Vegan Winter Fashion

November 18, 2010

Bite my Style

Okay, enough with the guilt-tripping already. As a vegan fashionista of sorts, I am always on the lookout for non-wool, non-leather finds. Stop me if any of these products are made from the innards of some poor creature, but here’s some winter vegan finds I’ve scoped as of late.

1) Slouchy wool-ish boots from ALDO:

The fine boots are called FINEbergs. Hidden wedge heel and fabric covered. Thank you ALDO for taking a moment out of your  busy cow slaughtering schedule to make some cruelty-free boots!!

2) Peacoats from Vegan Couture.

How happy am I that Leanne at Vaute Couture didn’t make these coats in my colour this year? Otherwise, I’d be a couple hun broker. Actually, I feel very ambivalent about not owning one of these babies immediately. Much the way I feel about the shade of red of this coat. Did I mention that Vaute Couture is the ONLY line of stylish winter vegan coats you can wear in really ridiculously cold weather… Loves these Chicago finds.

3) Stockmaster Wedge from Spring

Looking for the pair I bought on their website just now, a voice in my head was saying: get off the site! Because I might find something of fancy… On Saturday on Robson, this store is the busiest one, busier than ALDO, and they have really good sales on top of dece prices. And because they’re a lower price point, many of their shoes aren’t animal flesh.

4) Oh my god Gloves

Velvet gloves bring a touchy of dainty to a rowdy rainstormy day. I sound like a writer for ModCloth now.

I saw a pair identical to these at Winners recently, which by the way is a heartless money-grubbing corp that carries a smattering of defenseless animals’ fur dyed various colours and tacked onto tacky fashion pieces. If you find these gloves at Winners, I recommend you steal them.

Moral Dilemma: non-animal products from evil corps? Or animal products from local, “eco” corps? You can have it all. Be stealth. Ask for change.

Velvet gloves. Perfect for ladies who long to loll about, without hurting animals.

5) Make your own cirlcle scarf!

You know these circle scarves at American Apparel… well I thought hmm… 35 $, no. And I went down to Dressew and bought some dreamy lavender lycra material and asked my seamstress to finish the edges and connect the ends as one. Fabric was $10, sewing $15 or if you have a sewing machine – free!

Eff wool. Eff animal agriculture.


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