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Eating vegan food is not enough. Being vegan means monitoring every single thing you purchase to ensure that you’re not supporting cruelty in what you wear or use.

We are all different types of vegan. Some of us eat mainly vegan and let it go when milk ingredients are smuggled into ridiculous things like cereal and granola bars.

Some of us are amazing vegan chefs and have built entirely vegan wardrobes, but still have pets we feed animal products.

Some of us eat vegan, but don’t consider insects animals.

It doesn’t matter which type of vegan you are, because these are just details and we all want the same thing: a more civilized world where humans don’t act out of entitlement. Monitoring consumer purchases is essential to creating this world.

1) Skin Care, run by Daniel Kern, a longtime acne sufferer, has a 3 step regimen with facial wash, treatment and jojoba moisturizer priced lower than any other acne products on the market ($38.44 for all three, plus about $10 in shipping for Canadians).

Let’s talk effectiveness first. Acne care is all about prevention and unfortunately, those with acne prone skin need benzoyl peroxide just like diabetics need insulin.

Daniel Kern has developed a regimen which in my opinion balances the skin very well while preventing acne. Hormonal fluxes can still cause breakouts, but this is an effective way to keep skin at its best without overdrying, thanks in part to Daniel’s suggestion to incorporate jojoba into the moisturzer – a non-comedogenic oil.

The downside to’s products? Fugnation. What ugly packaging. Like anyone with great skin would care!

Here is’s  statement:

1. We Do 

Use only USP grade ingredients

1. We Do Not 

Test on animals or use any animal byproducts

2. Stringently quality control all ingredients and extracts 2. Add ingredients simply for “label claim”
3. Use only the most pristine filtered deionized water 3. Add fragrances or perfumes
4. Follow all FDA required testing procedures 4. Add colors or dyes
5. Carefully select ingredients for their unique effectiveness 5. Cut any corners
6. Manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A. 6. Outsource
7. Let you decide what is right for you 7. Advertise or have a marketing budget
8. Listen and take your input seriously 8. Forcefeed our agenda
9. Welcome any and all good product alternatives 9. Compete with other brands
10. Only make a product if we can do it better than anyone else in the world 10. Pretend we can be the best at everything

People who have suffered from acne genuinely want to help others. I see people suffering from this disease every day who I want to help, but it’s not the time or the place. So, try it out and let me know if you have any further suggestions, cause I do.

Isla’s Extra Tips for Clear Skin:

  • use a foundation brush to apply weekly glycolic peels, medical grade
  • use an ice cube to kill bacteria and reduce swelling once a day
  • eat vegan, duh. Who needs all the added chemicals and hormones in animal foods?
  • get lots of sleep
  • Fresh. Squeezed. Orange Juice.
  • tan intermittently from Sept. to November (hormones fluctuate when the seasons change)
  • vitamin A acid, or DermAGel. Can be interchanged with Daniel’s topical treatment.
  • it’s all about prevention.

2) Weleda Deodorant

Although Weleda is a 99.9% vegan company, I did find that they use lanolin in some of their products, a wax derived from sheep’s wool. They reason that shearing the wool doesn’t hurt the animal, but  those educated on animal agriculture know the truth about any type of animal product (that animals aren’t products).

But what I find more important: Weleda uses pure ingredients – no preservatives or artificial fragrances, and they don’t test any of their ingredients or finished products on animals.

I stumbled upon Weleda products while looking for a non-toxic deodorant. Aluminum, the main  ingredient in drugstore deodorants, has been linked to breast cancer and can cause hormonal imabalances. So I’ve been trying out crystals and enzymes and other alternatives (Tom’s of Maine, Kiss My Face, Jason…) but nothing has come close to working for a lasting fresh scent and sweat resistance.

Weleda deodorant is alcohol based and therefore dries quickly. It has a very mild citrus scent (also comes in Rose and Sage). It is seemingly magical, so I really recommend you vote Weleda with your $s and ditch the Secret/Degree/Dove crap that’s going to kill you.

$15 for a small bottle but not much is needed per use. Hella worth it.

Here is Weleda’s statement on animal testing:

Weleda does not test its ingredients or personal care products on animals. It is unnecessary for us to do so, as the plant materials that makeup our pure formulations have been used internally and externally for countless centuries. Long before animal-testing was introduced, all “testing” was done on humans, establishing a system of trial and error. Thus, many materials were established as safe and effective. As a result, Weleda’s use of raw materials has a long history of safe usage. We ensure that our biodynamically grown ingredients and those provided by our partners have not been tested on animals.

3) Giovanni Hair Care Products

I am sooo picky about shampoo and conditioner. Mainly because I hate most of the heavy artificial scents (I am scents-itive), and don’t want to succumb to Redken’s (l’Oreal’s) animal testing or go bald at the hand of Sodium Lauryth Sulfate (a known toxin). Giovanni ticks all these boxes.

The scent is a barely there citrus scent, due to the amazingly pure ingredients used like rosemary, valencia orange, mango, lemongrass, ginko biloba, echinacea… need I go on? You could eat this stuff.

The products are vegan! Except for some use of lactoferrin in a few products, don’t really get why they need to use it.

They have never tested their products on animals and on the FRONT of the product, they tell you: Cruelty-free & No Animal By-Products.

And equally as important, the Giovanni Smooth as Silk line I’ve been using does not over-saturate hair, leaves the hair soft and lathers better than any other SLS-free shampoo I’ve tried.

Also, a 250 ml bottle is $10. For pure ingredients, that’s a friggin’ steal!

*Weleda and Giovanni are both available at Whole Foods


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