cil Greene Park House during an alumni event to protest ani­mal experimentation at the uni­versity. Brian Vincent, a spokes­person for the group, said he was happy with how the event turned out.

“I’m very proud of how the volunteers represented the or­ganization,” he said. “They ad­hered to the mission statement of being very peaceful.”

He also said that UBC officials were respectful of their right to free speech.

This protest was the latest ac­tion in a media campaign the group has been undertaking over the past month.

STOP, which is an offshoot of the Animal Defense and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC, ad­vocates for the abolition of all testing and research conduct­ed on animals at UBC. They were inspired by an 2008 ar­ticle published in The Ubys­sey entitled “Cruel Intentions.”

In the article, Dr. Chris Har­vey-Clark, director of UBC’s An­imal Care Centre, claimed the university might be “the sec­ond largest biomedical cam­pus in Canada.” According to Vincent, STOP has upwards of 200 members, including a pri­vate Facebook page.

The group claims that one of their primary objectives is to have greater transparency when it comes to animal research.

“We think that the public has a right to know how their money is being spent,” said Vincent. He said that STOP’s ultimate goal is to hold a debate between scien­tists on both sides of this issue.

However, UBC VP Research John Hepburn said that informa­tion regarding research on an­imals is “the intellectual prop­erty of individual researchers.”

Moreover, Hepburn worried that some of the information that STOP was asking for could be misinterpreted.

Hepburn said that STOP’s objective is unrealistic, which is why the university will not engage in a dialogue with the group.

“It’s important that UBC, as a major research institution, tries to find cures to major dis­eases,” he said.

Hepburn went on to say that testing on animals is a regula­tory requirement for agencies such as the Food and Drug Ad­ministration and Health Cana­da before anything can be test­ed on humans.

“You don’t want to stop re­search on animals because there is no substitute,” said Hepburn.

Recently, Hepburn sent an email to faculty and staff warning them to “remain vigilant…to help mitigate potentially unpleasant and violent situations” due to the increased activity by animal rights groups around UBC’s Van­couver campus.

In response, Anne Birthis­tle, another STOP spokesperson, said that the group’s presence at UBC had been threatened. Hep­burn maintained the email was a response to a YouTube video in which an unidentified person tried to gain access to research facilities on campus, which he said was not to his knowledge associated with STOP.

“[I believe that] STOP is a le­gitimate group that is repre­senting the rights of animals,” said Hepburn. “I am not wor­ried about their campaign. I am concerned with the [groups that] follow.”


Aritzia is Carrying Fur Again. Fuckingest biatches

If you don't stand up for me, you'll have as many rights as... me : (

Just when Aritizia was proud to have gone fur free, the formerly awesome clothing store has started selling a coat with a racoon-dog fur trim! I approached the manager of the Pacific Centre location today who stated that they have no choice to buy it because they need to kiss ass with their designers and have no mind of their own, and/or aspirations to be cruelty-free. Such a shame when their carry awesome labels like Community which makes clothing out of organic materials. Le Grr (copyright to my homegirl, Lana, on that term ; )

Update: click here to find out Aritzia’s response!!!


Dairy Farmers go D-List

When I went to order a vegan pizza online from Domino’s last week, a message came up when I said no cheese that went something like: “Sorry, your pizza will have no cheese, but we still have to make it look that way to keep the dairy farmers of Canada happy.” I was like who the what now? I sent a quick, polite message to customer support and within days had 3 employees reply to apologize and tell me they were removing the comment from the site. Go Domino’s! Will we see more vegan options from you in the future?


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